Genesect [0/2]


  • Outspeeds and OHKOs prominent threats such as both Landorus formes, Shaymin-Sky, Tapu Lele, and Salamence-Mega.
  • Dents common Trick Room setters, such as Hoopa and Necromza.
  • Works as a strong offensive pivot with STAB U-turn. Its strong STABs and coverage options generally force switches, allowing it to easily grab momentum.
  • Poor matchup against common fire-types and steel-types such as Heatran, Aegislash, Mega Charizard-Y, and Volcanion.
  • Awkward speed tier limits it to running Choice Scarf.
  • Despite its good defences and typing, its bulk is deceptively poor; Genesect has difficulty tanking some resisted moves, such as Tapu Lele’s Psychic. Its role as a mixed attacker forces it to run a -Def nature, making it even frailer.
  • Weak against all forms of speed control.
  • Overall, a decent pick for a hyper offense team that needs an answer to Psychics and Fairies.

name: Choice Scarf
move 1: U-turn
move 2: Iron Head
move 3: Ice Beam
move 4: Explosion / Thunderbolt
Item: Choice Scarf
Ability: Download
Nature: Hasty
Evs: 112 Atk / 172 SpA / 224 Spe



  • U-turn is Genesect’s most spammable STAB move, allowing it to pivot out of poor matchups.
    • Also hits common TR setters (e.g., Hoopa-U and Oranguru) for super-effective damage.
  • Iron Head allows Genesect to OHKO or 2HKO fairies.
    • Notably, it OHKOs Tapu Lele and 2HKOs Tapu Koko.
  • Ice Beam is used to threaten common ice-weak pokemon such as Zygarde.
  • Explosion is a last-ditch spread move.
  • Thunderbolt hits Charizard-Y and Celesteela, threats that would usually wall Genesect.
  • Flamethrower can be used for opposing steels such as Jirachi and Aegislash.
Set Details

  • 224 Speed investment with a positive nature allows Genesect to outspeed Landorus-T and Tapu Lele.
  • 112 Attack is used so Genesect can OHKO 0/4 Tapu Lele.
  • Remainder is dumped into Special Attack. This allows Genesect to 2HKO Zard-Y with Thunderbolt.
  • With a choice scarf equipped, Genesect can outspeed the majority of the unboosted meta.
Usage Tips
  • U-turn should be used during the early and middle stages of the battle to scout the opponent’s moves and to punch holes in the opposing team.
    • Use U-turn to pivot into a better matchup.
  • Because of its high speed and Download-boosted attacks, Genesect can serve as an excellent revenge killer.
  • Genesect’s relatively low bulk means that it should only be brought in on resisted attacks and after a teammate has been KOd.
    • Genesect is 2HKOd by some threats it is meant to check, such as Landorus-T, Tapu Lele, and Mega Salamance.
Team Options
  • Pokemon that can take advantage of Genesect’s pivoting capabilities, such as Mega Gengar, Mega Salamence, and sub Heatran.
    • Mega Salamence and Heatran can set up if Genesect brings them in against Pokemon that deal negligible damage to them.
  • Dragon-types and fighting-types that appreciate Genesect’s ability to check fairies and psychic-spam teams.
    • In return, Dragon-types can tank fire-type attacks and Fighting types can greatly weaken steels for Genesect.
  • Genesect’s most important trait is its high speed, so pokemon that can shut down opposing speed control pair well with it. This includes taunt users, such as Tapu Lele, Gyarados, and Tapu Koko
    • Genesect also appreciates speed control from its own team in the form of Icy Wind, Tailwind, or Thunder Wave.
    • Bring a solid TR check, as Genesect's high speed and low bulk make it particularly vulnerable to TR.
  • As Genesect usually lures in fire-types, it appreciates pokemon capable of taking advantage of them (e.g, Volcanion, Hydreigon, Terrakion, and either Landorus forme).

Other Options
  • Similarly, a Life Orb, Expert Belt or a Choice Band set can give Genesect more power at the cost of the speed of the Choice Scarf set. The loss of speed is particularly bad for Genesect as it relies on its fast speed to pivot out of bad matchups and gain momentum.
  • Extreme speed can be used, but is rather ineffective because of Tapu Lele’s presence. It is also revealed at team preview, considering that only Shiny Genesect can legally use it.
  • Hidden Power Ground is also another viable choice to lure Heatran. This works especially well with teammates that appreciate it being removed, such as Zard-Y and Tapu Lele.
  • In other words, Genesect may have a vast movepool, but its base 99 speed makes Choice Scarf sets much more effective than other options.
Checks and Counters

**Fire-type Pokemon**:
Genesect does pitiful damage to fire-types (e.g, Heatran, Mega Charizard-Y) and is OHKOed by them.

**Steel type Pokemon*:
If running Explosion, Genesect is walled by all steel-types. Although it can strike back somewhat if running Flamethrower, Genesect is still walled by Heatran and Aegislash.

