I think that a lesson on dealing with fluff and flavour could be a good idea to consider. what I mean by this is helping people with determining when they are checking an analysis to find unnecessary padding in the analysis and teach them how to shorten or get rid of it altogether.

An example of this padding i'm talking about is:

Hampered by limited distribution and unsuitable candidates, Nasty Plot is a move little used in the UU metagame. That isn't to say that it is in any way bad, Nasty Plot is a powerful boosting move that instantly doubles the Special Attack stat of the user. For a Pokemon that has as wide a movepool as Mew, this extra power can be devastating.
Most of this sentence seems to be just extra padding in order to make the analysis seem longer when all it does is set a very awkward flow and tells us pretty much nothing in terms of useful information except for at the end.

With flavour, some amcheckers make the mistake of taking out flavour, thinking it is useless flowery prose. The problem with this is that you are taking away the writers unique writing style and replacing it with your own, and often times, it ends up sending worse then the original. On the other hand, the amcheckers should also be taught how to trim down over-the-top prose so it isn't like wading through a swamp while still keeping a sense of flavour in the writing itself so it is enjoyable to read. One of the best examples of this is the Politoed analysis Accidental Greed wrote before RD trimed it down greatly.

(Iff most of this doesn't make sense, just PM me and i'll try and clarify whatever you need me to)


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Berserker Lord, that is a great idea, and we will definitely go over that during the Dojo uptime. It is true that while we want to keep the flavor of the writing, we also need to avoid unnecessary fluff, and once the Dojo is up, we will go in more detail of it. Thank you for the suggestion! :)

EDIT: Go to post #125 if you want to know what is going on with the Grammar Dojo!

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