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Before all, shoutout to blunder CrashinBoomBang and aim (actually @themrmoet too) for keeping me remotely interested in the game still. any and all metagame knowledge i have comes from them and a tiny bit of ladder experience

Expand to hear my 2 cents on the state of the meta
Hello yalls mightv heard of me as the one of the GOATs but im here to remind yall that YABOY IS THE GOAT shiftin metagames since BW and this one is no exception. Seeing as my boy Blunder is goin Russel Westbrook in WCOP going undefeated while team sucks dick (no offense canada but yall shoulda taken me) there rlly isnt much use i have for these teams that iv recently built. iv actually laddered a slight bit and found some things to be incredibly good and would come at too big of an opportunity cost not to have on any team (much like the mons such as phero of early sm, gross of late oras forward, and tar in bw). Following that logic, you might see that my teams are very high concentration on certain sets/spreads/mons/cores, but hey if it works it works.
Before I get into the teams, I just wanna highlight what i think are most important or what works best in the meta. the metagame currently resides in a state of rock paper scissors, bulky setup/balance being safe more or less vs everything but particularly good vs semistall/stall/other fat while easier to overwhelm w ho/weather o/screens or webs o. out of the archetypes, spikes i feel is the most important deciding factor. every style can and usually runs spikes, since the better defoggers are few and far between while volturn mons run the meta alongside heavy hitters (rotom/lant + mega hitter tried and true since xy). I really value two mons, maybe three, and two moves in this meta. Ash greninja, Magearna and landorus t are at the top of the food chain, w lant making an argument for being the best mon and having value over replacement beyond argumentation. gren competes for its spot w bulkier waters, wallbreaker lo gren, and just a fast slot (koko, weav, megas etc). magearna can be a sweeper and a wall, with its sweeper set having the versatility to go tanky setup, therefore i thik it is the single best set up sweeper in the meta just off the fact that boltbeam is still king. the last is tangrowth because of the ubiquity of ground water and whatevrr weak special moves being thrown around. why are they so good? momentum. lant and tang are in the same boat because the most value u can get out of a turn is to create momentum while ont he back foot. usually u need to initiate damage or initiate a double switch to gain momentum, but lant's intimidate, rocks, uturn, and even helmet all net u momentum on the switch, which is insane in recovering momentum (switching usually yields a loss of momentum). in the same vein, using tang to sponge a hit and take advantage of a double/knock off with regenerator is invaluable because like lant, it allows u to create momentum with a switch, which just isnt possible when playing defensive normally (in both cases lant and tang create momentum on a hit, not if the opponent sets up, so theyr still not 100% free momentum creators). greninja however, due to its versatility-- revenges, breaks, cleans, forces switches and most importantly due to the last attribute laying down spikes, is insane. iv always used spikes as the utility slot and it is what makes ninja deadly -- ur switchin takes chip, or if u got a tang, imma take advantage of that. As for the two best moves, volt switch and spikes are the best, because special walls/teams are not structured like oras, chip is significantly more important due to the increased sweep potential teams have, and moreover, hippo (and other grounds that tank ice)'s omittance from the meta due to lant/zy/chomps popularity means u lose momentum/u lose ur ground, pick ur poison, resulting in plays such as hard manectric into tang knockoff, and now ur able to click ice if hes around 60 aka in heat range. (also explaisn my fetish for mane, cuz it leads vs ninja, is a threat to volt switch, and has intimidate which like lant but to a lesser extent, is a momentum creater off the switch).
I foresee more gastros but when gastro flourishes imma run exclusively physical koko and just grab that 25% chip w upturn every time u come in.
With all that being said, yall might notice some patterns, cores, and sets that come up again and again in team structure, but yea how tf u gonn be able to beat stall, rain, z setupers, tapus, ninja, TR, setup gearna, fatass celes water ground cores and all that WITH JUST 6 MONS AMIRITE?

Scroll to the very bottom to see a few teams that are what I call "masturbation squads", cuz they play themselves and u just have to click buttons.
Very beginner/ladder friendly

viola, my sm legacy continued...

