Heil King Victini! (Peaked #22)

Heil King Victini!
By Dragonfruit


*PLEASE READ THIS HOMIES* Ayo wassup it's ya boi Dragonfruit with another hail team. Sorry to the people who I stole my format from. I like it. Thanks to Starbanger for the art, it's good. Aight so we all know the spiel. Black and White 2 came with many new toys for all sorts of teams, but I stayed true to my hail. I don't fucking stray from my morals. I don't give in to that rain shit. Aye so yeah, you can probably tell the team is based around Victini. Not only Victini tho. A Volt-Turn core with Victini and Rotom-W. As yall may know, Victini is pretty much ruined by that retarded ass Politoed and Rotom-W is boned by Sun. Both can be used on a sand team, but I dont want any of that Stoutland shit and I dont want my victim opponent to have it either. Pretty much nobody uses hail and everyone uses other weather, so its pretty cool to say "yeah, fuck you" to their weather. Also, Abomasnow creates a Fire-Water-Grass core with Victini and Rotom and makes sure they can use their powerful ass moves without worrying about other weather.


The Ladder Score


In Summary

So basically how it happened was I needed a rapid spinner so I added Starmie. Then I added Genesect because it's a fucking Genesect and it's good. Then I addded Terrakion because it's a powerful ass mofo and can just Close Combat the living shit out of everything. And yeah thats what the team looks like.

Here's how the team works: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/oucurrent4477153 (vs alexwolf)


In Depth

Ability: Snow Warning​
EVs: 144 HP | 252 Atk | 112 Spd​
Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -SAtk)
Moveset: Wood Hammer | Ice Shard | Earthquake | Ice Punch

This is my man right here, we homies, we chill, we good. His Choice Band set is easily the best in Black and White 2 only because all his other ones are way too slow and boring. The stally Leech Seed set is slow and Genesect bones it. The Expert Belt set is fine and all, but powerful Ice Shards pretty much pwn everything and are important with Latias and Therians runnin all over the damn place. Wood Hammer is just so powerful and smashes everything boom easy. Earthquake is for Heatran and Ninetales which makes winning the weather war just so much easier. Ice Punch is his secondary powerful STAB and just shits all over Latias which doesnt even take half from an Ice Shard. It's also useful for just hitting things without worrying about recoil. Abomasnow? More like AbomaSLOW. I see no point in using a lot of speed on this slow ass mofo, so I just gave it enough to outspeed most Magnezone and Politoed so I can shake dat earth or hammer dat wood on either. I had extra EVs, so I put it in HP. This way, my homie can take some hits.


Ability: Victory Star
EVs: 252 Atk | 4 SDef | 252 Spd
Nature: Jolly (+Spd, -SAtk)
Moveset: U-turn | V-create | Fusion Bolt | Zen Headbutt

Victini is the first part of my Volt-Turn core with Rotom, and is definitely the MVP of the team. V-create is just so amazingly powerful even without sun and manages to force a ton of switches. Victini is my cute lil 'G all up in this team, and is irreplaceable. U-turn is a great move especially on my V because it gains a ton of momentum throughout battles. It even manages to force Genesect out first turn, so I generally start battles on some strong footing. Fusion Bolt shits all over rain teams since they rarely have something to resist both V-create and Fusion Bolt. Ferrothorn? Die nig. Politoed? Die (BAN ME PLEASE). Tornadus-T? You dead all up in this shit. Thundurus-T? Do you really want to take a V-create? You aint that real man. Keldeo? Are you ready to face my ass of zen? That reminds me: Zen Headbutt is the shit. I don't know why these nigs be running Brick Break all up in this because ZenButt is where it's @. It resists Fighting. Use a Psychic type move to kill it. Simple as that. Need a powerful STAB without ruining your stats? Look in front of you. Aight so Victini does more than attack tho. It resist both fire and fighting aimed at Abomasnow and is a super reliable check to Breloom since it resists both its moves. It also takes grass moves aimed at Rotom, creating an offensive yet defensive core ALONG WITH a Volt-Turn core. How's that for a mindfuck? Too good. SWAG. EVs are standard. It's also pretty reliable against Volcarona since V-create OHKOs offensive ones 100% of the time.


