Ghost Arceus (Analysis)


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<p>The spectral embodiment of Arceus is truly one of the beast's mightiest forms. While in this state, Arceus can attack the souls of its enemies directly with its powerful(backspace), ectoplasmic Judgment. Arceus, while in its ghostly form, cannot be hurt by neither nNormal nor fFighting assaults. Even thee spinners are neigh worthy enough to cast their blasphemous eyes upon the mighty ghost of the omnipotent Arceus, as their feeble and worthless attempts to spin will be nothing but a waste. It would not be wise to underestimate the spirit of Arceus, lest one wishes to have their very soul stolen from their body.</p>

name: Swords Dance
move 1: Swords Dance
move 2: Shadow Force / Shadow Claw
move 3: Brick Break
move 4: Recover / Extremespeed / Overheat
item: Spooky Plate
nature: Jolly
evs: 100 HP / 100 Atk / 100 Def / 100 SpD / 100 Spe

(correct order)

[Set Comments]

<p>Ghost Arceus has the distinction of being the only Ghost-type Pokemon with access to Swords Dance, and thanks to its respectable combination of bulk, speed, and power(backspace), it can take advantage of this move to gear itself up for a deadly sweep.</p>

<p>Shadow Force is the STAB move of choice because of its insane power. For example, it always OHKOes Wobbuffet without a Swords Dance, meaning that Arceus will not have to worry about Encore. After a Swords Dance, Shadow Force becomes incredibly devastating; Kyogre, Lugia, Palkia, all Giratina formes, Ho-Oh, and Rayquaza are OHKOed, and even the most defensive of Groudon variants will be 2HKOed. However, the charge up phase Arceus experiences while using Shadow Force is problematic, (comma) since it gives the opponent a free turn to switch to a Normal-type to absorb the attack and possibly smack Arceus with a status condition. Although this problem can be circumvented with a bit of thought, if you wish to avoid this scenario entirely, Shadow Claw is usable over Shadow Force, but the power drop is very significant. Brick Break pounds the Dark-, Normal-, and Steel-types that resist Arceus's STAB attack of choice, and it grants perfect coverage alongside Ghost-type moves. Recover is an excellent move for this set to allow Arceus to gain more than one Swords Dance (especially helpful if using Shadow Claw) and heal off damage taken while setting up. ExtremesSpeed is also a great option to allow Arceus to pick off faster revenge killers. Overheat can also be used to OHKO Skarmory, (comma) provided Stealth Rock is up and the weather is sunlight. It also stops Forretress from setting up on Arceus (a +6 Brick Break barely 2HKOes). Thunder can be used to defeat Skarmory if using a team that is centered around rain.</p>

[Additional Comments]

<p>The only true counter to this set is Skarmory, who can take boosted hits from Arceus all day and Whirlwind it away or hit it with Toxic. Darkrai will loathe a boosted ExtremesSpeed, but it can otherwise set up on Arceus without much fear. Choice Scarf Tyranitar and Choice Band Garchomp can easily come in and put down Arceus with a powerful Crunch or Outrage, respectively. Defensive Groudon can also live survive a hit, status Arceus, and then Roar away its boosts. Finally, Normal Arceus can defeat this set if it has Will-O-Wisp. A defensive Groudon of your own can defeat Garchomp and Tyranitar with ease, and it can also lure in and defeat Skarmory with a surprise Overheat. A bulky Kyogre can also handle Garchomp and Tyranitar while also being capable of drowning Skarmory and Groudon with its STAB Surf. If it is carrying Sleep Talk, Kyogre can also defeat Darkrai. Choice Scarf Heracross is an excellent switch(backspace)-in to Darkrai and Normal Arceus thanks to its Dark-type resistance and its Guts ability, meaning that a Will-O-Wisp will net Heracross a power boost. Forretress can also cripple most of the above counters by setting up Toxic Spikes. It can also spin away the opponent's Toxic Spikes, which will would otherwise compromise Arceus's bulk, and it helps Forretress in return by blocking Rapid Spin.</p>

name: Calm Mind
move 1: Calm Mind
move 2: Judgment
move 3: Focus Blast
move 4: Recover / Substitute
item: Spooky Plate
nature: Timid
evs: 100 HP / 100 Def / 100 SpA / 100 SpD / 100 Spe