1. Ladder Squad (momentum 101)
One of my favorite momentum based teams rn, doubling often into mane is key because it gets free hits. >lant/tng take hits >double to mane/ninja, trap fat shit (taunt > tox is viable). iv always preferred this gear to fighting, this shit str8 sweeps many of the zygard gear lati gren based teams. Rlly weak to stall tho that's why it needs tweaking if it's gonna be used in tour cuz everyone uses stall. On ladder or vs a non stall user it's deadly
other versions include
this one is rlly good, toss lopunny over hera when it comes out

2. "Who the fuck uses band rak in 2017 u retarded?" - blund
so i was trynna build around band rak w volturn core so the team base structure is similar to the groud grass ninja gear type shit. blunder made me realize rak is shit cuz a hard hitter actually should have more utility and coverage, and also "i would never use rak in a lant meta". dual elec w gear is surprisingly strong endgame, while bulu is a one mon answer to any and all fatass setup think clef reuni bro cune etc etc foh

3. 911/Mr. Lonely
lolan tails setup balance. niche, but very good vs fat shit thats meant to take hits. shit like tang and lant hp ice cant break zyg sub thru veil, toxic is also acceptable over rage. self explanatory and slightly weak to stall (maybe can do band zy/continental lant which was on the original team, and use fire ground buzz on volc, weaker to ashja doe) (ninetales is mr lonely, zygarde is 911)

4. "i love using fat shit! and dicks!"
fat shit

5. zam fwg

6. '75 nature's finest
the koko set isnt supposed to have boltbeam coverage but i feel like this gives him most utility. vs>tb works too. tapu is there to weaken shit for gren and gear. max speed tran rlly fucks me, maybe dont evolve the hera (also when lop comes out its replacin hera)

7. diggersbytho
the diggersby set traces back to my lead chomp set custom made for blunder to counterstyle bloo's fat shit. sr sd no eq cuz who tf stayin in w ground weak anyways right? u clickin spikes most of the time anyways. i rlly liekd wild charge over fpunch but i dont want a whole team walled by ferro so i had to throw that fp on there one time. this ninja set can sweep, and tar is a p underrated sweeper too, esp w spikes.

8. das every day shit, every niiiiiiight shit
sable lant semi reliable fat core, vest zone for special fairy moves. ninja to revenge shit but mostly cuz spikes, and stab gunk for any outta hand clefs. nite actually sets up on a good portion of the meta, from tangs and lants to shit like locked ninja etc. very good vs gear/lant/tang archetypes w spikes up, if u get +2 and beat their scarfer the game is over

9. kid keldi - pursuitless of happiness
keld lures n kills tang. mane is scary as shit doe.

10. hot boyz
i havent been rlly usin z lant cuz ashgren is everywhere. w sun tran and lant become much more formidable vs gren who is the premier water type. mane is chosen cuz sun > overheat turns this shit into a balance breaker, while it is also a great lead vs most waters in the meta

11. birds in the trap sing mckninja

12. A$AP mams
On this team because phys steela is such a problem iv decided to drop dogshit ass forte for spdef rotom and moves spikes over ice onto ninja

13. frosted dolla $ign
this aint nothin special just have aboma keep chipping at steels (leech > shard is preferable to chip celes and shit) while also being a good switchin to tang, ferro, lant, fini, zy, gear etc. hail is nice chip for fat shit that needs breaking, like no leftovers havin ass bulus tangs etc etc so lant sweeps easier.

14. dark meat v2
the ferro was originally helmet dual hazards w ice beam ninja (make ferro defensive if dual haz)
that variant is much more aggressive and actually deals w cham better like lant > ferro > stay in = ded, if they overpredict u comeout w a ferro. anyways ditto is pretty key cuz its a tran pivot on top of being a revenger, and it has a lot of utility such as copying lant for momentum since mine isnt uturn, copying gear in the back (which is why i dont need a move to hit it w on ferro) etc.
having more mons in the meta w immediate power and fewer setup mons (bandzy, spexja, z moves etc)
the best things about mega tar is that it sets up on cm shift gearna, and also scrf lati which is prevalent. it also is tanky enuf to set up on tang, lant, tran and all that, so this shit is guaranteed to set up like every single game.
another mega tar team, very oras like.

