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I'm polite so just for clarity, when I'm cross I
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Let's try again.

Deposited a level 2 male Caterpie, nicknamed Barney 3000, for Oathkeeper.
:X So I know I said I would be out of your hair after the last one but I just found out one of the Pokemon on my Ghost team wasn't Kalos-born. If you have the time, would you also mind trading me Carrie the Drifloon? sorry :|

I put up a Lvl 1 female Snorunt (in a Premier Ball w/ HA and Spikes since it's the least I could do), and again, thanks so much!
Dang, well will try this again
I deposit a lv.1 female japanese Gourgeist. May I ask for Morticia please?
My IGN is JohnnyX
Hi, you said that you sent me a shuppet but it seems like you hit the wrong one, got sniped again :/ deposited a lvl 4 male bidoof nocknamed "Stanley" for a shuppet, message is 'Danoxor', thanks !
mine was sent properly as i did get the pokemon i asked for. it was not sniped. thank you :)

i deposited a blue Level 14 Female Flabebe for Carrie the Drifloon.
Brother Spark

Sent! Quick general reminder: Please include the nickname of the Pokemon you would like in your GTS message. It serves the dual purpose of letting me quickly recognize which trades are entries and helps me to distinguish in cases where multiple natures or forms are available.

Signing off for the night to go sleep and such. Will try to get some out of the way in the morning.
That worked like a charm. You are my hero! I don't want to be greedy, but here I go anyway - I also REALLY want Oathkeeper. If you have it in your heart, I deposited a male level 3 Scatterbug named Freckles for a Honedge, for Oathkeeper. Message: Brother Spark

edit: bad timing, so sniped

double edit: some guy gave me a JP honedge

triple edit: it was male
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