Tournament Gen8 Farewell Tour: Random Battle (No Dmax)

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Co-hosted by Xceloh, longhiep341, Tarrembeau . Approved by Irpachuza


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Fed up with Dynamax and sad to see the Sword and Shield era coming to an end? Welcome to the Gen8 Farewell Tour: Random Battle (No Dmax)! Let’s celebrate the end of the generation and fight in a Single Elimination best-of-3 series (best-of-5 in Quarterfinals onward).

The winner of the Gen8 Farewell Tour: Random Battle (No Dmax) will receive the Room Prize Winner rank in the Random Battles room for a month and will be inducted into the Randbats Hall of Fame.

How does this tour work?

It's simple:
1. Contact your opponent on their Smogon Wall and decide on a time to battle.
2. Battle each other in the format "Random Battle (No Dmax)".
3. The first player to 2 wins (3 for Quarterfinals onward) advances to the next round.

Please note:

1. All scheduling attempts MUST be done publicly on Smogon Walls. No other proof of communication will count for act calls regarding scheduling attempts.
2. You, and I cannot stress this enough, MUST post replays of your wins. Any battles without replays will need to be replayed.

We strongly recommend familiarizing yourself with the Smogon Tournament Rules and General Guidelines, if you haven’t already. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact the tour hosts longhiep341 , Xceloh and Tarrembeau , here on Smogon.

When spectating Rands Slam battles, do not ghost. Ask yourself, “Would my comment reveal information that hasn’t already been explicitly revealed in this battle?” Examples of ghosting include pointing out that an unexpectedly fast Pokemon must be holding a Choice Scarf, that a Zoroark’s disguised level proves it’s a Zoroark, etc.

Monkey  vs  Lalaya
ZeroKitss  vs  gubolumpkinz
Fluore  vs  El químico del pueblucho
Wubben  vs  Quoise
Michielleus  vs  RaJ.Shoot
RSB  vs  Shade1x
martinvtran  vs  Fant'sy Beast
Goro Yagami  vs  I love Bagon
Full House  vs  Manan999
Dorron  vs  Landino6540
MultiPokemon  vs  Zygarde12
relevartemit  vs  Achyuth-kun
Tal0  vs  mist90
Referrals  vs  Thiago Nunes
nemoauditur  vs  arcexofficial
Farfromani  vs  ajhockeystar
drifttrick  vs  ExtraRecord
duroof  vs  MTB
jetnyan234  vs  Panty&Stockings
BandedCrizor  vs  Lady Salamence
mathfreak231  vs  deftinwolf
Betathunder  vs  penmag
robmore  vs  Hada Yaba
Lrogue  vs  sharpclaw
Yes or no my dude  vs  Lady Writer
inoi0n  vs  Jackalope414
PrinceOfAllTacos  vs  MrSoup
Lialiabeast  vs  FakeFan0
Xceloh  vs  Swiffix
pratik2007  vs  snorlax142857
tkcannihilator  vs  yuykoko
R8  vs  Piapia
SparksBlade  vs  Crunchman
javitu  vs  Memoriazero
pixil318  vs  Lunae-Dies
drakonium  vs  Kidbu
Syrinix  vs  Perry
Drifting  vs  XYZ15
Mr.Bossaru  vs  Magmar54
CakeyBG  vs  giove97
Barbows  vs  mrextrazy
pyresword  vs  Dragonillis
Irpachuza  vs  The_GentlePenguin
Casual dot exe  vs  SOM/05
Marshme1to  vs  drakloak
teresbahji  vs  neycwang
35Q71N  vs  Tarrembeau
Trefleuh  vs  LeaderEarthain

We'll be taking subs until Thursday Semptember 22nd, 12 PM GMT-4. If you want to sign up as a sub, post saying “in as a sub.” Note that not responding to your opponent by this time will risk you being subbed as well.

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