Gigalith (Custap Berry) [QC: 3/3] (GP: 2/2)

name: Custap Berry
move 1: Stealth Rock
move 2: Explosion
move 3: Rock Blast
move 4: Earthquake
item: Custap Berry
nature: Adamant
evs: 196 HP / 252 Atk / 60 Spe


<p>While Gigalith is generally outclassed by fellow Rock-types in the tier, such as Golem and Regirock, it can still function as an effective suicide lead thanks to the Custap Berry. Compared to Golem, a Rock-type that can also run a Custap Berry set, Gigalith has a much more powerful Explosion and Rock Blast. The goal of this set is to usually set up Stealth Rock, which is almost guaranteed thanks to Gigalith's ability, Sturdy. Gigalith also has an EdgeQuake coverage; Rock Blast is a reliable STAB move that can also break Substitutes, and Earthquake rounds out that coverage, handling Electric- and Steel-types. Explosion is used as a last resort in critical situations.</p>

<p>Usually, Gigalith hopes for an attack that brings it to the Custap Berry range, 25% or below, as it grants it priority the following turn, providing it a free switch-in to teammates with Explosion, severely denting the adversary in the process. Gigalith should be used as a lead to get entry hazards in as quickly as possible. However, its typing can be useful against opposing teams offensively, so it doesn't need to blow up early-game for every match.</p>


<p>Custap Berry is the focal point of the set, as it raises Gigalith's priority on the next turn. The 60 Speed EVs are to outspeed an uninvested Carracosta. 252 EVs are placed in Attack to make the most out of Gigalith's offensive prowess, and the rest goes to HP; 196 HP EVs allow a Primeape's Close Combat to bring Gigalith into the Custap Berry range. Adamant maximizes Gigalith's Attack stat. Despite the fact that Gigalith wants to use Explosion, when you encounter a team that is weak to it, it wouldn't be wise to use Explosion and ignore the situation because you initially planned to explode before starting the match. In that case, the extra HP is very useful. Sturdy is the ability of choice for this set;, allowing Gigalith to survive an OHKO and to slip in one more course of action in either Explosion or Stealth Rock via Custap Berry. Normal Gem is an option, as it increases Gigalith's Explosion damage output; however, the loss of priority when Gigalith faces a faster threat makes Custap Berry the superior choice. Stone Edge and Superpower can be used for more power or coverage, respectively. However, the ability to break Substitutes with Rock Blast is vital, and Superpower's stat recoil is undesirable in most cases.</p>

<p>Water- and Grass-types, such as Seismitoad and Sawsbuck, are very useful teammates to deal with Ground-types that trouble Gigalith, especially Golurk and Marowak; the former is immune to Explosion and resists Rock Blast,(comma) while the latter can KO through Sturdy with Bonemerang. Sawk is a great partner for Gigalith; it can keep opposing leads and Sturdy users, such as Golem, from setting up Stealth Rock, such as Golem, with Mold Breaker. Musharna and Misdreavus in particular are also great allies tofor Gigalith as well, and for good reason. Misdreavus is an excellent spinblocker alongside Gigalith to prevent Rapid Spinners from removing its Stealth Rock. Misdreavus and Musharna are also bulky enough to absorb priority attacks that couldan KO Gigalith before it got to makes full use of the Custap Berry. They can also deal with Mold Breaker Sawk, which breaks through Gigalith's Sturdy. Taunt users, such as Misdreavus, can easily cut Gigalith short as a lead by preventing Stealth Rock from being used. Stuntank is a good check to Misdreavus, but it must be wary of switching into Misdreavus's Will-O-Wisp. Faster Pokemon, preferably Choice Scarf users, can also deal with fast Taunt users, or faster opponents in general. Swellow and Guts Ursaring are good partners to deal with Misdreavus as well; they are both immune to Shadow Ball and don't mind taking a Will-O-Wisp or Taunt from it. Priority attacks can bypass Gigalith's Custap Berry activation as it gives a +0.5 boost instead of a +1 like most priority moves, such as Aqua Jet, making priority users, such as Samurott, a threat. Unlike Golem, which boasts a secondary Ground typing, Gigalith's Sturdy can be broken by Volt Switch leads without bringing it into Custap range. It's possible to use excessive entry hazard damage to get into Custap Berry range effectively if such a situation occurredpresents itself.</p>


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