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I know we haven't always seen eye to eye, but working with you in OMs over four of those years was incredibly enjoyable and rewarding and made me appreciate just how much work you do for the site and the section. OMs won't be the same without you. Thank you for everything you've done for OMs and thank you for being a friend.

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I haven't been involved in the OM community for the longest time, but from what I've seen of you, you've seemed like a good leader. I appreciate all you've done for OMs and also OM mashups. Alot of our users (me included) will forever cherish december's LCOTM STAAABmons. I wish you the best in your future endeavors!


Mr. Brightside
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Everyone knows we've had our disagreements, and that I've never been your favorite person around here, but thank you for the times when you've been above all that, when you've been selfless and have put the interest of the community first.
You've shown growth and improvement over the past months, and it has definitely had a positive impact on the community, from what I could witness.
Best of luck with whatever awaits you, and thank you for your innumerable contributions!


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There were times the OM community questioned your approach to leadership, but at no point did anyone question your passion for OMs or how much of a lasting positive impact you made on OMs. For those of us who have made friendships in the OM scene, enjoyed our time playing these metagames, or enjoyed their time within the OM community as a whole, I speak for us when I say we were lucky to have you lead OMs, because none of this infrastructure would have been here without you. Thanks for all of your work and good luck with your next journey.


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Since like 2013-2014 ive been on and off on this site, and the community has kinda felt like a summer camp, or another home to me. It's crazy that youve been at the head of it for 8 years, starting from when OM room was 30 random people who met on ladder and in chatrooms and now a whole fleshed out subcommunity with a yearlong circuit (remember when ompl was the only actual forum tour), and a still (following the trend) constantly growing community despite how many people seem to leave over the years.
I cant say Ive been constantly praising you behind your back but seeing you leave still feels a little like the mini version of me (zoomer) watching obama leave office haha, it's really weird to imagine OMs without TI and his "Donate to my Paypal" link flashing at the bottom of every major OP. For all the fun times and memories Ive had in the OM community, thanks for making them possible, and hope life treats you well!


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I know I've never seen eye to eye with you on shit, and we've gotten into our fair share of arguments over the years - but it's been good knowing you, TI. A lot of who I am today can be attributed to this site and what I've learned from it, and you were a massive part in that, so whether from me at 14 or me now, thank you for taking the chance and giving me the opportunities to learn and grow as a part of OMs.


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Pretty surprised to see this, I had to spend a while thinking of if I should say anything and if so, what.

I was definitely one of your biggest critics during my time as roomauth and for a while after as well and we've definitely had our disagreements, but I've seen you improve drastically from what you were and it doesn't really feel good to watch you go after you've made such drastic strides among the community and been a leader who truly works with the people, for the people. If I still had an interest in the policy aspect of the website, I'd probably very much enjoy working with you right now. That being said, life's way, way bigger and greater than this website and I'm glad to see you taking time away from this website to hopefully work towards bigger and greater things for yourself. Godspeed.

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yo dude, sad to see you leave. Actually kinda pissed you think you have let people down. While you may have fucked up sometimes (who hasn't ever honestly...) i feel most people don't know how much you did for the om community back when it was just a small room with 10 users and dead forums. You literally are the reason why people are able to play oms with permaladders and enjoy om tours on smogon. Huge thank you for everything. Gl in your future endeavors and i hope you stick around so we can play randbats from time to time :)
I don't really come on PS/Smogon anymore but I will say that with the time I spent on PS, you were one of the people who seemed like they truly cared for others. Even though I won't really use the site as much, I know of your large impact for OMs and on Showdown, and on behalf of everyone, thank you for all you have done!

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