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i know certain move combos force genesect to be shiny or non shiny. this means the shinyness of the opponents genesect reveals a lot of info about their set. does anyone have any knowledge about this or should i just try all combos and report back?


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When Shiny Genesect was distributed, it came with event moves it can't learn any other way - Shift Gear and ExtremeSpeed. A regular, non-Shiny Genesect reveals that it cannot have either of those moves, and since that event was in Gen 5, it's not missing out on any tutor moves or anything else it couldn't otherwise access. In the past, it was Nature-locked to Hasty, but with the addition of Nature Mints in Gen 8, that restriction no longer applies. On top of that, Shift Gear Genesect with Leech Life and Iron Head is a very respectable option - not being Shiny instantly reveals you're not that set. Of course, you can still be Shiny and not be forced into using those moves, so a Shiny Genesect could be your typical Choice Scarf set with no event moves at all.

So it's always optimal to use Shiny Genesect in Generation 8.
thanks for the info! the shift gear shiny genesect stuff makes sense, and i thought i understood the moveset legality until i tried this combo:

- Flash Cannon
- Flamethrower
- Thunderbolt
- Ally Switch

which is unable to be shiny. maybe i'm forgetting some other detail?

and one more example of something unable to be shiny:

- Ice Beam
- Electroweb
- Energy Ball
- Bug Buzz

i had assumed previously that the legal shiny sets were a superset of legal nonshiny sets, but now it seems like neither completely outclasses the other? this is very interesting, and if my guess is correct, then there is now a metagame around choosing sets depending on whether they can be shiny or not. furthermore, for any set that is legal shiny or nonshiny, it takes some thought deciding whether to present yourself as shiny or nonshiny depending on which set of movesets will be more threatening when combined with the rest of your team.

and then theres drive genesect which not only reveals a move but eliminates the possibility of any other held item before the match even starts


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All eight of the moves you listed are TMs or TRs in Sword and Shield, so they shouldn't be preventing you from using shiny Genesect. It's probably the IVs, actually - the shiny event Genesect had a guaranteed 31 IV in Attack and Speed. When the teambuilder sees you have no physical moves, it automatically sets the Attack IV to 0, and then the validator rejects it for not matching the event. This was previously answered in this post in the Showdown bug report thread.

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