Heavy Hyper Offensive Offense!


Heavy Hyper Offensive Offense!
Nobody ever reads introductions lol, so I'll keep this one short.
When Cresselia finally left RU, I could enjoy it again. I built a team with the help of this post by Limitless, and the
first "draft" of the team I made to test was very effective. I've made numerous changes since then, and I'm pretty proud of this team now.
Moltres, Sceptile, Crawdaunt, and even Kabutops together make a solid Fire/Water/Grass core and a Wallbreaker/Wallbreaker/Sweeper core.
Aerodactyl is a great lead with its fast Taunt, and Pinsir is absolutely phenomenal in RU; one of the best scarfed cleaners in the game imo.

I guess Aerodactyl was the first pokemon on the team, I chose him because of his blazing speed and ability to shut down common leads like Uxie.

Entei was next, a powerful wallbreaker and revenge killer with a Choice Band, plus great all-around stats.

Sceptile is just like Entei, it sweeps unprepared teams and breaks walls to help another pokemon sweep.

Setup Sweeper
Now I needed a Pokemon that benefits from having walls broken, and Crawdaunt is a textbook example. It also completes the FWG core between Entei and Sceptile.

Sandslash, everyone's favorite spinner! He removes hazards to help my team, namely Entei, and can even sweep and break through spinblockers with Swords Dance.

Choice Scarf
Everybody knows that every good team, especially in RU, needs a Scarfer. I opted for the great Scarf + Moxie combination with Pinsir. Pinsir's job is simply to clean up with X-Scissor or Earthquake late-game.

Special Attacker
In case you haven't noticed yet, my team was all physical attackers. This was bad. Magmortar is a great wallbreaker with Choice Specs, better than Entei. I also changed Sceptile from a Swords Dance set to a special set.

There is a reason Moltres is used more than Magmortar, it is better.

Medicham has more power and better typing than Pinsir.

Kabutops is better than Sandslash, it has Foresight and complements Moltres and my team better.

Gah! Medicham isn't as good as you think. Pinsir is once again a teammate.
This is how the team was when I posted this.

As good as Crawdaunt is, Druddigon is better at tearing apart weakened teams.

Aerodactyl isn't very good on this team, Taunt is unneeded because of Kabutops. Piloswine helps take hits and counter hail.

Uxie takes hits better than Piloswine and can counter any weather with Sunny Day.

Magneton is much more helpful than I thought it would be, and hail isn't really a problem anyway.

Goddamn, finding a Pokemon for this spot is hard. Next try was the queen of RU, Nidoqueen! What could go wrong!

Up Close

Nidoqueen @ Life Orb
Sheer Force
4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd (Modest)

Stealth Rock | Earth Power | Fire Blast | Thunderbolt

Nidoqueen is a great Pokemon, #1 in RU, and it fits on this team nicely as it can set up Stealth Rock and force a lot of switches. It also has great typing and a great movepool, when combined with Sheer Force it makes Nidoqueen great. Earth Power is reliable STAB, Fire Blast hits Grass and Steel-types, and Thunderbolt hits Flying and Water-types. The EVs make Nidoqueen fast and powerful.

Moltres @ Life Orb
252 SAtk / 252 Spd / 4 Def (Timid)

Fire Blast | Hurricane | Hidden Power Grass | Roost

Moltres stands as one of the best special attackers in the tier, with only 8 Pokemon that aren't 2HKOed by its mighty Fire Blast, which is the main move here, it destroys almost any switch-in. Hurricane is a great new move that helps Moltres get through Slowking and damage Fighting-types more, and HP Grass takes out Water-types and Rhydon. Roost helps Moltres stay alive for longer, and allows it to heal off Stealth Rock damage if Kabutops is dead or something. Whenever I can find a safe way to switch in Moltres, that is my top priority. Things like Probopass and Steelix need to be taken care of, and Druddigon and Sceptile completely ravage enemy teams when physical walls are gone.