[Set Comments]

<p>At first glance, this set may seem to be inferior to Giratina-O since it gets STAB on Dragon-type attacks, packs a lot more resistances, and boasts an immunity to Toxic Spikes. However, Arceus has several qualities that Giratina-O wishes it had, namely higher Speed, a more powerful STAB move, and access to Recover, turning Ghost Arceus into an extremely threatening user of Calm Mind.</p>

<p>Arceus's STAB Judgment will murder anything that does not resist it after a Calm Mind or two. STAB Ghost-type attacks are very potent in Ubers since it hits the ubiquitous Psychic-types found there in Ubers for super effective damage, the most notable targets being Lati@s Latias and Latios, who cannot beat this Arceus in a Calm Mind war thanks to its super effective STAB. Focus Blast destroys the Dark-, Normal-, and Steel-types that resist Judgment. Although its accuracy is pretty terrible, Arceus has the bulk to afford it missing once or twice. Recover is the preferred option in the last moveslot to keep Arceus alive as it gathers Calm Mind boosts. Substitute is a viable alternative, however, to give Arceus a shield against status. Since Arceus can also make 101 HP Substitutes, it can use the move to set up on and defeat Blissey.</p>

[Additional Comments]

<p>In addition to still having difficulties with Darkrai and Choice Scarf Tyranitar, Calm Mind Arceus will lose to bulky Pokemon that can take a boosted hit or two and either KO it or cripple it with status. This includes Blissey (if Arceus lacks Substitute), Ho-Oh, and Kyogre. Wobbuffet equipped with Tickle combined with a Pursuit user, (comma) such as Scizor, (comma) can easily trap and defeat Blissey, allowing Arceus to go on a rampage. Scizor is also helpful in general to help check Darkrai and Tyranitar. Stealth Rock can help keep Ho-Oh in check since Arceus naturally stops it them from being spun away. A defensive Kyogre is a good teammate to help stop Ho-Oh from wrecking Arceus with Sacred Fire, and if it has Calm Mind and Rest, (comma) it can defeat Blissey one(backspace)-on-one as well. Latias and Palkia can switch in on most Kyogre sets and fry it with Thunder. Once again, Forretress is also a great teammate for reasons stated in the previous set to provide Toxic Spikes, and it also helps clear your side of the field of entry hazards with Rapid Spin.</p>

name: Lead
move 1: Flamethrower / Stealth Rock
move 2: Judgment
move 3: Extremespeed
move 4: Recover
item: Spooky Plate
nature: Hasty
evs: 100 HP / 100 Atk / 100 Def / 100 SpA / 100 SpD / 100 Spe
(Put these in correct order too)

[Set Comments]

<p>Arceus's power, bulk, and speed(backspace), combined with its wide movepool allow it to be an effective lead for offensive and stall teams alike,. Arceus as it can defeat most other leads with ease while still being able to pose a good offensive threat later on in the match with its powerful STAB Judgment, or perhaps a defensive threat with its impressive bulk and Rapid Spin blocking abilities.</p>

<p>Judgment followed by ExtremesSpeed will always KO Deoxys-S and Deoxys-A leads, limiting them to one entry hazard. Not even Choice Scarf Deoxys can defeat Arceus, (comma) as Multitype grants it an immunity to Trick. Judgment also always 2HKOes Mew and Mewtwo leads, the former of which is outsped and the latter of which cannot 2HKO Arceus unless it has Shadow Ball and Life Orb. With Recover, Arceus can shrug off damage from leads such as Groudon, Dialga, Giratina-O, and Rayquaza, who will all eventually crumble to repeated Judgments. ExtremesSpeed also bypasses Shaymin-S's excellent Speed stat, allowing Arceus to KO it before its Air Slash KOes Arceus. (Although, (comma) if Shaymin-S chooses to Seed Flare first, (comma) then unlucky Special Defense drops might force Arceus to switch out)(backspace), while Flamethrower will fry lead Forretress and Scizor to a crisp. Stealth Rock can also be used instead if you need a Pokemon to set it up, but Flamethrower is generally best so Arceus can do something to Forretress after it Arceus switches in to block Rapid Spin. Flamethrower is also by far the superior choice if using a stall team.</p>