**Paralysis, Trick Room, Tailwind**:
Genesect’s biggest draw is its naturally very high speed. Opposing speed control takes away, leaving it as a sitting duck.

**Faster Pokemon**:
Weather sweepers, such as Kingdra and Excadrill, can strike first and deal massive damage to Genesect.

**Intimidate and Burns**:
As a physical attacker, Genesect is vulnerable to intimidate and burns from pokemon such as Lando-T and Rotom-Wash. However, its damage output is not completely neutered by intimidate and burns, as Genesect's Ice Beam still hits for respectable damage.

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That set's pretty bad. For one, a Genesect missing out on Jolly Landorus-T can be considered a criminal offense because it's not maximizing its role, which is as an attacker that can threaten majority of if not the entire metagame with speed and coverage and one that can gain momentum and support teammates by checking faster attackers because of the aforementioned fact. By missing out on Landorus-T, you're basically opening yourself up to a taking unnecessary damage and if an opponent sees that they're faster, a good number of dynamics can change.

Dropping U-turn on Genesect can also be considered a criminal offense as, again, it's not maximizing Genesect's role, which is (again) to be something that can gain momentum. By dropping U-turn, it can't punish defensive plays anymore and it also can't go out there and chipping the opposing squad with STAB, possibly Download-boosted hits. Its overall value just decreases since Genesect's supposed to gain and maintain momentum; without U-turn, it can't do that as effectively, if it can at all.

There's also the fact that Flash Cannon and Iron Head are redundant together; they get KOs on different things, sure, but one of them is only really needed to actually hit stuff and it'd rather more coverage to more directly threaten an entirely different set of threats. In addition, while the pieced together OHKOs with the coverage is cute and all, Pokemon is not simply a 1v1 game so these calculations have less value than you think; Genesect threatening Pokemon is enough for it to do its job, even if it's simply just chip in the early stages of a match, while later on neutral calcs regardless of Download is much more effective as Pokemon become weakened enough for Genesect to threaten KOs. It doesn't need to be a super effective hitter to do its job.


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Ok let's get this moving
  • [Overview] Hoopa-U should definitely be in the TR setters section - it's by far the most prominent and Cress/Oranguru aren't even ranked
  • [Overview] When you're talking about how it's a great pivot, make sure to give momentum a special shoutout because it providing free switches and easy pivoting is monumental in its viability
  • [Overview] "Poor matchup against common Pokemon" tells me nothing specific about Genesect and can be said for any Pokemon. Specify Fire- and Steel-types or reword this
  • [Overview] Deceptively poor bulk is due to uninvested stats with a -Def nature, so you could say that it being a mixed attacker leaves it forced to make itself vulnerable in this way
  • [Moves] Ice Beam also beats Zygarde which is quite relevant, but since mentioning 4 Pokemon by name is a little silly in this section, just say "takes on a variety of threats that are weak to Ice such as Landorus-T".
  • [Moves] Flamethrower does 40% max to Rachi/Aegis/Celesteela so it's only really for Ferrothorn. I'd also say unslash it and leave it as a moves mention for now.
  • [Set Details] Hasty > Timid/Jolly to prevent lowering of offenses and > Naive to help Gene check Fairy-types that are overwhelmingly special attackers
  • [Usage Tips] MOMENTUM
  • [Team Options] Fighting-types are largely irrelevant so take them out of the second bullet point
  • [Team Options] Replace Gyara in Taunt users with Mega Gengar
  • [Other Options] EBelt is bad and shouldn't get its own set provided, just lump it in with LO / Band
  • [Other Options] Hidden Power Ground is sometimes useful in the last moveslot on especially Heatran-weak teams that don't need Boom/Tbolt/Flamethrower
That's a start, let me know when you fix those and I'll take another look.


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Hey k-bomb it's been almost 2 weeks, do you have any updates?

Also, 112 Atk should be the main spread; that's enough Attack to OHKO 0/4 Tapu Lele and gives it more Special Attack for the many times you'll end up locked into Ice Beam and keeps Zard Y from switching in by 2HKOing it with Thunderbolt.


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  • [Set] A little typo, you have 17 SpA instead of 172 haha
  • [Moves] Thunderbolt also prevents it from being Sub bait for Celesteela
  • [Set Details] Even though it should be obvious from the name of the set and Overview, you still have to talk about Choice Scarf
  • [Checks and Counters] This is pretty semantic, but under **Intimidate and Burns**, clarify that it's mostly a physical attacker, not completely neutered by the Attack drops as it can still garner momentum and ruin Ice-weak foes (Lando-T and Salamence don't exactly check it)
Do those^ and you're good for QC 1/2 and the go-ahead to start writing!


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Hey k-bomb don't forget to implement my changes, update the title, and then get to work at writing this up!

Also, add Gunk Shot to OO - it's nice for Tapu Koko and Tapu Fini, which otherwise don't take much from Genesect's attacks.

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