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Hey, I've been seriously considering getting a tattoo on my forearm recently. But I have no idea what to expect / literally anything about the process of finding a tattoo artist. Do any of you guys have tattoos? how did you come up with the design you wanted on your body? Anything I should be worried about?

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Do you have any ideas about what kind of tattoo you would want?

I want a tattoo in the future, like a Starman or something, but idk if it'll be something I'll be content with having my whole life

Just make sure what youre getting is something you'll know you'll always like


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Hey, I've been seriously considering getting a tattoo on my forearm recently. But I have no idea what to expect / literally anything about the process of finding a tattoo artist. Do any of you guys have tattoos? how did you come up with the design you wanted on your body? Anything I should be worried about?
This sounds really cheesy but the designs for tattoos I'm getting soon are mostly representative of my life and certain things I have gone through. Currently planning on getting a semicolon tattoo on my finger for overcoming a drug addiction (you use semicolons where you chose to continue the sentence instead of ending it I'm sure you know) The tattoo artist I have has been a family friend for quite some time, and has done many of my relatives' tattoos. They've all come out great. If you are still looking, honestly just google for them and see reviews. They're typically very accurate, and you can see samples of their work online if you're unsure of what you want. There's nothing you should worry about, a good tattoo artist is an expert in their field, just make sure you'll always like what you're getting tattooed. If you're not looking for something with much symbolic meaning as opposed to something that looks cool af, Google, Pintrest, and deviantArt all have cool tattoo ideas.


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Hey, I've been seriously considering getting a tattoo on my forearm recently. But I have no idea what to expect / literally anything about the process of finding a tattoo artist. Do any of you guys have tattoos? how did you come up with the design you wanted on your body? Anything I should be worried about?
Do your research. Don't settle on the first tattoo artist you find, look at their work (Instagram is the fastest way to do this) and see if you're comfortable with that.

The forearm is a relatively painless part of your body, it will only hurt if the needle happens to hit your bone. I'm not sure what you have in mind but if it's just script it will be done quick. I have script on my forearm and it was done in less than 20 minutes.


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Find reviews of the artist, ask around people who have tattoos, choose wisely something that you won't regret having tattooed in 10 years from now. Be sure they use new needles, gloves, etc. Also it doesn't really hurt at all in the forearm.


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I swear I started a thread about tattoos awhile back. Anyway I've got two of my own, I googled images and then went to an artist friend to tweak them / add their own artistic touch to it, then took the design to the place. If you're getting a professional to do it (that sterelizes all equip properly etc), there's literally nothing to worry about unless you have a low pain threshhold, or you scratch it as it's healing.


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I feel i'm good for this thread

First, start by finding something that you want. To truly know if you want it I suggest finding it deciding you want it, and when you do that wait a few days (4-5) and see if you still want it. Some shops will make you do this in general before putting it on you forever. Second as people have said, do some research and find a shop that's well known and has good reviews. Family members, friends, or even online, find a reputable shop that's got good artists and book an appointment. Remember, you pay for what you get. It is something that's going to be on you forever so you want it to be well done. Better artists usually charge more for their time, they also generally use better ink so it costs a little more. You pay for what you get. The extra money is worth it. I let the artist have a lot of freedom because i'm a little more lenient when getting them, but a lot of people are very controlling over what the artist does while they're drawing out the tattoo, not a bad thing but don't be a douche about, work with the artist. When you work together you can make something come to life a lot easier than you being pissy about it, just keep in mind which of you is the artist and who isn't. When it comes to actually getting it, make sure you eat a big meal before hand. A full belly is good, something about blood pressure and stuff that idk, but you want to sustenance in your system. I would consider even brining candy or a soda to have while getting the tattoo, so when you're on a break you have something to replenish your sugar. Contrary to what most people say, I don't find tattoo's to hurt that much. I'm a tiny girl so i have a lot more boney area's than most people. I find when it's a boney area it tends to burn, but other than that it's fine. If you want an accurate measurement look at the area you want to get done, and fucking pinch yourself. Not a tiny little pinch but actually get a good grip on it, it stings for a couple seconds once you start and the most painful part is when the needle first goes in, after that the vibration from the gun will make your skin go numb, at least it did for me. They also have freezing spray if your bad with pain cause twitching, even a little bit will mess things up and they just want you to have a good tattoo. If you do find that it hurts a lot more than it should while you're getting the tattoo, don't hold it in, tell your artist that this hurts a lot more than you think it should, the gun settings are probably too high and they can adjust it. Once you're all inked up every shop will give you directions on how to clean and maintain the tattoo, follow these, follow these very closely. You don't wanna ruin your new tattoo because you can't follow directions. Body Lotion will also become your best friend, none scented of course. Scented lotion will sting like a bitch on an open wound which a tattoo essentially is.

