Guidelines for Smogcasts

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We have a few basic ground rules for our Twitch Smogcasts to ensure the casts meet the reasonable standards we have for them. Many contributors have already been following these guidelines, but it has been determined that a permanent, visible list is needed.
  • A full cast list must be submitted to Aberforth, antemortem, Mambo, and Zodiax through the Smogcast Requests forum.
    • Post your thread with the following criteria (which I elaborate on below):
      • content you'll be streaming;
      • cast with which you will be commentating;
      • projected length of and date you see your stream being.
  • Cast members need to be in good standing with the site (not banned) and knowledgable about the subject. You may not feature in a Smogcast if you have been locked or banned on PS within the last six (6) months; you may not feature in a Smogcast if you are permalocked.
  • A brief outline of the stream should be submitted with the cast list. It doesn't have to be comprehensive, just a basic list of talking points.
  • Keep the casts PG-13. Swearing is fine, but don't make it excessive. Please don't use any words censored on the forums.
  • Keep Smogon drama and politics out of the casts.
  • No memes, or anything spammed in Smogtours (ex. ebola/aids/cancer meme).
Refusal to follow these guidelines could result in a ban from Smogcasts. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me about them.
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