[Additional Comments]

<p>A Hasty nature is needed on this set so Arceus's ExtremesSpeed will have sufficient power to deal with Shaymin-S leads. Despite having lower physical defense, it Arceus can still stand up to powerful hits from physical attackers such as Scizor, Heracross, and Groudon. A Speed boosting nature allows Arceus to always outspeed lead Rayquaza and anything slower. It also enables Arceus to outspeed all maximum Speed, positive natured Palkia and Mew by three points, provided neither of them are holding hold a Choice Scarf.</p>

<p>Arceus will lose to Darkrai, Tyranitar, and Kyogre leads, so your team will need Pokemon that can deal with them. The latter is easily dealt with by Latias or Blissey thanks to thier huge special defensive capabilities, while a defensive Kyogre can take on the former two. Wobbuffet can also come in on Choice Scarf Darkrai's Dark Void and just sit there until it runs out of PP and KOes itself with Struggle. However, if Darkrai turns out to be a Focus Sash lead with Nasty Plot, you will be in a massive world of pain, so watch out. If not running Flamethrower, then Forretress is also an issue, so it is recommended to have a Forretress of your own to spin away its hazards. Alternatively, you can use Magnezone to trap and KO the enemy Forretress before it causes too much trouble.</p>

name: Defensive Spinblocker
move 1: Judgment
move 2: Flamethrower
move 3: Recover
move 4: Will-O-Wisp / Thunder Wave / Roar
item: Spooky Plate
nature: Timid
evs: 100 HP / 100 Def / 100 SpA / 100 SpD / 100 Spe


<p>Although similar to the previous set, this is a This set is a more defensively oriented Arceus that is meant for use on stall teams as a dedicated spinblocker. Even though Arceus doesn't have a lot of resistances, it also doesn't have a lot of weaknesses, and with its great natural bulk it can wall many threats such as Scizor, Heracross, Groudon, Jirachi, Metagross, Rayquaza, some variants of Palkia, Giratina-O, and more. It also boasts Recover over Giratina and higher bulk over Giratina-O.</p>

<p>(backspace)Even though it isn't using a boosting move, Arceus's STAB Judgment will still hit anything any Pokemon that doesn't resist it for nice damage. Arceus can easily prevent Forretress from spinning away the your team's entry hazards, (comma) thanks to its Ghost-typing, (comma) and burn it with Flamethrower. Recover allows Arceus to stay alive to keep walling the Pokemon mentioned above. The last slot is dedicated to a support move, and Arceus has a wide variety of options it can choose from. Will-O-Wisp allows Arceus to cripple physical and mixed attackers such as Scizor, Groudon, and Palkia, which can allow special walls, (comma) such as Jirachi and Blissey, (comma) to have a field day. Thunder Wave can cripple fast offensive sweepers such as Darkrai and Mewtwo. Paralysis support is also helpful for slow but powerful sweepers such as Groudon. Finally, Roar is an excellent option to shuffle around the opponents team while spreading damage from entry hazards. It also stops Pokemon such as Kyogre from setting up on Arceus. Stealth Rock is also usable if your team has no other Pokemon that can use it.</p>

[Additional Comments]

<p>A Speed boosting nature should always be used on this set. Being able to outspeed threats(backspace), such as Groudon, Rayquaza, and Palkia, and smack them with Will-O-Wisp before eating an attack is much more valuable than the small defense boost.</p>