Sceptile @ White Herb
200 Spd / 252 SAtk / 58 HP (Timid)

Leaf Storm | Focus Blast | Hidden Power Rock | Synthesis

Sceptile is the best, if not second best Pokemon in RU. I don't even have to say 'in my opinion' because we all know how beastly this thing is. Special Choice sets are the most common to see, and the White Herb allows Sceptile to fire off not one, but two full power Leaf Storms, which is very scary. It also allows me to bluff a choice set, which is cool. The best part is that, after the White Herb is used, Unburden activates and Sceptile instantly outspeeds the entire metagame. I originally had a Swords Dancing Sceptile with Acrobatics, but my team needed more Special Attack, and I find this set just as good. Aside from Leaf Storm, this Sceptile carries Focus Blast for Steel-types and HP Rock for Fire-types (Moltres). Synthesis heals Sceptile, and is much more reliable than Giga Drain. The Smogon analysis puts 196 EVs into Speed, and mine outspeeds that by one point.

Kabutops @ Lum Berry
Weak Armor
252 Spd / 252 Atk / 4 HP (Adamant)

Swords Dance | Stone Edge | Aqua Jet | Rapid Spin

Kabutops is the best offensive spinner in RU, and with Swords Dance it can set up and start firing off Stone Edges and Waterfalls, which 2HKO almost the whole tier, including all Ghosts that try and spinblock. This is the reason I don't run Foresight, Kabutops 2HKOes Spiritomb and Dusknoir, the bulkiest ghosts in the tier. Kabutops has great synergy with the team, namely Moltres, as it can take Rock-type moves and can remove Stealth Rocks. Moltres can also take the Grass and Ground type moves aimed at Kabutops, and can KO any threats.

Druddigon @ Life Orb
Rough Skin
252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SAtk (Brave)

Outrage | Earthquake | Sucker Punch | Flamethrower

Crawdaunt is a very powerful Pokemon, but it needs boosts and teamwork to work properly. Druddigon is great because it is strong, bulky, and can rip through weakened teams easily. With Moltres and Sceptile taking care of the strong Steels and physical walls, Druddigon can switch in and rip a team apart while the opponent scrambles to find something that can stand up to a boosted Outrage. Outrage causes the most damage here, and is my go-to move for killing weakened Pokemon. Earthquake and Flamethrower provide coverage and take care of Steel-types, and Sucker Punch lets me bypass Druddigon's low Speed. The EVs make Druddigon a surprisingly bulky sweeper that hits like a truck and a half.
Yeah, I know the picture is a Choice Band. I'm just to lazy to change it.

Pinsir @ Choice Scarf
252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 HP (Jolly)

X-Scissor | Close Combat | Earthquake | Stone Edge

Pinsir is a gigantic threat to any shoddy team. If I see the whole enemy team is weak to one of Pinsir's attacks, I can lead with him and net an easy 6-0. Choice Scarf allows Pinsir to outspeed almost every relevant threat, including any Sceptile set. Bug is a great offensive type, and if something resists X-Scissor, Superpower and the EdgeQuake combo can take it out. I honestly used to think Medicham was a better Scarfer that Pinsir, but boy was I wrong. Pinsir is faster and has a higher attack stat after one Moxie boost! My strategy with Pinsir is to wait until there are 3 or 4 weakened pokemon left on the field, then unleash it.


Magneton @ Eviolite
Trait: Magnet Pull
EVs: 252 Def / 156 HP / 100 Spd
Bold Nature
- Substitute
- Thunderbolt
- Hidden Power [Fighting]
- Thunder Wave

Moltres @ Life Orb
Trait: Pressure
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature
- Fire Blast
- Hurricane
- Roost
- Hidden Power [Grass]

Sceptile (M) @ White Herb
Trait: Unburden
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 SAtk / 4 HP
Modest Nature
- Leaf Storm
- Focus Blast
- Hidden Power [Rock]
- Giga Drain

