Tournament Gen 8 Random Doubles Open - Week 1

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User ashpak25 not found. Did you misspell their name?
My opponent name is not On Pokémon Showdown
What should I Do ?
I am newbie
Their Smogon name doesn't have to be the same as on Showdown, contact them on their Smogon profile by posting on their "Profile Posts" and suggesting a time to play. When you have a time ask them for their showdown name
Calling activity, my opponent missed the scheduled time and haven't heard since
Can provide screen if neccesary, opp made a conversation instead of posting on my wall
I call act, my opponent is nowhere to be found and didn't reply to my scheduling nor anything.
I guess this is a free win?
Calling act, opponent has been basically invisible and I can’t play this weekend even if he does suddenly show up, which I said at the start of the week... scheduling attempts on their wall
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