Gen 9 Teal Mask DLC - Returning Moves Distribution

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Alongside the 1.0 release of Cresceidon (CAP 33), we returned moves to CAPs that returned in the Teal Mask DLC on Pokemon Showdown! CAP Moderators used their best judgement to redistribute these moves (mostly based on move access in past generation), with the final list getting approval from Metagame Council. Please note that we will handle moves returning in the Indigo Disk DLC in a similar manner.

Arghonaut: Roar
Astrolotl: NONE
Aurumoth: Dual Wingbeat, Tail Glow
Caribolt: Grassy Glide, Knock Off, Solar Blade
Cawmodore: Dual Wingbeat, Smack Down
Chromera: Lash Out, Uproar
Colossoil: Lash Out, Roar
Crucibelle: Gravity
Cyclohm: NONE
Equilibra: Doom Desire
Fidgit: Sand Tomb
Hemogoblin: NONE
Jumbao: Grassy Glide, Gravity, Gyro Ball, Misty Explosion
Kerfluffle: Misty Explosion, Uproar, Vacuum Wave
Kitsunoh: Poltergeist, Roar, Super Fang
Krilowatt: Heart Swap
Malaconda: Grassy Glide, Lash Out, Roar, Scale Shot, Weather Ball
Miasmaw: Dual Wingbeat, High Horsepower, Uproar
Mollux: NONE
Naviathan: Scald, Scale Shot
Necturna: Solar Blade
Pajantom: Gravity, Spite, Toxic
Plasmanta: NONE
Pyroak: Burning Jealousy, Grassy Glide, High Horsepower, Sand Tomb, Solar Blade
Revenankh: Smack Down, Spite
Saharaja: NONE
Smokomodo: Burning Jealousy, Heat Crash, High Horsepower, Sand Tomb, Scale Shot
Snaelstrom: Bug Bite, Icicle Spear
Stratagem: NONE
Syclant: Bug Bite, Dual Wingbeat, Focus Punch, Tail Glow
Tomohawk: Dual Wingbeat
Venomicon: Dual Wingbeat, Lash Out
Volkraken: Flip Turn
Voodoom: Burning Jealousy, Focus Punch, Lash Out, Uproar

Notable exclusions or inclusions:
  • Naviathan receives Scald. Arghonaut, Snealstrom, and Krilowatt do not need any new moves.
  • Pajantom retains Toxic due to its own Poison-type flavor (see its movepool submission) and other DLC1 Pokemon who retained Toxic.
  • Caribolt retains Knock Off due to past access and increased distribution.
  • Volkraken retains Flip Turn, but Krilowatt does not. Krilowatt doesn't need any new moves.
  • Heal Bell distribution is still incredibly restricted, and no CAPs with Heal Bell have strong bell aspects to them. The move will remain restricted until distribution obviously increases.
  • Vacuum Wave distribution increased, so Kerfluffle gained access.
  • Revenankh will be retested with Poltergeist after the Indigo Disk DLC releases to prevent too excessive retests.
  • Doom Desire Equilibra, Tail Glow Aurumoth, and Tail Glow Syclant will be monitored with their "signature" moves back.
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