Druddigon (M) @ Choice Band
Trait: Rough Skin
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 HP / 4 Def
Adamant Nature
- Outrage
- Earthquake
- Sucker Punch
- Rock Slide

Kabutops (M) @ Lum Berry
Trait: Swift Swim
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature
- Swords Dance
- Stone Edge
- Aqua Jet
- Rapid Spin

Pinsir (M) @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Moxie
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature
- X-Scissor
- Close Combat
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge

This is a match where I made some good plays and some bad plays.
It is meant to show how the team plays and how I use it.
When I have time I will make a written version with commentary.
Threat List

  • Swords Dance: Craw dodges Sucker Punches with Sub and can KO with Waterfall, he fears Superpower though. Definitely a top threat.
  • All-Out Attacker: ^
  • Offensive: More of a threat than it should be, Moltres handles sets without HP Rock
  • Spikes Lead: Aero can Taunt even though he is slower; Stone Edge KOes
  • Life Orb: Sceptile & Crawdaunt can take its attacks and KO
  • SR Lead: My Aero is one point faster
  • Rock Polish: Sceptile or Aero Taunt
  • Choice Band: Sceptile or Moltres OHKO Rock Head sets
  • SubPunch: ^
  • Acrobatics: Sceptile or Moltres activate Defeatist easily
  • Choice: ^
  • Substitute + Swords Dance: Sceptile Focus Blast, NOT LEAF STORM! lol
  • Choice Band: ^
  • SD / Sub + 3 Atks: ^
  • Choice: A joke if SR is up; outsped & KOed
  • Sunny Day:^
  • Dragon Dance: Sceptile
  • Choice Band: ^
  • Shell Smash: Sceptile can KO with HP Rock, this is more of a threat than it should be though
  • Bulky Swords Dance: Aero can Taunt and EQ, Moltres hurts it
  • All-Out Attacker: ^
  • Offensive Swords Dance: ^
  • Physical Attacker: This thing is really good, Sceptile and Moltres should at least weaken it
  • Hone Claws: Moltres
  • Mixed Attacker: Aero and Sceptile outspeed
  • Physical Attacker: ^
  • Physical Attacker: Crawdaunt
  • Substitute + Calm Mind: ^
  • Dragon Dance: Sceptile and Crawdaunt scare it
  • Swords Dance: ^
  • Bulky Swords Dance: Sceptile and Moltres should work
  • Bulk Up: ^
  • Offensive Swords Dance: ^
  • Life Orb: Moltres
  • Choice: ^
  • Choice Specs: Crawdaunt can set up
  • SubPunch: Sceptile KOes
  • Choice Band: ^
  • Rock Polish: ^
  • Shell Smash: Fears Sceptile, Craw sets up
  • Guts: Moltres Hurricane
  • Bulk Up: ^
  • SubPunch: ^
  • Life Orb: Moltres
  • Bulk Up: ^
  • Unburden: A threat, taken care of by Moltres
  • Reversal: ^ even more of a threat
  • Reckless: ^
  • Substitute + Nasty Plot: Moltres destroys it with Dry Skin, Craw sets up
  • Special Attacker: ^
  • Choice Scarf: ^
  • Offensive Spinner: Sceptile scares it away
  • Rain Sweeper: ^
  • Choice Band: ^
  • Shift Gear: Moltres spooks it
  • Quiver Dance: Again, Moltres scares it
  • Belly Drum: lol anything really
  • Rain Special: Rain makes Hurricane 100% accurate biatch!
  • Steel Killer: I don't have any steels, Moltres KOes
  • Choice: ^
  • Choice Scarf: Outspeeds everything. Electric+Fire hurts my whole team. Sceptile or Moltres hopefully can deal with it
  • Choice Specs: ^
  • Special Attacker: ^
  • Choice Scarf: Sceptile kills it
  • Offensive: ^
  • Choice Band: ^
  • Calm Mind: Aero Taunt
  • Choice: Crawdaunt KOes
  • Offensive Trick Room: TR sucks, Crawdaunt should KO
  • Life Orb: Kabutops owns this thing
  • Choice: ^
  • Special Attacker: Sceptile & Moltres scare it
  • Shell Smash: Sceptile
  • SubPunch: Sceptile and Moltres
  • Swift Swim + Belly Drum: ^
  • Choice Scarf: Moltres
  • Life Orb: ^
  • Rock Polish: Sceptile
  • Choice Scarf: Sceptile
  • Substitute + Pain Split: Craw sets up without Electric moves
  • Choice Scarf: Sceptile and Moltres
  • Choice Specs: ^
  • Offensive Pivot: ^
  • SubSplit: ^
  • Choice Scarf: ^
  • Swords Dance: Sceptile
  • Special Stallbreaker: ^
  • Swords Dance: Sceptile KOes w/ Focus Blast; NOT LEAF STORM! lol also Moltres
  • Baton Pass: ^
  • Choice Band: ^
  • Special Attacker: Aero, Moltres, or my Sceptile
  • Swords Dance: ^
  • Mixed Unburden: ^
  • Spikes + 3 Attacks: Aero Taunt & EQ or Moltres
  • Swords Dance: Moltres
  • Offensive Swords Dance: Stealth Rocks, Kabutops
  • Choice: ^
  • Bulky Swords Dance: ^
  • Offensive Life Orb: Hard to hurt this thing, Kabutops can Stone Edge
  • Focus Sash: lol snover
  • All-Out Attacker: Moltres or Sceptile, Crawdaunt easily sets up
  • Calm Mind: ^
  • Choice Band: Not a threat out of sand, Sceptile KOes
  • Choice: Kabutops or Craw
  • Sunny Day: ^
  • Special Growth: Moltres or Sceptile
  • Mixed Growth: ^
  • Stallrein: Sceptile, Craw sets up

