Grand Slam VII - Introduction

please anyone I have an very simple doubt...HOW TO JOIN THIS TOURNAMENT AND PLAY????
Each individual open will have its own sign up thread. To join one of the opens, all you have to do is simply type "in", in the given sign up thread. If you wish to be alerted when a new thread goes up, go to Competitive Play and click "watch". You will then be able to choose how you want to be alerted whenever a new thread goes up. You will be able to choose between getting a notification on forums (the bell in the top right corner) or via email. Whenever a new thread gets created, this notification will automatically get sent to you, and thus you will not miss out on any of the sign ups for the tours you may want to join. Hope this helped :]


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ok what is sign up thread and where should I type IN
This tour consists of separate opens, of which the first signups start monday with the UU open. Type "in" in the signup threads of these cups to gain points for the Grand Slam Playoffs.

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