Ability: Levitate
EVs: 108 HP | 252 SAtk | 148 Spd
IVs: 30 Atk | 30 Def
Nature: Modest (+SAtk, -Atk)
Moveset: Volt Switch | Hydro Pump | Trick | Hidden Power [Ice]

Rotom Washing Machine is my home dog. He takes a stanky dump all over sand and rain and proves to be a perfect partner for little V Victini. With some swagged out spectacles and a sexy Modest nature, this thing can hit HARD. I assure you nothing wants to switch into a Specs Volt Switch or Hydro Pump. Hydro Pump is just monstrous in power, OHKOing pretty much every little bitch that isn't a special wall. It resists fire for Abomasnow and ground/water for little V Victini. Easily rain's worst nightmare against hail especially. Sand too worships the stubby legs of this as it obliterates every water weak Pokemon in its path. It's also slower than Genesect, meaning I get switch priority first turn if they U-turn out. Rotom's always been one strong mofo, but in Black and White 2 along with Victini, it's a prize threat. HP Ice is for those retarded hax-gods that think they can set up Subs with Gliscor on Rotom hoping for Hydro Pump misses. Well that and it also hits Dragon/Grass which resist its STABs. Trick is to piss off stallers, especially that bitch Chansey. EVs are standard as balls. I outspeed Tentacruel, Gliscor, and Adamant Breloom. Then I have HP to live some shit since Rotom's got some good bulk.


Ability: Natural Cure
EVs: 4 Def | 252 SAtk | 252 Spd
Nature: Timid (+Spd, -Atk)
Moveset: Rapid Spin | Surf | Blizzard | Psyshock

A natural born star, Starmie works its way up to the top of its industry. It provides much needed support for my Fire-Water-Grass/Volt-Turn core since both Abomasnow and Victini are Stealth Rock weak. It's also another fire resist so I can switch into Ninetales as much as I want since I have a grand total of 4. It's also another fighting resist, which is much appreciated with all these dumbfuck Brelooms running around (nigs... Focus Sash Breloom is trash. It's easy to kill. All it does is put something to sleep and die. Please stop using it. You might as well use a fukin Parasect that can at least take hits. I dont have to worry about Fight Gem or Life Orb's raw power, so I guess I should thank you instead LMFAO). Yeah so anyway, Starmie is the best spinner imo because of Deoxys-D + Gengar, which Starmie disposes of ezpz lemon squeezy good bye fuck off ghost type. That's why I run Psyshock. Aight so I run Blizzard for Lati@s, Dragonite, Celebi, and other flying types like Thundurus or whatever. Its strong as hell. Come on, 120 BP? How can you pass that shit up? Surf got some of that standard shit. Scald is weak as balls and Hydro Pump fuckin loves to miss, so I use the best of both worlds GOT THAT HANNAH MONTANA UP IN HERE. MILEY CYRUS STARMIE GONN' SPIN YOUR SHIT. Its got some good synergy with the team and kills a lot of stuff, so it's p important. EVs are also standard. Outspeed everything YOLO. I wanna outspeed other Starmie, Azelf, and Raikou in situations that call for it, so I dont care about that "hurrr outspeed Latios" spiel. Plus I don't use Recover so it's not like I need to take 1% less from every attack LOL. Leftovers so it doesn't get worn down by hail and recoil. You gotta attack it to kill it. Yo also the 4 Def EVs give Genesect a SAtk boost so it can't kill me with U-turn. Then I can go into like Abomasnow to take a Thunderbolt or U-turn but I don't die.