  • Wish: Sceptile can hurt it, Craw sets up
  • Specially Defensive: Craw or Kabutops set up
  • Hazards: Aero Taunt
  • Specially Defensive: Any physical blow
  • Specially Defensive: Aero EQ or Craw or Kabu
  • Parashuffler: This thing sucks, Moltres and Sceptile weaken it for Craw
  • Tank: Set up fodder
  • Physically Defensive: Moltres lol
  • Defensive Pivot: Sceptile
  • RestTalk: ^
  • Parafusion: ^
  • Leech Seed: Moltres Hurricane, Sceptile hurts it
  • Specially Defensive: Kabutops sets up & KOes
  • Weather Support: Aero Taunt
  • Mootility: Taunt. Sceptile, Moltres, anything really
  • RestTalk (Special Phazer): Kabu or Craw
  • Hazards: Sceptile
  • RestTalk (Physical Phazer):Moltres or Sceptile
  • Physical Wall: Sceptile
  • Curse: ^
  • Utility (Physically Defensive): Aero Taunt, Sceptile
  • Tank: Sceptile
  • Sunny Day: Sceptile
  • Tank: Sceptile
  • Spikes: Aero Taunt or Moltres
  • Rapid Spin: Eveything except Moltres
  • Cosmic Power: shit. ummmm... Kabutops can Stone Edge
  • Defensive: Sceptile can hurt it, Craw sets up
  • Bulky: >snover >bulky ... pick one lol
  • Defensive: Craw or Kabu set up, anything else hurts it
  • Physically Defensive: Sceptile
  • Defensive Derp: Sceptile
  • Tank: Moltres
  • Bulky Pivot: Aero Taunt, Pinsir and Craw KO
  • Dual Screens: ^
  • TrickScarf: ^
  • Weather Support: ^
  • Prankster Pinsir KOes and activates Moxie, Moltres KOes
Hi. I'm a newcomer to rating (& the forums in general), so if my comments are a little off do bear with me.

