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As the name suggests, this is indeed a Haxball Tournament. Haxball is essentially an online game based on football. http://www.haxball.com here's a link to the game.

Co-Host: ShootingStarmie
Haxball rules:
  • This is a 3v3 single elimination Swiss-System tournament (see post #51)
  • Score Limit: None
  • Time Limit: 10 minutes per half
  • Stadium: Big
  • Hosting - Either you can have one team host both halves OR you can switch hosts each half
  • 'Teleporting' (moving players from Red/Blue to Spectators and/or in reverse in order to change the situation on the pitch to one's favour) will result in an automatic loss (as will any other abuse of admin power)
  • You must sign-up as a team of 3 players
  • You may substitute 1 player per round (don't include subs in your initial signup post)
  • You can join as a free agent but I won't find you teammates, that's your responsability
  • EVERY player on the team must confirm by posting "Confirming" or I won't validate the team
  • You need to find a cool name for your team
There is a Webgames room on Pokemon Showdown! we recommend you come into this room as many other haxball players in this tournament will use it, as will the tournament hosts + refs. /join webgames

We're also looking for 2/3 'refs' who can spectate each game to make sure everything runs smoothly, no rules are broken and also to count goals & assists as we will be making counting how many goals & assists each player gets. You do not have to host the games, just act as a neutral spectator. If you're interested mention it in your signup post or in a seperate post and I'll PM you before round 1 begins.
Refs can still play in the tour, just not in the game(s) that they are spectating/refing

  1. Hitler + Napoleon's army
  2. The Wonder Trio
  4. Mushmunkey and friends
  5. Aamir's (uu iz da shizzle) Muslim Disciples
  6. of moose and men
  7. <3
  8. FA Team 1
  9. FA Team 2
  10. FA Team 3

Holy Ghost
Monna Lusa

A small guide to playing Haxball

Arrow keys are used to move your player around. X or spacebar can be used to "kick".

Spread out. The worst feeling for a haxball player is to feel cramped, so make sure you're in a good position for your team to pass to, and make sure you DON'T cramp any of your team mates. This doesn't mean spread out so far that your team mates can't pass to you, a good team should stay grouped, but spread out enough to be able to pass. You'll find the balance very quickly just through playing the game.

The wall is used to perform bounces. It's a very useful and common tool in an average game of haxball. If you're new to haxball, try to avoid trying any trick shots, but you'll see a lot of players using the wall to their advantage, and you should try to as well.

Players often have their preferred positions in a game of haxball. A lot of people can perform multiple roles, but make sure you let your team know where you plan to play, whether its defending, attacking, etc. Communication is key.

If you have any suggestions about this tournament feel free to message me or ShootingStarmie via PM

Signups close either when we get 16 teams signed up or on Monday the 8th, whichever comes first.
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x, i actually came up with this idea as a meme in skype group and then starmei said it was a good idea i didnt think some stupidface would actually make this a tour

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