Ability: Download
EVs: 136 HP | 252 SAtk | 4 SDef | 116 Spd
Nature: Modest (+SAtk, -Atk)
Moveset: Rock Polish | Flamethrower | Blizzard | Giga Drain

My own cute 'lil Genesect spread ©Dragonfruit. Everyone and their bitch is using Rock Polish Genesect because it's just a monster. It's good. It's broken. Exactly why I'm using it. It's this team's only setup sweeper and probably the only one needed. Aight lemme explain the EVs n shit. I wanted maximum power to blow everything up and win, so obviously I have 252 SAtk and Modest. Now here's the cute part: after a Rock Polish, the EVs I have allow me to outspeed Scarf Latios (who the fuk uses a Scarf on anything faster?). Then I have some in HP so some annoying nigs dont be killing me. 4 SDef gives other Genesect an Attack boost, which is useful if it's a rain team and they use Bug Buzz over Flamethrower. Expert Belt over Life Orb so my own hail + recoil won't kill me. Blizzard is insanely powerful and gets some kills that Ice Beam can't, like Gengar. It helps for the loss of power from Life Orb. 120 BP is just too good to pass up on anything that can learn it. I usually win the weather war, but I never miss outside of hail anyway LOL. Ezpz pwn all offense teams. Giga Drain is good since I get hail damage n stuff. Also hits Terrakion, Tyranitar, and Mamoswine. Gotta eat dat delicious HP yum yum all up in here. Bug Buzz like hits nothing either lmao it sucks what can it hit anyway. I said earlier that Victini was the MVP, but Genesect is my win condition most of the time. As long as I get a SAtk boost, GOOD BYE EZPWN EZSWEEP. Don't ban this shit I need it.


Ability: Justified
EVs: 252 Atk | 4 SDef | 252 Spd
Nature: Jolly (+Spd, -SAtk)
Moveset: Close Combat | Stone Edge | Earthquake | X-Scissor

Terrakion is summed up in 1 word: Power. Insane power. Look at that shit. He's using Hyper Beam and it looks powerful as balls and it's SAtk isn't good. That's just how powerful it is. Aight so I always have something to abuse a Volt-Turn core if Victini or Rotom just don't cut it vs the switch in. Rotom lures in special walls like Shansey while Victini lures in stuff like TTar. This way, I can just switchturn out into this monster and fire off powerful shit. Terrakion clobbers so many teams just by clicking a button over and over. It's also a fantastic switch into Genesect and TTar. It breaks stall all by itself and dents balanced teams. It's on this team to provide fast and powerful hits to keep momentum going. After all, in Black and White 2, it's power or LOSE. Once it gets a safe switch-in, you can say good bye to something on an offensive team or say hello to a half-health wall. Everything is standard. I like EQ to kill Toxicroak and Jirachi and X-Scissor to hit Latios/Latias more reliably if they do decide to retardedly switch in. The things aimed at Terrakion like EQ or Mach Punch are handled by my Volt-Turn core of Rotom and Victini. There's no getting past this offensive pressure.


A Final Look

And that's it nigs! I've had great success with this team in BW2, just like my BW1 team that I posted awhile ago (called Snowy Destruction). I like hail mainly because it's badass and counters everyone else's team. I bet people sigh when they see Abomasnow. It's a tough bitch to deal with. Also, Victini is full of swag in and out of sun. It should be used more. If you wanna try out the team, here's the importable:
Abomasnow (M) @ Choice Band Trait: Snow Warning
EVs: 144 HP / 252 Atk / 112 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Wood Hammer
- Ice Shard
- Earthquake
- Ice Punch

Starmie @ Leftovers
Trait: Natural Cure
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Rapid Spin
- Psyshock
- Surf
- Blizzard

Genesect @ Expert Belt
Trait: Download
EVs: 136 HP / 252 SAtk / 4 SDef / 116 Spd
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Rock Polish
- Blizzard
- Giga Drain
- Flamethrower

Terrakion @ Choice Band
Trait: Justified
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Close Combat
- Stone Edge
- X-Scissor
- Earthquake

Rotom-Wash @ Choice Specs
Trait: Levitate
EVs: 108 HP / 252 SAtk / 148 Spd
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Volt Switch
- Hydro Pump
- Trick
- Hidden Power [Ice]

Victini @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Victory Star
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- U-turn
- V-create
- Fusion Bolt
- Zen Headbutt

Victini ezpwn Rock Polish Genesect. Stop whining about that bug.



