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Hey, theres an issue, Blumo isnt responding to the messages im sending to him, so I cant schedule the match with him, ive been texting both players since the extensions were made, and ive only recieved a response from Rakhunbam, so I think its fair that i play against him. Not only is it fair, but theres no other way to play the matches against Blumo.


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Re: Blumoo vs Rakhunbam

Rakhunbam has brought us proof that they tried to contact Blumoo during round 1 and got no answer from them. Therefore, Rakhunbam is granted an activity win. Please, next time, remember that you have to schedule publicly on your opponent's wall, to avoid situations like this.

New match-up:

Rakhunbam vs Mundilloo

Sorry for the inconvenience. Keep in mind you can ask for an extension, given it's already quite late in the week, if needed.


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Calling act. Shinerubo and I scheduled for 10AM today on their wall, they said they needed to move it to 11:30 to which I said OK, but they never showed up.

EDIT: nvm they showed up, we will play
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