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Gourgeist-S has great Speed for a physical wall, allowing it to outspeed and burn opposing physical Pokemon such as Basculin, Poliwrath, and Sawsbuck and burn them. It has a fantastic utility movepool including Leech Seed, Will-O-Wisp, Substitute, and Disable. Its ability, Frisk, allows it to scout opponents' items. It has a good defensive typing that grants it many useful resistances to common types such as Electric, Water, Grass, and Ground. Its typing also gives Gourgeist-S an immunity to Fighting- and Normal-type moves. This allows it to effectively wall Pokemon such as Barbaracle, Basculin, Gogoat, Sawsbuck, (comma) and Tauros. All of these traits make it one of the best defensive spinblockers in the tier. However Gourgeist-S has difficulty with Grass- and Fire-types.

name: SubSeed
move 1: Substitute
move 2: Leech Seed
move 3: Will-O-Wisp
move 4: Rock Slide / Disable
ability: Frisk
item: Leftovers
evs: 152 HP / 104 Def / 252 Spe
nature: Jolly / Timid


Substitute is used to protect against weaker attacks and status, and can also be used to scout for what an opponent wants to do. Gourgeist-S can set up (space) Substitutes on the various Pokemon it walls, allowing it to drain the health use Leech Seed on or burn the switch-in, wearing it down, especially if Gourgeist-S is faster and it can continually set up Substitutes. Leech Seed is used for extra recovery, (comma) allowing Gourgeist-S to set up more Substitutes, and Will-O-Wisp is used to cripple physical attackers such as Barbaracle, Tauros, and Marowak and to provide residual damage on common switch-ins such as Grass-, Ice-, and Flying-types. Rock Slide is used to hit common Fire- and Flying-types, which like to switch into Gourgeist-S, from behind the safety of a Substitute. Disable can be used instead of Rock Slide to stall by disabling super effective moves. Phantom Force can be used to get an extra turn of Leech Seed and Leftovers recovery.

Set Details

Maximum Speed investment is used so that Gourgeist-S can outspeed max Speed base 95s, such as Frogadier, Swanna, and Basculin. The HP EVs allow Gourgeist-S to get as much HP from Leech Seed and Leftovers as possible, and the rest are put in Defense for added bulk. Frisk is used to scout an opponent's item, (comma) letting you see Choice items Pokemon and other not so less obvious items, giving insight into the opponent's set. Leftovers is used for increased longevity allowing Gourgeist-S to set up multiple Substitutes.

Usage Tips

Be wary of switching into a Scald, because while resisted, burn limits the number of Substitutes Gourgeist-S can set up. Set up Substitutes on status users or Pokemon with resisted STAB attacks. After setting up Substitute, use Leech Seed on and then burn specially based Pokemon, and do the reverse on physically based Pokemon. Setting up a Substitute when the opponent has a Grass-type is not the best idea as it only wastes precious health which can be difficult to recover without (remove space) the help of Leech Seed. If Gourgeist-S is running Disable, first use Substitute to see what move the opponent will go for to hurt Gourgeist-S, then Disable the move and Substitute again to see if they carry any coverage moves. Be wary of switching into Fighting-type Pokemon, as they like to carry Knock Off, which also limits the number of Substitutes that Gourgeist-S can create and removes its Leftovers.

Team Options

Toxic Spikes users such as Garbodor and Roselia are useful teammates, as the Toxic damage coupled with Leech Seed can rack up quickly, Garbodor can also switch into Grass-types quite easily. They are also useful because they can absorb Toxic Spikes on your side of the field, which can be detrimental to Gourgeist-S, while Gourgeist-S provides spinblocking (remove space) support. Entry hazard users in general, such as Golem and Stunfisk, make good teammates, as Gourgeist-S forces a lot of switches and hazard damage racks up quickly. Lickilicky is a good teammate as it can provide Wish and Heal Bell support to Gourgeist-S, while Gourgeist-S can provide a switch-in to Fighting-type attacks. Pokemon that resist Dark, such as Poliwrath and Throh, are good teammates to take moves such as Knock Off. A Fire / Water / Grass core can be created with Gourgeist-S using Fire-types such as Camerupt and Heatmor as well as Water-types such as Poliwrath and Mantine, as they can take care of each other's weaknesses.