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Man, this team is awesome. I don't really have much to add, besides that I'm going to try it ASAP. The only thing I feel suggesting is to alter your Genesect EV spread to outspeed Venusaur in Sun (since winning the weather war is always tricky, and you're better be prepared in case you don't), although you'd need quite a bit of EV to do so. A spread of 52 HP / 252 SpA / 204 Spe can do the trick while retaining some bulk. It also gets the jumop on annoying things that may create problems if you can't get off a boost, like Adamant Lucario, Dragonite or Mamoswine.

Good luck, and hope I helped somewhat!
The event starts on the 25th so I think it will be only legal from then on. From what I read on the Victini thread the Lax nature isn't fully confirmed yet.
Man this team is perfect! Best hail team I've ever seen. I do feel like having 4 choice users is kinda scary but its too hard to pick which one to give up, just a thought though. Anyways amazing team and loved the descriptions, lol. Luvdisc'd.


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Your Starmie entry made me laugh

Between Abomasnow's Ice Shard, Scarf V, and Starmie, you have quite a few threats checked well. There is one mon that is not covered by conventional checks and that's Scarf Keldeo. This foul pony literally 2HKOs all of your mons. Rotom-W and Starmie are your only hope, but one Secret Sword and Rotom-W can't switch anymore, and Starmie cannot take 2 Hydro Pumps with minimal defensive investment (okay it can with min damage roll, but then it will die to Hail). Abomasnow tanks HPump like a champ, but not after taking a Secret Sword. Simply put, messing with Scarf Keldeo is risky business for your team, and you really ought to have such a big threat covered better.

I suggest a bulkier Rotom-W spread with Leftovers. Make Rotom-W your bulky pivot for your team that can tank hits and Volt Switch out to your sweepers. I suggest 248 HP / 56 Def / 112 SpA / 92 SpD; Bold Nature. Those defensive investment ensures that Secret Sword and Hydro Pump wont 2HKO after Rocks in Hail and Rain, respectively. Replace Trick with Thunder Wave or Thunderbolt, both crippling to Scarf Keldeo. The former two are nice to cripple CM Latias while TB is a solid option against Water-types that may be troublesome for this team (Abomasnow doesn't like getting burned; Terrakion and Victini are weak to Water; Starmie and Genesect does not hit hard enough).

Finally, please consider Expert Belt on Abomasnow. You seem to favor Abomasnow's bulk (to tank Genesect's U-turns x_x), so I wont tell you to go mixed. However, being choiced-locked into Ice Shard, Wood Hammer, or even Earthquake is one of the easiest way to lose a lot of momentum. With EB, the decrease in power is notable, but the ability to preserve offensive pressure after using Ice Shard, etc makes it all worth it. You can keep Ice Punch for Latias, but Focus Punch is nice to nail Ferrothorn and Scizor hard on the switch. Leech Seed is a nice middle ground, too, sapping health from Latias and Scizor to make their lives a bit harder.

I hope my rate isn't off the mark, and best of success to this boss team!
hey nigs thanks a ton! i had to fukin rewrite this whole thing cus i accidentally clicked the back button man what is this shit

