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My dear: You are already worlds ahead of most people then. Please dont stop now.

believe it or not but i have been coming back to this thread for motivation myself. And i started this thread

Just remember that it is easier to return from an injury than a mentality of defeat. you have already done it once it sounds like. All you need now is to give it a bit more time. ;)


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Lost more than 3kg (6.6lbs) since I started my diet three and a half weeks ago and have kept all my strength and muscle so far. The increase to my speed is already noticeable!


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I'm still alive and still loosely follow this thread. It fills me with nostalgia and has encouraged me to reflect. I've been on Smogon for well over 10 years now and below is a collage of the first 'fitness' picture I ever posted on these forums alongside a more recent one from a few days ago. A 10 year transformation if you will.

Is this an impressive change over the space of a decade? That would vary based on opinion but I'm sharing it because it is honest and I believe it to be a more accurate representation of the progress that you can expect, as opposed to the dubious transformation pictures on places like Instagram. I'm a pretty normal guy - in fact I was always considered to be puny growing up - who has trained consistently for around 14 years (and yes, I'm a life-time natural). Over those years I've developed 5 golden rules and I'm going to share some those here, for the benefit of the next generation of Smogoners.

1. Think long-term

Too many people expect mind blowing results in 6 months and overlook the fact that fitness is a life-long pursuit. There will be ups and downs, backs and forths...the progress is not always linear. I don't believe that I train particularly hard. I've seen people in the gym screaming, puking, crying...they never seem to last long. My advice would be to incorporate your fitness regime into your life in such a way that it is sustainable in the long-term. By all means set short term targets but always think long-term. It's not glamorous and it's not what people always want to hear, but it's what they need to hear. Look at what you're doing and think 'could I do this for the next 5 years?' If the answer is no then you need to reassess.

2. Question everything

You live in a wonderful time for fitness...there are a thousand online articles on every subject, an army of experienced coaches on hand to share their expertise. Use it. Read everything. Go to T-Nation and just go nuts. But question everything. No matter how many citations an article has, no matter how qualified the author - some things just need to be learnt and experienced personally. You are your own test-subject. Trial and error the shit out of anything that piques your interest. Don't be that gym douche who strays away from cardio because he read that it would cost him his gains. Don't avoid stretching because such-and-such an article said it was ineffective. Don't persevere with a certain way of training because 'apparently' it's the best way of doing it. Try things for yourself, keep the useful and discard the useless. As long as you're working hard at something, it doesn't matter. Here's an example; when I was younger I wanted to 'tone up.' Even mention those words in fitness circles and you'll be mocked, ridiculed...told it's impossible and that you should just lift heavy weights. As a stubborn young man I ignored those comments and started doing lots of movements for high reps with low weight. I'd cycle through movements with short rest periods. Whether I 'toned up' is debatable but I did end up regularly doing a workout that would, by today's standards, be recognised as HIIT - a lauded, hugely effective style of training. It wasn't really a thing back then though and I certainly didn't know I was doing it. But I had noted that it was effective and that I was getting fitter and stronger. I still do a version of this workout now - a workout that, had I listened to the conventional wisdom of the time, would never have existed.

3. Don't stop learning

This kinda overlaps with the above one but never, ever assume you know everything. I've been training for 14 years and even this year I've discovered things that have changed the way I approach my training. Don't go stale.

4. Always have a rival

This goes against all those feel-good messages of 'your only competition is yourself.' Rubbish. We (especially males) are naturally competitive and that should be harnessed. Walk into a gym, identify somebody who is more advanced than you and think 'I'm going to surpass him.' Join a running club, find somebody who's a little bit faster than you and aim to beat him. Then pick a new rival. And so on. There are really only two ways of measuring your fitness; i) how you are now compared to how you used to be and ii) how you are compared to others. Utilise both of these means of measurement. Don't be a dick about it though - your 'rival' doesn't even need to know you exist.

5. Walk Alone

Another controversial one. A lot has been written about the benefits of training with others. Those benefits are common knowledge so I won't repeat them here...I'll merely state that I do recognise them. However, I believe a fitness journey should always have an over-riding theme of staunch independence. If your training hinges on the participation of another person then you'll never truly be in control of your own progress. Relying on others takes away your autonomy. By all means train with your friends, join clubs etc. But always put yourself first and always be prepared to train alone.

Till next time Smogon dudes.

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The bod u have at the beginning of your 10 yr transformation is usually what most people imagine to be the end of their 10 yr transformation.

Not hating but daaamn dude...
But he did say he has now trained 14 years, so that would be 4 years into his hard work, so it's not like that was just lucky genetics. I know that's not what you meant but I wanted to mention it anyway. Lee may not believe he trains particularly hard, but he is certainly very dedicated. You get what you put into things. Thank you for your wisdom Lee.


