Hatterene [QC: 0/2]

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name: Healing Wish
move 1: Dazzling Gleam
move 2: Mystical Fire
move 3: Psychic
move 4: Healing Wish
item: Focus Sash
ability: Magic Bounce
nature: Modest
evs: 252 SpA / 252 SpD / 4 Spe


This Hatterene can play two roles for your pokemon team, which are a special sweeper and a full restore. Having healing wish as backup when things get tight will give you an upper hand if your other sweeper is low at health/has a status. Having magic bounce is good against teams who use status effects, stealth rocks, etc. This ability can save you in many situations, where your opponent tries to get the upper hand by using sleep powder, toxic, lowering your stats, etc. This move set is best used with another strong sweeper that you'll likely bring back with Healing Wish. I would recommend that this Hatterene is paired with one of three types of pokemon: one that can sweep out most pokemon (example: dragon dance on Gyarados, Dynamax and sweep), a fast physical sweeper that can outspeed most pokemon (example: someone who can come in and use Shell Smash then sweep the rest of their team/Mimikyu w/ swords dance), or a bulky physical pokemon (Example: Copperajah w/ heavy metal that has heavy slam). A useful tactic to do would be starting off with your main physical sweeper to sweep as much as you can, then switching to Hatterene to possibly do some damage, then using healing wish before dying. Which would bring back the main physical sweeper of the team with full HP and no status condition.

Decided to give Mystical Fire to Hatterene for more coverage; she can now cover fighting, dragon, dark, poison, grass, ice, bug, and steel types. Does well against many teams I have gone against on Sw/Sh and Showdown. However, if it is up against Aegislash or pokemon with a strong ghost/steel attack, I would recommend using Healing Wish right away to a pokemon that can get rid of it. For the EVs, I feel it is beneficial for Hatterene, being a powerfull special sweeper, to also have the special defense to live a few turns before using Healing Wish. Hatterene has Focus Sash to avoid being 1HKO by Aegislash/Ghost moves so you are able to get Healing Wish in.

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Hey itsjmazing, while I appreciate your enthusiasm to contribute, Hatterene was already reserved on the Reservation Index by lyd and is already being written, so I'll have to lock this.
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