Tournaments GSC PL III - Player Signups [closed, draft Oct 29th, 2:30 GMT-4]

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This is the Player Signups thread for GSC PL III. Please note that unless they are bought for 3,000 credits, players can only play the tiers that they have signed up for. Please use the exact format listed below and fill in the sections with [insert here] in order to sign up for the tournament.
Player Name: [insert here]
Timezone: [insert here]
Tiers Played: [insert here]
Activity Issues: [insert here]
There will be 6 slots in this tournament, one GSC Ubers slot, three GSC OU slots, one GSC UU slot, and one GSC NU slot. Please sign up for one or more of these tiers or reply with "All" in the "Tiers Played" section. The teams and managers will be decided soon. The reward for winning this tournament is a custom avatar to be used on Pokemon Showdown. Good luck to all players!

Player Signups will close at 2:30 PM GMT-4 on October 28th. The draft will be held at 2:30 PM GMT-4 on October 29th.
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