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Hit a goal of benching 205 lbs. 10 clean pullups with no assistance machine is next.
Aim for 220, you'e so close to that goal now!

Also there's a part of me that wants to quit football and focus on powerlifting next year. Wasn't even specifically training for it and hit a max of 285lbs, but between my weight loss and my sore body, I can't hit that number at present. I miss feeling like the incredible hulk. My only fear with giving powerlifting a crack is that I don't want to get fat to be good at it haha.
Short weight-gain update:
July 22 -> August 29
135 lbs -> ~147 lbs

A lot of this could be water weight or something, but I've definitely noticed a difference in my physique/body comp/muscle mass. I've been doing pretty intense workouts with a trainer 3x a week with bodyweight stuff on my own sometimes on other days. The eating part has been the roughest for me... I just don't like eating that much even though I know it is necessary. I've been relying on weight gainer shakes probably more than I should be. The trainer part is expensive, but keeps me motivated. I like having set days/times I have to be at the gym--it keeps me accountable. I'll probably post again in another month or so, hopefully with more progress (although it probably won't be as big; things seem to have slowed down).
Update on this... I got pretty sick with strep in October for three weeks which caused me to drop back down below 140. I've seen gained back what I lost and I'm at about 150. This time it seems to be my "true" weight, and not inflated by whatever it was last time. While my weight hasn't skyrocketed, I've continued to see decent strength gains. When I started, I could squat barely anything, and tonight I did 260 lbs (just one rep after some other squatting). My bench press is around 200 as well. Gonna keep it up!
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Guess I should give my 5 month progress update.

(Estimated 1RMs)
Bench: bar ---> 155 lbs (70 kg)
OHP: bar ---> 110 lbs (50 kg)
Squat: bar ---> 230 lbs (105 kg)
Deadlift: 95 lbs ---> 295 lbs (135 kg)

I think my DLs would be higher, but I fucked up my lat not paying attention to form and that put me out a couple weeks. Have been working myself back up to that PR and paying special attention to form in doing so.

Couple more months doing a lean, clean bulk (~200 cal above TDEE every day) and then the cut begins, as does a complete body transformation!


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Hey guys, so I smoke about a pack a day but I was wondering if there was some shit that I could do that isn't running that gives the same effect? Or something like it

Edit: yeah don't smoke memes
How is everyone doing gym bros? Would be nice to get everyones updates lol Lee Stallion uragg tml xtra$hine

I went back to gym after some looong injury once again lol

Ill need to get back in slowly

Body weight: 59kgs
Squat: went from 95kg back to 70kgs (probably will have to axe this for life man my knees r old lmao)
Deadlift: from 165kgs to 170kgs
Bench: 80kgs to 75kgs

Is there any way to seriously grow your legs without the main compound exercise a.k.a the squat? I got a massive back + traps and tiny twig legs and twig arms man, looks so weird lol.

Also since its winter do any of you guys use anything for your joints in extreme cold weather, my joints r acting up mannnnn :(

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Hey guys, so I smoke about a pack a day but I was wondering if there was some shit that I could do that isn't running that gives the same effect? Or something like it

Edit: yeah don't smoke memes
nah fam... lung capacity is vital to aerobic function which is vital to cardiovascular fitness which is what you usually run for. Same goes for all kinds of cardio. You can still run or do most cardio stuff for maintenance though just don't expect improvements in time or pace.
I quit smoking like three weeks ago but bought another pack of Cigarettes about a few days ago and just finished it off last night.

I'm in such a weird position where I don't know if I want to quit but certainly know I don't depend on cigarettes. It's weird, I don't care for them but I enjoy having them around. They're like company while I'm up late reading or on long rides.
I've been taking sarms (specifically lgd-4033) which is a similar ped to an anabolic steriod. I know this is bad, but i have body dysmorphia so the idea of gaining 10 pounds of lean muscle is enamoring to me.

I know I shouldn't do it but oh well.
I recently beat my PRs on 2 of my big 3 lifts and am adding some BJJ to my other martial arts, which is super exciting for me. This is my first week back in it after a bout with bronchitis too.

Squat: 250 lbs.
Deadlift: 335 lbs.
Bench: 155 lbs.

I want to get a little more strength endurance stuff and core work into my workouts on lifting days.
My girlfriend has started to eat super healthy and walk everywhere, via proximity effect I have also began to eat "healthier" than normal. I walk up stairs instead of using elevators now and I eat actual FRUIT Snacks instead of little gummy fruit snacks when I'm bored.

I've lost like 7 pounds doing literally nothing.

Fitness is EASY.


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I've been taking sarms (specifically lgd-4033) which is a similar ped to an anabolic steriod. I know this is bad, but i have body dysmorphia so the idea of gaining 10 pounds of lean muscle is enamoring to me.

