Grand Slam IX Playoffs - Finals [Won by Santu]

won vs pdt, ggs. I had a blast in my run, when slam started I wasn't motivated at all because I had played very few games in gen8 low tiers, but somehow I managed to qualify as 16.. . All this would not have been possible without the help to all the people who helped me throughout my run:

UU CBU, Adaam,
RU snaga , Nat, Averardo
NU Sjneider, Kushalos, lax
LC Luthier, Xizaaa, fran17

I really want to thank all you friends, you provided me a lot of teams during opens and during my playoff games, I can't find the right way to thank you, but all of you are so important for me.

To close this off, much love to all the people that in one way or another rooted for me, that was really important for me. Last but definitely not least shoutouts to all my friends on FILO GANG, I love each one of you (yes also tricking), you are really important for me, even without your support I would certainly not be here.

santu out


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