Programming - Pokemon Evolutionary Algorithm


The evolution begins!

Code @ Github:

Yep, initial commit is here guys, really pleased so far with the results.

Currently the only thing to really see in the code is the Fitness function, it will grade a given moveset and based upon its score
the algorithm will either allow that pokemon to breed to keep those good moves in, or it will reject it and find other more suitable candidates.

The score is in logarithmic scale to make it easier on us to read, but please do note that there is a huge difference between a
20 and a 30 score.

Small little preview:

Tyranitar with ["crunch", "fireblast", "icebeam", "lowkick"] scored a nice 39.9911245405
Tyranitar with ["stoneedge"] score only 17.0323042166, but then again its only one move.
OK, got the Name, type1, type2 covered, some google-fu and a quick script made it happen.

Now I need all the moves and movepools per Pokemon.
Much appreciated mikel, it has all the information we need.

Main post will be updated as we do the first commit and succeeding ones, we're both really hyped about what the output will be :D

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