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Gen 8 was unique in that it introduced snapping moves and Pokemon. Of course, some moves are more notable than others; Pursuit and Hidden Power chief among them this time around. Some CAPs are designed with their moves very much in mind, and losing those moves can be devastating. It isn't always (see Jumbao surviving despite 2 of its key moves getting snapped), but sometimes it is (see Mollux). I am proposing the following:
  1. After a set period of time has passed into the new generation, CAPs who have lost a move that is key to their identity/kit in the previous generation go through a discussion process whereby it is determined if compensation is required for them to retain a niche. Key examples of CAPs that lost a lot due to the snap mechanic are Caribolt, Mollux, Plasmanta, and Syclant. Of course, there are CAPs that did lose key moves but did not see a large effect on their viability, namely Jumbao and Pajantom.
  2. CAPs that are determined to be deserving of compensation go through some process that determines what possible paths forward there are for giving them potential new tools to make up for their loss.
This differs from generational updates in that it would occur after some time has passed in the new generation, giving us more of a chance to witness what has and has not survived any potential move snappings. It also is targeted in that it seeks to change as little as possible about the CAPs while giving them a little boost where they need it.

The details here are left intentionally vague, as I am not confident in what is the best timeframe for a proposal like this, but I do think it would be a good idea to prepare ourselves for any losses CAP might endure.

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