<p>This Arceus set will benefit from the teammates listed in the lead set for the reasons mentioned previously. However, as As this set's main job is to stop Rapid Spin, anything that can set up entry hazards, such as Deoxys, Groudon, Dialga, and Forretress, will greatly benefit from Arceus's presence and is a must to pair with this set. If Arceus is carrying Will-O-Wisp, special walls such as Jirachi, Blissey, and Latias are excellent partners. With the opponent's physical and/or mixed attackers suffering from Attack-reducing burns, the opponent will be extremely hard-pressed to break these special walls who can just sit there and stall with poison/ or entry hazard damage.</p>

[Team Options]

<p>Ghost Arceus appreciates entry hazards moreso than its other forms due to its ability to block Rapid Spin, so it is often better able to take advantage of them. Groudon, Deoxys, Dialga, and Forretress can also set up Stealth Rock and/or Spikes safely with Ghost Arceus around to stop them from getting spun away. They are also instrumental in weakening Arceus's counters. Forretress is particularly helpful thanks to Rapid Spin, especially since all of Ghost Arceus's sets hate Toxic Spikes with a passion.; (replace period with semi-colon) Forretress also has the benefit of resisting all of Ghost Arceus's weaknesses. The more offensive Arceus sets also appreicates Screens dual screens and paralysis support to aid in sweeping. Lugia, Kyogre, Groudon, Dialga, and Jirachi are great paralysis spreaders, while Mewtwo, Uxie, Bronzong, and Latios are great users of Screens dual screens.</p>

<p>Ghost Arceus will generally have problems getting past Darkrai, Choice Scarf Tyranitar, Skarmory (if using a physical set), Blissey, Kyogre, and Ho-Oh (if using the special sets a special set). Darkrai, Skarmory, and Tyranitar are all easily taken care of by a defensive Kyogre with Sleep Talk thanks to its great bulk and powerful STAB Surf. It can also check Ho-Oh, although the rainbow phoenix can 2HKO most defensive Kyogre sets with Brave Bird, so the giant blue fish must tread carefully. Keeping Stealth Rock up is also very helpful in weakening Ho-Oh. Mixed attackers, (comma) such as Dialga and Palkia, (comma) can destroy Blissey and Skarmory, (comma) as well by bluffing a Choice item to bait them into switching in. Palkia, along with Latias, can also come in on Kyogre's powerful STAB Water-type attacks and hammer it with Thunder.</p>

[Optional Changes]

<p>Refresh allows Arceus to rid itself of status such as poison and paralysis that could hinder a sweep. You can try running a mono(backspace)-attack Calm Mind set, but that leaves Arceus totally helpless against any Normal-type, so its not recommended. Thunder also has some use on the Calm Mind set to hit Kyogre and Ho-Oh for good damage. Arceus can also spread Ppoison around with Toxic. Reflect and Light Screen or Cosmic Power can be used to boost Arceus's defenses or to support teammates, but there are better Ddual Sscreeners, (comma) and Steel Arceus is generally a better Cosmic Power user since it can't be poisoned. Arceus can also use Perish Song to put a timer on Calm Minders that think they can set up, (comma) as well as forcing switches.</p>


<p>Darkrai resists Arceus's STAB Ghost-type attacks and can put it to sleep with Dark Void or outright KO it with Dark Pulse, although it will not enjoy taking a boosted ExtremesSpeed to the face. The Swords Dancer is stopped cold by Skarmory, (comma) while special sets can be handled by Kyogre and Ho-Oh thanks to their high sSpecial dDefense and powerful STAB attacks. Defensive Groudon variants can also survive a hit from the Swords Dance set and Roar away its boosts. Choice Scarf Tyranitar outspeeds Arceus and can nail it with a STAB Crunch, although it won't enjoy being burned. Dark Arceus is also a good counter thanks to its natural type advantage. Blissey can wall the Calm Mind and defensive sets all day and hit Arceus with a status move. Finally, Ghost Arceus hates being poisoned as then its bulk is compromised.</p>

Alrighty, I added a ton of commas, but outside of that, there isn't a whole lot to change.

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