I know it's a wall but it's a pretty good read for anyone looking to get their first tattoo, something I can tell to people is that if you want a tattoo just remember who's body it's going on and don't let others influence your decision. At the same time, don't get something stupid as fuck you can't hide when you enter your professional life.
I got mine a couple of years ago and I love it.. buy there are a few things you need to keep in mind for sure.

The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to make sure you take your time and find the perfect artist for you and what you want to get.. This thing is (obviously) going to be permanent so it needs to be done right.

I was on a waitlist for 9 months while the artist I wanted was on vacation and then saw those ahead of me in line.. but I am very glad I did.

The other things I would recommend is make sure you talk to any close relatives that have tattoos to make sure they don't have any allergies to certain types of ink. If they do, get yourself checked out to make sure you don't share their allergy.

Good luck!
I do not have a tattoo or plan to get one, but I do think it would be a good idea to get a smaller tattoo instead of a large one that covers the entire arm. I've seen older people (Around their 50s maybe) that have many, many tattoos that look strange now with all their wrinkles and oldness. I imagine smaller tattoos won't get as distorted over time.

Of course I have no experience with this so don't take my word for it.
I don't think the stigma tattoos have today will matter 50 years from now. They're becoming a norm and imo it's weird to care so much about what other people choose to put on their body.
Before you make any decision regarding a tattoo, I would advise you to to to a senior citizen who has gotten a tattoo in their past and look at how it has changed as their skin ages. Be sure that you'll always be happy with what you get, even if/when your skin wrinkles.
I always tell people to have their idea in mind and think about it for a few months before getting it done. I have three myself. All are very small and nothing but simple lines and black ink. Also consider the area as well. I got mine in places that wont be as bad as I age. A far as finding an artist, you can heck local parlors and just ask to see previous work if you would like. I did my own and had them tattooed on me because they mean more that way imo. I have even done tattoo designs for others. Having something personally made by you or for you will ensure you will enjoy it your whole life.
I got my only tattoo on my wrist, and it didn't hurt too badly. I walked into it excepting it to be excruciating pain, but the only part that was anything more than irritating was when he went over a vein, and that still wasn't unbearable or anything.

Design-wise, I literally thought mine up on the way there with something else entirely in mind beforehand. It just kind of came to me, and I made the best snap judgement call I've ever made. It has already been said, but make sure you understand you're in on this one for life. You could become totally indifferent to something in the future that you currently hold very dear and important, so make sure, at least for your first one, that it's either something that will definitely always mean something to you or something that will never mean anything to you (i.e. cool design or whatever).
i have quite a few tattoos so i will just give a few points of advice

1. Always think really really good about what you want and where, its gonna suck if you place it on you back while few years later you actually thinking 'Hey, too bad i didn't put it on my arm'
2. Finding a good artist is key to you being happy after you get your tattoo, i would look up on the internet about artist in your area. If you dont mind travelling, i would go to a more famous shop which has a reputation for delivering nice tattoos, never go to someone random imo.
3. When you got your first tattoo, try to get future new ones done by the same artist, so the style of tattoos will stay the same.
4. Also, always remember that the pain levels are different on different parts of the body, sometimes you will go trough hell and back but its worth it.
5. Enjoy it all.


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So I plan to get my first tattoo sometime over the summer (19 yo, virginia), I had planned it be about as big as dipping into the collarbone area on my right area covering to about how far down a short sleeve shirt would go, maybe a bit less. What I'd like to know before that tho, is about how painful should I expect it to be (since i know that areas over bone are a lot more painful than those over muscle), if anyone could recommend any good artists (preferably around the Richmond area, but I'd be willing to travel an hour or two around there, and about how much that size would cost. I understand that artists have different prices but it'd be cool if a rough estimate would be given. Probably not going to get it like super professionally done (like 1000 for a half sleeve).

For the record, I was thinking it would be something like a geometric / watercolor bear, in order to honor my late grandfather who passed in 2014 (his grandchildren and great grandchildren called him Bearfather instead of grandfather), so this isn't just some spontaneous idea


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I'm late to this, but I actually have an appoint May 12th to get my first tattoos. YES, I KNOW I WAITED 32 YEARS.

For me, I've known what I wanted for years; it was only a matter of having the disposable income in order to have the ink put on (thanks tax return!). I am getting one on the back of each arm/tricep area: on the left, the emblem/seal from the flag of Buffalo; on the right, the logo/flower of Rochester. I actually know one more tattoo I want on my back someday, but that's much more in-depth, and I'd like to have it done by the artist in Atlanta that drew it.

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