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Helioptile is quite an anomaly in that it has somewhat decent qualities that are outweighed by it's detriments. The good begins with Glare being a better Thunder Wave. Secondly, it's ability Dry Skin gives it a free immunity to Water-type moves. Lastly, the combination of Surf and U-Turn allows it to compete against Ground-types looking to block it's Electric-type attacks. Unfortunately it's marred by Fighting-types due to it's Normal typing. On top of that, it's stats are all over the place, and none of them truly give it any favors. 17 Speed is decently fast but it's shared with a lot of opponents it doesn't want to tie with. Its defenses are pretty low and unable to be salvaged. Also, it's Special Attack is pretty mediocre at 15, however, Life Orb combined with it's low HP base stat allows it to somewhat offset this shortcoming. In comparison to other Electric-types in LC, Helioptile finds mediocrity in it's meager movepool, typing and stats. It lacks the coverage options of Chinchou and Magnemite while also not having their better offensive and defensive typing respectively. Also while it ties with Chinchou and outspeeds Magnemite, Helioptile cannot match their many item choices and flexibility. Lastly, Elekid is a much more powerful and faster pure Electric-type who can wield Life Orb better than Helioptile can.

name: Helioptile
move 1: Thunderbolt
move 2: Surf
move 3: Glare / Hidden Power Ground
move 4: U-Turn
item: Life Orb
ability: Dry Skin
nature: Timid
evs: EVs: 92 Def / 192 SpA / 16 SpD / 196 Spe
ivs: 19 HP

Helioptile should only aim to switch-in on Water-type attacks and nothing else. Typically it's safe to Glare the target or it's possible switch-in. Life Orb helps it score more potent KOs after Stealth Rock, letting Helioptile be more threatening. If you do not need to spread status, running Hidden Power Ground to spurn away threatening Steel-types like Magnemite and Chinchou who laugh at the minimal damage of its other moves.
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I think the biggest probem with this is that its a little too objective and not quite subjective enough in how it presents information. Remember to always include WHY having a specific trait is beneficial/detrimental given the state of the metagame.

Not sure the first line is true, LC has a TON of shitmons. Maybe take out the word "anomaly".
Explain WHY glare is better than Thunder Wave, and how this helps Helio (slows down even Electric-types)
Specifically say that LC is full of Fighting-types which can easily take Helio out (idk what "marred by fighting types" means)
Instead of "shared with a lot of opponents it doesnt want to tie with" you should just say that it isnt fast enough to make up for its poor defenses
Explain that a low base HP means Helio only takes 1 HP damage instead of 2 per turn (5% of HP)
Make sure to specifically use the word "outclassed" when talking about the other 3 electric types.

Set looks fine.
Set comments aren't really what we are looking for. Unlike a regular analysis where you explain how to use the set, we just want one/two sentences on what the set AIMS to do, and then one/two sentences on what does it better.

Please fix the set comments and tag me before I QC stamp this.
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