15. issa no from me dawg
dog is p good at hitting the current meta steels, wc for cele, fire for ferro gear, i thought about superpower vs ice fang but fuck ohkoing tran just return it twice. zard is to take advantage of sand brothers being very strong vs offensive teams, spec tapu to pivot into water shurikens and such then get chip on shit like tang, waters, steels for the sand bros to sweep. sableye stall is tough, guess u gotta bait the sable w the threat of spin and eq does half ish while z ih does like high 70s. u beat non ww skarm 1v1 and if sand is up z dug loses. but still tough matchup, might drop dog for an acutal mon
also the ches > tang is cuz it gets spikes, i might fuck around and make it spikes sub leech/hammer drain to pp stall sableye, since noone uses setup zyg which means i can forego the ice
The original import had a koko over fini, but i felt that having only 1 water resist might be iffy so i added fini. hydro mb ice fire max max timid to replace the koko
another more conventional sand team

16. barneys new york
some cool shit tr. egg might not be the best tr abuser but its got amazing coverage vs balance and it is very fun/strong (think ninja/fast, steel, water, tang, scarf lati, mega type teams). wak and maw just str8 up power thru shit.

17. 4th of july
blunder used this koko set on rain, i think its just a good breaker/lead and momentum grabber. it chips steels and grasses for mag, while leading vs fats for zard

18. stall users dicks little
fuck that wave cuhz toge needs 1 flinch to kill max sdef cele at +2, and it p much solos many stall teams. if u rlllllllly bout that shit USE HWISH LATIAS AND FUCK STALL IN THE CHODEHOLE
another variant which is also cool

19. 1.[idm]cham
pretty standard shit aint no innovation here. slash a sub over zen on cham and use adamant cuz u can sub up on some shits and beat mew if it took damage before (hjk 2kos w rox on fast defensive mew w admt)
a fatter but more antifat version:

20. [Higher Brothers]Psy P.
standard dual psy as usual, pretty decent but weak to dug stall. use shed and fb on lele for that shit but then again if u face stall u already won cuz they dick little

21. finger bang
manual rain balance. tbh spex pelipper over swellow works jsut as well.

22. invest in a vest (c ͡|Q ͜ʖ ͡o)╦╤─
i would love to run this set on that vest hoopa but fucking pile of shit tangrowth exists. the alternative, which might even be better, is max max smack down flyium lant and charge beam/psyshock/ice/darkpulse hoopa try that shit.

23. BIBZ.
all caps when u spell the man name

24. step up 5

25. "isnt this oras w gren > keld"
yes, yes it is.

26. dark meat v3
as advertised by joey, p solid and spammable shit
tran might just be a problem, so fightinium gear can be used too. usually if u lead well and double well then weavile is usually knockin shit off, if venu is megad u can always fish for miss.


self explanatory, not rlly too complex

28. its always raining in Seattle
2 techs on standard rain. one for stall one for balance, rain already destroys offense

29. rihannas new boyfriend

30. i hear the secrets that u keep when ur talkin in ur sleep
throwback fwg w zyggy. double into tran, hera, and ninja often when u have zy out.

Bonus: im gay
yes iapapa is intended. nobody assumes its no shell so zones will 100 flash or double switch, netting u momentum but more importantly make u look like u flexxed on em #stuntordie


Masturbation Squads Galore

1. You win if u dont lose: Zero win condition stall
stall standard blah blah knock can be slashed over soak on alomomola but yea the point is toxic everything if u face offense, if u face stall ct (zardy + chans u can p much only trap their dug on the double and win tie) then u lose anyways.

2. 123456 V2
generally u send em out in that order, but if ur fancy wit it u can actually try and um... "make plays" or whatever. i chose mence cuz not only does it complement pins and drill, the premier scarfers are lati and chomp which u take advantage of w gear. also maybe use naughty mence cuz espeed zygard exists (also sucker) now that i think about it
focus sash can be slashed onto tar, i think that might be better actually. Also been meaning to experiment with life orb on ash gren, just so u can spike and still prevent defog from lati and mew iif they try to force u out.