You're probably aware of it, as evidenced in the threatlists, but opposing Druddigon, especially Banded ones, threaten this team significantly. Barring crits, no single attack can drop it, and it can retaliate with a boosted Outrage, which will net it at least one (if you're not careful perhaps 2) KOs on your team. This problem is compounded when Druddigon is played on opposing offensive teams, where it can be paired with other mons such (Flying Gem) Unburden Sceptile running Rock Slide as its coverage move. These Sceptile, provided they activate Unburden safely, can run roughshod over the team, especially immediately after an assault from the aforementioned Druddigon. Sceptile running HP Rock might be a minor issue too, although Pinsir can come in in the event it does land a surprise KO and revenge with a Moxie X-Scissor, gaining you momentum from there (especially late-game) so that's largely moot, lol.

A Druddigon of your own might alleviate the above issue; it's a decent check to Sceptile and a threat to virtually any team without a Steel type. This leads me to suggest replacing Crawdaunt with (Banded) Druddigon; Crawdaunt is a beast that can tear your opponent a new one at a moment's notice, but looking at your team structure, it seems the most dispensible, and Druddigon can assume most of its roles and more (such as being a better check to Absol, perhaps). Also, your Fire/Water/Grass core can still be preserved in Moltres/Kabutops/Sceptile.

I would also suggest running Spin + 3 attacks Kabutops, replacing Swords Dance with Aqua Jet. Given Kabutops's speed, you might be hard-pressed to get in a Swords Dance + sweep successfully with it (regularly, that is); on the other hand an Aqua Jet off 120 base Attack can pick off weakened Entei, Galvantula, and other frail/weakened offensive mons that might be situational threats to the team.

Otherwise I think this is a good, solid team. Good luck & luvdisc'd.
(i like that you're using Pinsir, agreed that it punishes shoddily made teams soundly, which is always satisfying)
(again, do bear with me if my comments don't resonate with you ^^')
Hi. This looks like a pretty cool offensive team, and Pinsir is indeed very good. However, there are a couple of weaknesses.

The main weakness I see is a weakness to electric types. Manectric, Galvantula and even Rotom all pose a huge threat, as your only resist is Sceptile, and that is either weak to galvantula's bug buzz or manectric's overheat, and takes large damage from volt switch anyway due to it's terrible defences. Hail also looks like a major problem, namely Rotom-F, as it can easily 6-0 you at the moment if it is the Choice Scarf variant.

Therefore, I recommend running Pilsowine over Aerodactyl, and Druddigon over Crawdaunt. Although Aerodactyl's speed is appreciated, Pilsoswine trades this speed for much better bulk and the ability to counter a large amount of threats throughout the match, namely rotom-frost, glaceon and the ability to check a huge array of offensive threats thanks to it's excellent bulk and typing, such as Kabutops, Moltres and even Nidoqueen. Taunt support from aerodactyl is not all that important to stop rocks from being set-up, as you have kabutops from gettind rid of hazards.

Druddigon meanwhile is an excellent anti-metagame mon, thanks to it's ability to counter the common FWG cores. It too serves as a nice check to Nidoqueen(you can never have enough), and can use its powerful outrage to hammer the opponent. Druddigon synergises excellently with Moltres as well, as they destroy each other's counters(namely tangrowth and steelix for drudd, and lanturn for druddigon).

That Kabutops set also seems a little bit out of place IMO. The optimal set is Aqua Jet over Waterfall, as Kabutops needs it to revenge kill weakned moltres. You can't 1HKO Nidoqueen with a +0 Waterfall with Lum Berry anyway.

Here are the sets and a summary of changes:
Druddigon @ Choice Band
Trait: Sheer Force
EVs: 236 HP / 252 Atk / 20 Spd
Adamant Nature
- Outrage
- Fire Punch
- Sucker Punch
- Earthquake

Piloswine @ Eviolite
Trait: Thick Fat
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 Def
Adamant Nature
- Earthquake
- Ice Shard
- Stone Edge
- Stealth Rock

Crawdaunt ---> Druddigon
Aerodactyl ---> Piloswine
Waterfall on Kabutops ---> Aqua Jet

Hope I helped and GL!
Hey guys, thanks for the rate!

