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Hello again, everyone. PSF/Porii here, and I think that in the CAP forum we place a tad bit too much emphasis on whether or not a Pokemon succeeds in performing its role in CAP. There are some things that just perform much differently than we anticipated (Krilowatt, anyone?) and I believe that we need to analyse how the metagame with the CAPs IS and not what it should be.

So with that, I think we should have at the very least a thread dedicated to the general CAP metagame.

I'll start: I've been toying around with U-turn spam (currently using Sub/Rocks/Pass/Taunt Tomo, Krilowatt, Trickscarf Kitsun, Scarf Soil, U-turn Fidgit, and Band Scizor) and it works really well; Kits is a fantastic spinblocker and honestly one of the best things ever; I just wish its stats weren't so underwhelming sometimes.
Just wanted to say I love Mollux. It really is unique, and it has single handedly sweptstalled teams for me.
I like Mollux; if anything I love it for its ability to absorb Tspikes. That ground weakness is VERY unfortunate though - being annihilated by Kril is never a good thing, especially if you're a special wall.

On that note, has anyone tried offensive Mollux? I'm curious as to how it would do.

I've also used Illuminate Mollux on Sunstall before and it works fine; although there are times I wish I had Dry Skin.
I've encountered one guy in a really intense battle who used CM Mollusk. It didn't do anything really because he was forced to use it as fodder, but it's an interesting set that I think could do some damage. What are your guys's thoughts on the SwagDragon, Cyclohm? It was obviously intended for an older metagame, but I've used it to limited success in my teams so far. More often than not it doesn't do much, but it's a very good jirachi check and has an awesome movepool. The main problem that I find for it is that it has no viable boosting moves and is too slow to be a sweeper and not bulky enough to be a wall.
Locking this - - CAP's purpose is to learn about the current OU metagame. The CAP metagame itself is just a fun by-product. As such this thread's purpose is misstated. We have had CAP meta discussion threads in the past, so seek that out for guidance on how you might formulate a new thread and run it by a mod first.
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