OK FINAL VERDICT: mence is iffy, use Z ZYGARDE INSTEAD (or fat dd zygard and z fight gearna)

3. Sticky Icky v2
i forgot why i had tar to abuse webs but i thought it was a rlly good mon on webs ho at the time, similar to a zygarde which can do damage, be fat, and have good coverage. Thund beats common cores of tang lant tran water, steela pex ground, gear lant water (well chips gear at least). Shuckle and smearg are both viable leads, smearg is just less fit for laddr cuz who knows whn thers gonna be a random taunter

Sticky Icky v3:

4. Pretty good against fat
I p much always throw unaware on clef if its gettin up rocks because itll get rox forsure like the mguard one, but this guy can double as a setup check instead of jjst pivot twice n die. However to be better vs fat it is better to be mguard w knock, so use that one guys. Rotom still is amazing vs fat, w their abundance of celes, toxs, clefs, chans etc.

More to come


Requests are open, but gimme some cores. most of the time imma have lant, ashja, tang and a steel on the team but ill try to innovate when the requests roll in.

New teams will be updated below.


Updated as of 7/8/17

1. Back to the start
I tried a few variants of lopunny balance, w tang lant core, w steela ground water, more offensive etc, however mew's prevalence made me basically have to include tran because this set is one of the best sets in the game and completely demolishes too many styles to not have on any given team (taunt is viable but toxic is so good, and i hate having to click magma). i really like the offensive momentum this team haas and PSA STOP USING FAKEOUT U GET THE SPEED NOW PUP ACTUALLY MAKES THIS SHIT A THREAT so yea this shit is p much oras w gren over the keld spot. electrium lati is to kill steela for lop and gren and lant, but also cuz i want gearna to feel safe setting up on me while taking like 60-70. yea gearna is a huge ass threat, thats why i ran unaware clef w no knock.

2. lmao run fat or lose typa meta
so in this meta u gotta have shit to take hits and take chip. too many knocks, toxics, scalds thrown around by mons that stay there and tank. also fuck celesteela special shoutout to that piece of shit worst thing since subtox scor. zard y has become more flavor of the month so iv been adding more latis to teams. tran is also one of the best steel ground water grass core fat team breakers, so lati w eq helps w that. being able to chip phys def steela is nice. exca is there cuz defog takes away momentum when i have all 3 hazards, it serves as a cm gear check, av gear pivot, toxics shit like sable, zapdos, lant, and is in general invaluable in fatigue wars. iv been using clef more and more over sr lant cuz zyg usage is going down while lops release means cant just be havin 4x ice weaks. if i have lant and tang then 1 pup in mid game while tang took chip = core broken. "maw 6-0s" - blund. well yea just pivot btwn cele pex and exca until he pps out.
ACTUALLY I THINK MEGA TAR IS BETTER in the place of latias. lopunny works too (fakeout variant) to make the team much more offensive. dd megatar quakedge ice is the best fit cuz it does a lot of things latias does. in that case run sand rush sd steeliumz rapid spin adamant exca
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yo the chomp on team 17 is Sand Veil and is missing both Evs and a nature, cool teams btw
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yo the chomp on team 17 is Sand Veil and is missing both Evs and a nature, cool teams btw
Sv is intended to stay regular and setup in a pinch but I fucked not putting in evs and nature just go with max max jolly

As for flame body tran that was a creative mistake.

Guys if u use the teams link me cool replays or tell me what's good what's bad what needs fixing etc thanks
Your "issa no from me dawg" team has a magnet tapu koko in the importable, even though you mentioned specs fini. Glad to see you posting teams again.


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oh yea i was like im weak to ninja or somethin idr so i changed it, but both r viable

Max max timid hydro mb ice fire
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oh yea i was like im weak to ninja or somethin idr so i changed it, but both r viable
K. I don't remember if I have ever seen a specs Fini set before....Scald, Hydro Pump, Moonblast, Defog....timid, max special attack, max speed leftover in s def?

What do you thing about the calm mind set with leffies instead or do u need the immediate power? I guess it would surprise some ppl so there's that.


after hours
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I was planning on playing some more with a couple of teams I liked today but Marshadow's release actually made me change my mind lol, these are 2 replays I saved yesterday using Taillow HO, tho in one of them lil bird did nothing and in the other it almost did nothing because I misclicked Spin turn 1 but my opp Taunted it so it's lit. Still can't get back to 1800 rip. Might add some more after Marshadow's ban
Could you build a team around shift gear Magearna, greninja(normal or ash gren whichever one you want), and tapu lele and another team around tapu bulu, ash greninja, and choice band zygarde.
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