Tournaments GSC Grand Slam I - NU Round Finals (Won by MrSoup)


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flipped remaining match instead of extending due to the extended deadline already.


Round 2

DiannieRatson  vs  vani
juoean  vs  PandaDoux
Wearth  vs  corvere
giove97  vs  Gigalodon
Number One Greenie  vs  SpaceSpeakers
BigFatMantis  vs  Aqua Jet
pp's splash town  vs  gabraltar
glutenfree42  vs  MrSoup
Nael222  vs  jus
Medeia  vs  Concept Everything
Oathkeeper  vs  Real FV13
romanji  vs  Raahel
sparks bloom  vs  innovamania
TheBlazingArcanine  vs  Fluore
Estarossa  vs  zben
Togkey  vs  Mr.378

Deadline is Sunday 21st May at 11:59pm gmt-4. good luck! replays are mandatory.
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