Since you both suggested Druddigon, I knew it would be a good choice, but after reading the Smogon analysis, wow, this thing would be great on this team. If I am going to use it as a setup sweeper to demolish teams mid to late-game, I might ditch the Choice Band, but I'll test both that and the LO Hone Claws set and see how it goes.
EDIT- Yeah, nah, Hone Claws doesn't work. Choice Band is the best.

With Craw gone, I definitely need to improve Kabutops set, as you both said. I don't want to drop Swords Dance, because that is how Kabutops works on this team, and it allows him to strike down spinblockers. I will use Aqua Jet over Waterfall, as like you said, it helps pick off weakened Moltres, Nidoqueen, etc. It also works very well with Swords Dance.

I'm putting Uxie in instead of Piloswine, because it takes hits just as good, if not better than Piloswine, and it can completely shut down weather teams with Sunny Day or Rain Dance. I gave it Sunny Day because it stops opposing Hail and Rain teams, and Sunny Day benefits my team a bit.

The OP will be updated in a bit.
I wouldn't use the Hone Claws set-Druddigon is much better when punching huge holes in the opponent's team straight away, and it really doesn't need a turn of set-up. You could try using a mixed set, with a LO and Flamethrower over Fire Punch. Even with an Adamant nature, Flamethrower 2HKO's Tangrowth, steelix and ferroseed with ease, and because of sheer force you don't get any LO recoil.
hi there;

This is a pretty good team and the advice you have already improves it a lot. I just have a couple of minor suggestions that should help you out. Firstly, your Sceptile set is rather inefficient. While Synthesis is a more reliable method of healing than Giga Drain, it does no damage. Because of Sceptile's frailty, he will very rarely get a chance to recover (for risk of being OHKOd). He would much rather spend the time attacking - therefore, I'm gonna suggest replacing Synthesis with Giga Drain. Also, his complete lack of bulk means your HP EVs aren't doing a whole lot. I'd recommend just using 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd to outrun all Jolly Cinccino and tie with opposing Sceptile.

Having 4 HP EVs on Pinsir actually messes up his HP stat so he can only switch into Stealth Rock three times without dying. If you change the spread to 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spd he can come in four times and survive with 1 HP.

Just a few little things, hope I helped.
Hey, thanks for the advice. I'm definitely adjusting Pinsir, idk how I overlooked that.
About the Sceptile, I put some thought into Giga Drain, and I actually changed my mind as I was typing this and had to go back and edit the post. lol. I am going to run Giga Drain, mostly because it gives me a reliable way to attack without using up the White Herb. The reason I would have declined would have been because Synthesis recovers 100% in the sun, and Uxie has Sunny Day. But I am currently pondering replacing Uxie with Magneton to help get rid of Steels. I also could run Rain Dance instead to get the same result, blocking hail. I am also changing the EVs.
Thanks for the rate!


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Hiya Golgi,

I was planning on making a team similar to this also utilizing Choice Scarf Pinsir, it's a great Pokemon! The team has gotten good rates so far, so I'll point out the smaller details.

I feel that Life Orb Druddigon is really beneficial for you. With Life Orb, your attacks are still boosted, and you can utilize Fire Blast or Flamethrower to take out Steelix or Tangrowth, both of which could take a hit from Pinsir. Also, with Sheer Force ability it doesn't take recoil damage.

Kabutops can be more efficient. Adamant is the nature of choice for Kabutops, which boosts his attack even further. The Speed loss isn't too big as it already has Aqua Jet to hit Pokemon faster than it. Also, opposing offensive Pokemon will have a hard time dealing with it due to the power behind a boosted-Aqua Jet. Also, Weak Armor is a the preferable ability, thanks to the Speed boost, which also means Adamant is the nature of choice. With Weak Armor, Kabutops can switch into Entei's Flare Blitz and get the Speed boost, and weak U-turns too, for example.

Good luck!

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