Resource Generation 9 Analysis Format

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hanggang ang puso'y wala nang nararamdaman
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move 1:
move 2:
move 3:
move 4:
tera type:

  • 1-2 bullets on moves / items / abilities if they’re not self-explanatory, no need to explain if not
  • Bullet on EV spread if it’s not 252/252
  • Bullet on Tera type and usage (if applicable) - would recommend keeping this one in most cases due to it being a new mechanic
  • 1-2 bullets on general usage tips
  • 1-2 bullets for teammates (if applicable)

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Putting an announcement here because i don't know where else to do it

We are moving to a shorter analysis format effective immediately: current analyses in progress don't have to be changed, but all analyses until further notice have to use that format. An example of it can be seen here, and anyone with questions on it can message me at zoe✿#6808

Oh by the way credits can be done either the old way or by doing it in the way shown by the message above so do with that as you wish :blobnom:
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