hey homes thanks a lot. it is a fun team and u should definitely give it a test run. tell me how it goes my man. yo anyway i dont really have a reason to change my evs on genesect and i have many reasons why. first of all, if sun is up, then my opponent will most likely still have ninetales alive. think about it. ninetales cannot even be touched by my whole moveset. even if i manage to get a rock polish up against a sun team..... (lol) when sun is up (lol...........) venusaur wont be switching in since 1) it has to be timid to outspeed pretty much every rock polish genesect in existence and 2) theyre obviously just going to switch out to a fire type to take any move they fukin want. timid venusaur is common.. but so is modest. and people arent going to send their venusaur in on a +2 genesect since it obviously outspeeds in the first place... think of common pokemon on sun teams: ninetales, victini, heatran, volcarona, cresselia. all of these can safely switch into and wall my genesect so i highly doubt people will try to outspeed with venusaur not knowing my ev spread. also do the damage calcs with ur suggested spread and my spread for a fight gem breloom... look at the differnce. that can be the difference between a sweep and a fail all to outspeed a risky player's timid venusaur in sun??? i need the extra hp especially cus i get hit by hail and can be worn down quite a bit. i cant kill stoutland either so im not going to set up a rock polish if i see a healthy one so thats out of the question. not investing for any of that especially when i can take a scarf terrakions close combat after hazards and rock polish on it. also for the pokemon you suggested... dragonite mamoswine and lucario. genesect always outspeeds all of them unless ur using my spread so i doubt theyre going to stay in against it. or if they do theyre probably going to use their priority moves to get off damage before they die to take out genesect later. its how games are actually played. thats a thing i see with a lot of team raters they just look at speeds and stuff when in reality the stuff that outspeeds it arent going to stay in anyway. im not sure if they take into account the psyche in a game or not cus that makes a big difference. like is dragonite going to use fire punch on a genesect after it takes hail damage or switch into chansey or what the fuck ever? ummm i pick the second answer because who in their right mind would let a dragonite die so easily. plus very few people even use jolly dragonite. ive also seen a lot more adamant mamoswines too which genesect outspeeds. lucario would just die if it close combatted a normal genesect... but despite what ive said i have to thank you for taking the time 2 rate my team homes! i actually want to thank you for making me list reasons not to outspeed timid venusaur since now i realize i like my set more. so yeah thanks a lot for that nig

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ummm like the person below u said lax nature makes victini increase defense and decrease special defense which 1) makes genesect outspeed and ohko with bug buzz or thunder cus it now gets special attack boosts and 2) makes me a lot slower i cant outspeed scarf genesect, volcarona, deoxysd after a speed drop (vcreate 2shots), and other stuff like jirachi who might be scarf. i lose all that for 30 base power more and less accuracy??? uh no i dont think so.

thanks for the compliment my man. also i dont see a problem with 4 choice users all that happens is that my team is faster and more powerful. plus if someone sends in a check or counter to my pokemon im going to switch out anyway... choiced or not... if i remove the scarf on victini i lose my speed, if i remove the band on terrakion i cant break stall, if i remove the specs on rotom i cant cripple chansey which is an annoying bitch nor can i kill a lot of stuff, if i remove the band on abomasnow i lose out on a lot of ice shard kills like thundurus-t or dragonite and i cant hit anything as hard.... therefore i think choice items are good for this team. and some people use 6 choice items which is still functional just saying

as the prime user of this team i can tell u that ur right scarf keldeo can be a problem but like u said i have things to deal with it. i have starmie, rotom, abomasnow, to resist water and starmie and victini to deal with fighting so predicting is important. i doubt someone is going to hydro pump my abomasnow.... so i can pretty much safely go into victini and uturn out. otherwise theyd risk dying LOL especially when it can be an annoying little shit to the team.

ok about abomasnow im going to definitely try that yeah... well i mean its nice to kill stuff with ice shard like for example thundurus t after some hail damage otherwise abomasnow will die to focus blast and then it becomes harder to take out. same with earthquake which 2hkos genesect after hail so yeah.. expert belt really loses out on a lot of power since earthquake isnt super effective on a lot of stuff. i used to have focus punch on my abomasnow for ferrothorn switches from stuff like politoed but the problem was i couldnt kill ninetales reliably. also the bulk helps me against rotom which can be annoying... not genesect haha. i mean its just a plus that abomasnow can live a genesect uturn.

aye so on rotom i really like specs to be able to kill jellicents that try to recover after they take a volt switch and a lot of stuff. the specs is also my most powerful special move on the team so i kinda need it a lot and yeah i mean trick is rly important for dealing with chansey or other stall pokemon. chansey just switches out of terrakion and victini anyway... and switches into rotom a lot so its nice to be able to take it out without shoving needles up my ass. i may try out leech seed on abomasnow cus it helps with winning the weather war n shit. so ye thanks but that rotom hinders the effectiveness of the team and i have a lot to cover scarf keldeo which almost all my pokemon except genesect and terrakion can cover...

