Pet Mod [Gen 8] Perfect Galar

Yung Dramps

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Well, looks like nobody was up for extras. Voting shall begin! Ema Skye's Eeveelution post will be allowed to go through, but if it does my suggested changes will be automatically implemented. Too high effort for me to just veto it outright

Yung Dramps

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My Bibarel
Paulluxx's Probopass
Dilasc's Lumineon
Speny's Carnivine
Ema Skye's Eeveelutions

Just realized Erphuan's Carnivine has too much extra BST and Ema's Mismagius goes over the 535 BST cap. I'll shave off the extra if those win, shoulda caught em mb

Yung Dramps

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Voting is now over!

First Place
Pokemon Name: Probopass
Role: Being a Nose, Bulky and Offensive Stealth Rock Pivot, Magnet Puller(Through Mindgames)
Stat Changes (If Any): -30 Atk, +10 HP, +20 Spatk
Ability Changes (If Any): HA: -Sand Force +Levitate
Movepool Changes (If Any): +Recover +Ice Beam +Flamethrower (Magnetism is heavily linked to Temperature)
Second Place
Pokémon Name: Lumineon
Role: Fast Water type Defog/U-Turn pivot with Regenerator
Stat Changes (If Any): 89 (+20)/69/76/89(+20)/86/101(+10) (510)
Ability Changes (If Any): +Swift Swim/Storm Drain (Regenerator)
Movepool Changes (If Any): +Thunder Wave, Power Gem, Moon Blast
What sets this Pokemon apart from ones with similar roles?: In and of itself, Lumineon is the only mon with U-Turn, Defog, Scald Combo. Fini comes close with Water Absorb eatable Flip Turn, but Lumineon can heal itself with Regenerator! It doesn't really do much else, mind you, but compared to regen-fish Alomamola, it can Defog and pivot and unlike the Slows, it's not... well... slow for better or worse. Its stats are otherwise not top tier.

Pokemon Name: Torterra
Role: Bulky Grass/Ground type
Ability Changes (If Any): -Shell Armor, +Filter
Movepool Changes (If Any): +Grassy Glide, Scorching Sands
What sets this Pokemon apart from ones with similar roles?: With Filter and Scorching Sands it's now a better tank than before, able to make use of its unique typing.

Infernape and Empoleon are the exact same, except now Empoleon has Competitive over Defiant. Still fits with the king motif while letting it use the better offense for Defog blocking. Infernape also still has a niche even with Cinderace in existence thanks to having immediate fighting STAB, mixed potential and Swords Dance.


Pokemon Name: Bibarel
Role: Simple set-up sweeper
Stat Changes (If Any): 99 (+20) / 90 (+5) / 60 / 55 / 60 / 81 (+10) (445 BST)
Movepool Changes (If Any): +Flip Turn, Gyro Ball, Hammer Arm
What sets this Pokemon apart from ones with similar roles?: Physical Simple user. That's all it needs considering Swoobat does that stuff on the Special end.
Paulluxx's Probopass 6

Dilasc's Lumineon 4
Yung Dramps' Bibarel 4
Yung Dramps' Torterra 4

Speny's Carnivine 3

Erphuan's Carnivine 2
Ema Skye's Eeveelutions 2
Dilasc's Lickilicky 2
Ema Skye's Mismagius 2

Regic Boat's Golem 1

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