Other Options

Shadow Sneak can be used as a form of priority; however, Gourgeist-S struggles to find room for it. Protect can be used over Substitute to scout for moves; however, the utility Substitute provides is much better. Seed Bomb or Bullet Seed can be used over one of the suggested attacking moves above; however, Rock Slide provides better coverage and Phantom Force provides extra turns of Leech Seed recovery. Pain Split can be used to get back more health for Gourgeist-S, but it is not reliable. Toxic can be used over Will-O-Wisp as a quicker way to wear down opposing Pokemon; however, the utility Will-O-Wisp provides is much better. An offensive Gourgeist-S can be used, but it isn't very strong.

Checks & Counters

**Offensive Typing Advantage**: Fire-types such as Ninetales, Heatmor, and Flareon threaten Gourgeist-S out with their powerful Fire-type moves. They are also immune to Will-O-Wisp, and some of them, such as the aforementioned (remove space) Pokemon, even get a Flash Fire boost from it. A Fire-type's (apostrophe) best way to switch in (remove dash) is on a predicted Will-O-Wisp; however, Fire-types have to be wary of switching into a super effective Rock Slide. Ice-type Pokemon such as Aurorus, Rotom-Frost, Glaceon, and Articuno threaten Gourgeist-S out with powerful Ice-type moves. While Ice-types struggle to switch in, if they come in on a Will-O-Wisp or a Leech Seed than the they can threaten out Gourgeist-S with an Ice Beam, but if they switch in (remove dash) on a Gourgeist-S with Substitute up then they will be hit by a super effective Rock Slide. (comma to period) Articuno has to be especially wary of Rock Slide as it is 4x weak to Rock-type. Flying-types such as Dodrio, Chatot, (comma) and Mantine threaten Gourgeist-S out with their super effective STAB Flying-type moves. Chatot gets a specific mention as it has a super effective STAB sound-based (dash) move Chatter, which can hit through Substitutes and seriously injure Gourgeist-S. However, Flying-types have to be wary of switching into a super effective Rock Slide.

**Grass-types**: Substitute-using Grass-types such as Serperior and Tropius are immune to Leech Seed and can set up on Gourgeist-S with Substitute. (comma to period) Serperior can outspeed Gourgeist-S and block Will-O-Wisp with Substitute, while Tropius can carry Lum Berry with Harvest to rid itself of burn.

**Knock Off**: Knock Off is detrimental to Gourgeist-S as it is super effective, removes its' Gourgeist-S's Leftovers, and can limit the number of Substitutes it can make. Gourgeist-S has to be wary of switching in and trying to wall Pokemon such as Sneasel, Throh, and Marowak that commonly carry Knock Off.

**Status**: Status such as Toxic, Toxic Spikes, and Scald burns can limit the number of Substitutes Gourgeist-S can make. Gourgeist-S commonly likes to switch in on common defensive Pokemon such as Defensive Carracosta, Lumineon, Poliwrath, and Bastiodon, and defensive Carracosta to try and get up a free Substitute; however, the aforementioned (remove space) Pokemon commonly like to carry Toxic, (comma) and if they can cripple Gourgeist-S by poisoning it hit Gourgeist-S on the switch it can cripple Gourgeist-S. Gourgeist-S should be wary of switching into (remove space) Thunder Wave from Pokemon it's (apostrophe) trying to wall, (comma) such as Stunfisk and Luxray. If Gourgeist-S gets paralyzed then it loses one of its biggest assets, its Speed. Gourgeist-S relies on its ability to outspeed opposing Pokemon to get off a Leech Seed and then set up Substitutes.

**Taunt**: Taunt users such as Misdreavus and Vigoroth can shut down Gourgeist-S, (comma) stopping it from using Leech Seed and Will-O-Wisp on them, but they struggle to switch in, some of them are outsped, and risk getting statused first.

**Substitute**: Substitute can completely block status and Leech Seed and allows other bulky Pokemon to set up on Gourgeist-S. Bouffalant with a Substitute up can set up on Gourgeist-S, as Rock Slide does minimal damage and Bouffalant is immune to Seed Bomb and Phantom Force.


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