ok well thanks nigs i definitely learned a lot and i hope you did too about the game. peace out
Just a quick question: Why doesnt your team have Stealth Rock? I played with an Uber CCAT team in which hazards were banned. It was very difficult to play.Try replacing either X-Scissor or Earthquake on Terrakion for Stealth Rock.


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Hey Dragonfruit, nice team!

There really isn't much wrong with this team, other than maybe Scarf Keldeo as Pocket pointed out. You mentioned most of your mons can handle it, and while that's true, none of them can switch in more than once, and you have to make risky predicts almost everytime. Not only that, but Keldeo has a pretty easy time coming in, it can come in on Victini, Abomasnow, Terrakion, and pretty much the rest of your team if they are weakened. To be honest, outside of Pocket's suggestions, changing your team too much or making very small suggestions that would help minorly, I don't see a good way to fix this weakness. I guess I'm going to the helping the weakness minorly route.

First of all, Starmie really dosen't need max speed, all that speed only really lets you speed tie with opposing Starmie. This is completely irrelevant because not only is a situation where speed tying with opposing Starmie is both a good idea incredibly rare, but you don't even have anything to hit it for even neutral damage anyway. Because of these reasons, I suggest a spread of 40 HP / 4 Def / 252 SAtk / 212 Spd. With this spread you still outspeed base 110s such as Lati@s, Espeon, and Gengar, while gaining some nice extra bulk. Coincidentally, this spread guarentees you survive 2 Hydro Pumps from Keldeo from any weather other than rain, very slightly mitigating your keldeo problem.

Finally, I really think Quick Attack is superior to X-Scissor on Choice Band Terrakion. Quick Attack is a nice form of priority, and it gives you an emergency answer to sweepers barreling through your team, as well as troublesome faster pokemon like weakened Scarf Keldeo. X-Scissor gives you no real coverage outside of things you already hit with your dual STABs. I know you said you like hitting Lati@s with more accuracy, but it's usually a much better choice to go for the Stone Edge, as it has much better coverage in case thwy switch to something else. I understand X-Scissor does a heap to Celebi, but Celebi, as well as almost everything else that's weak to bug, are alot more rare in this meta due to the prevalence Genesect.

Anyway, I hope this rate helped and GL with the team! Luvdisc'd :)


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Wasss GUUUCCCCCi doe Dragonfruit, this sure is a cool team u got therr.
First of all Victini is OUT HERR and ohkos everything and is generally a great early game thrasher. Band Oboma is tight and vetoes dragons like legislature. Spex Rotomney's usage definitely suggests hes in the 1%. HOWEVER rp lando poses a huge threat to the team once the president gets assassinated, which is pretty likely with the sand threats running around like the Tarliban and Terrorakion. Starmie being pursuitable doesnt help either. Therefore, i would suggest making Rotom the standard middle class sp def variant to serve as a more reliable pivot and check lando better (albeit not 100%). That way you have 1 hard check and 1 emergency counter to something that would sweep your team otherwise. That also remedies your tiny sub gyarados weakness, since i doubt you'd want to lose coverage on starmie with tbolt. Otherwise the team is ballin out here, so PROPS yo this here be givvin ninjas problems.

edit: o yea vic is scarfed right so its good lategame too! hehe
Also, rotom helps v keld once starmie gets pursuited, since starmie has no recovery it relieves pressure.


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Congratulations to Dragonfruit for winning RMT of the Week!

Anyone who has rated / rates this team will get a point that counts towards RMT of the Week rewards.

This will remain the RMT of the Week until Wednesday, November 28th.