I know I shouldn't do it but oh well.
Nothing wrong with sarms, LGD-4033 is a good choice too.

Some notes and questions though:

If you have body dysmorphia, you will probably struggle a bit when you inevitably drop a little bit of weight post cycle. So maybe on those grounds it isn't the best idea for you.

What's your diet like and how many calories are you eating?


Type of training?

How long are you running it for and what's your planned pct?

SOMALIA currently doing a slow bulk right now cause I get too fat from all out bulking every year, and I move and look sloppy as a result. Sitting around 90kgs and am eating around 3000 calories a day. I don't have full on abs, but my stomach does look noticeably better than last year. I got incredibly strong last year but part of that was a product of the fact I was 5-6 kilos heavier than I am now. I would love to break those bench marks and do it without getting too fat in the process.
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So anyone who knows me well knows I've had some substance issues in my past. This year I've managed to be almost 2 months clean from everything since the 5th Jan and I'm goin strong. I've coupled this with getting back to the gym and trying to gain some mass. At my absolute min I was just under 65 kgs at 188cm, and right now I am about 75 kgs. I'm looking to reach 90 kgs as my goal weight. Here is a pretty recent pic of me for some perspective.

(I know my face is in a million other places on this site but I'm not posting a topless pic which includes it)

Trying to keep to a 4000 calorie/day IIFYM diet because I am a fucking ectomorph supreme. I hit the gym every other day and alternate muscle group workouts. Currently can bench 70-80 kgs for a few sets of 6-8 depending on how I am feeling, and squat 90 kgs for a few sets. Most stuff I do in general is with free weights tho. Well yeah anyway, to guys who've had success with weight gain/bulking in the past, what tips/advice do you have?


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It's okay I'll post a shirtless selfie with my face in it Triangles. FYI guys I'm in the middle of a lean bulk for a change with a smaller surplus, and am loving the fact that I'm noticing size gains without losing all stomach definition.

In regards to your above query Triangles, you're definitely doing the right thing. May I ask what your macro split is though? Iifym is great (as long as you're not making a large portion of your carbs sugar, or a large portion of your fats trans fat), but the macros themselves are important so I'm curious to see them. I'd weigh yourself every week, same time of the day, empty stomach and bladder and naked. If your weight gain stagnates for say, 2 weeks, that's where you up your calories. The body can only build a certain amount of muscle at once, so you don't want to put on anything insane. Probably no more than 0.5 kg a week is a good rate to minimise fat gain. Also keep squatting, benching, deadlifting and overhead pressing, they'll add the most mass onto your frame in the shortest time.
Yo thanks for the advice Stallion . Currently I'm ideally getting in 175g protein, 85g fats, and like 450g carbs/day more or less. That's alongside a very active training setup/lifestyle. My protein sources are usually chicken thighs, ground turkey or beef, salmon, tuna, eggs, and whey supplements. For fat I tend to eat a lot of nuts (cashews/walnuts/almonds), drink a couple cups of whole milk every day, and sometimes cheese and ice cream. For carbs, I go with rice and pasta, potato and sweet potato, and I tend to eat porridge or muesli at breakfast. I also eat a lot of fruit and drink fruit juice which is prob not great for contributing to my carb intake tho. I keep my micros pretty well cuz I eat vegetables with most meals. I'd say I eat junk food once a week or so. And yeah it is early days in terms of weight gain, it has been going pretty well this last couple months and I will be careful about adjusting the macros and keeping it controlled.


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Bump for body scan results taken a year apart to the day. In the last 52 weeks, there were about 14 weeks of strict dieting. There was about 3 weeks after that that were a free for all in America. 14 weeks this year where I haven't been on a strict diet but I've been watching what I eat and making better choices. And 20 weeks where I was eating everything in sight to get bigger and stronger, but with zero regard for my waist.

The result is a massive net improvement, having gained close to 8kg of muscle (17.6lbs) while having lost over 7% body fat during the same time period.

This is with a sub par diet for half that duration too, so while I'm sitting here feeling pleasantly surprised with how far I've come, I also know I've got a lot of improvement left in me.

My athleticism is at an all time high right now as well, I'm finally making inroads into being the perfect blend of strength and speed. For reference, I'm attempting 48 inch box jumps for 3 reps next week after doing 42 inches comfortably this week. I've also go an nfl style combine held by my football club this week which I'm very excited for.

My goals for the next calendar year are to get to around 10-12% body fat (any leaner and it's detrimental for contact sport), with my lean muscle mass increasing along with my athleticism over that period.

How's everyone else been doing?


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how have you all been, loves?
I know i have been absent most of the time, and i def owe you all multiple (fitness)updates, but there is one issue that is more pressing.

Summer is coming. are you ready?
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