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This is a pretty solid team and there are very few weaknesses. Like other users have pointed out, Scarf Keldeo looks a bit troubling to face. Your team also lacks Stealth Rocks. The second is a pretty crucial thing in this metagame, and its often best to put it on your team, even if you don't always use it. Its always nice to have the possibility of laying rocks down, and for this reason I would suggest putting Stealth Rock > Earthquake on Scarf Terrakion. Without changing your Pokemon, which I would be opposed to doing, Terrakion is really the only Pokemon who can lay rocks. Earthquake is also rarely used, and just having the possibility of rocks can be helpful. Also to help deal with your weakness to Scarf Keldeo I would really take Pocket's suggestion of a bulky Rotom-W. This will give your team a lot more bulk, and will help a lot vs opposing rain teams, taking pressure off of Abomasnow. Anyways great team, gl.
Hey Dragonfruit awesome team and well written as well, your rmt is quite funny.

Looking at this team i can't really find to much problems with it seeing as the team is quite solid and you have already gotten some good advice. However a major flaw in your team is that it lacks the move Stealth Rock. As you probally know Stealth Rock is the most important move in the game because it halves Volcaronas health and breaks Dragonites Multiscale, while also just being able to damage your opponents pokemon, break Focus Sashes and break Sturdys. Volcarona also does look quite threatening to your team especially the offensive Life Orb varaint with Giga Drain / Fire Blast / Bug Buzz / Quiver Dance. Volcarona outspeeds your whole team at +1 barring Victini who he speed ties with, and can hit 5 out of 6 of your pokemon super effectively. It can also exploit Terrakions, Starmies, and Rotom-Ws Grass-type weakness by using Giga Drain to keep itself healthy. Volcarona can get a Quiver Dance on Genesect if its not at +2 and Abomasnow, especially if he is locked into Ice Shard, Ice Punch or Wood Hammer. So your team not having Stealth Rock doesn't really help your Volcarona weakness.

To help give your team a good user of Stealth Rock and a great Volcarona counter i suggest Heatran>Terrakion Heatran provides your team with the necassary Stealth Rock to help your team wear down your opponents pokemon as well as halve Volcaronas health and break Dragonites Multiscale. With his useful typing Heatran not only resists all of offensive Quiver Dance Volcronas moves, but also provides your team with a good check to sun as well which is huge for a hail team. Heatran is also no slouch offensively letting it make up for the loss of Terrakion. With base 130 SpA and good coverage in Fire Blast, Earthpower, Hidden Power [Ice], Heatran can capatalise on your volt turn core and hail damage wearing the opponent down. Heatran also has very similar resists and weaknesses then Terrakion so he is an easy fit on your team. Although without Terrakion you do miss out on some physical offense, Victini and Abomasnow are still two great physical attackers so you should have little trouble with the pink blobs. Abomasnow also already provides the role of a Choice Band user, and having 4 Choiced-item pokemon on a team can be problematic if your opponent has a user of Protect or offensive pokemon that can capatalise on pokemon locked into a move (like Volcarona).

Good luck with the team i hope i helped! p.s i was the first person to Luvdisc and i nominated you for the TotW ;)

Edit: Peaked 22 with 22 Luvdiscs is pretty cool to might i add ;)


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Stealth Rock | Fire Blast | Earthpower | Hidden Power [Ice]


Finally, someone else who agrees that the little bitch called Victini should be used more.
I would actually recommend Bolt Strike over Fusion Bolt. The event does NOT require Lax nature, so you can use any nature with it. Therefore, all one needs to do is replace Bolt Strike over Fusion Bolt.

Otherwise, fabu team.
I would say Bolt Strike over Fusion Bolt thanks to the Japanese event, but PS! still says it's illegal.
Finally, someone else who agrees that the little bitch called Victini should be used more.
I would actually recommend Bolt Strike over Fusion Bolt. The event does NOT require Lax nature, so you can use any nature with it. Therefore, all one needs to do is replace Bolt Strike over Fusion Bolt.

Otherwise, fabu team.
Yes, now my suggestion isn't utter garbage. So yeah, re-recommending Bolt Strike over Fusion Bolt.

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