How do I activate my server Showdown Pokemon?
How do you become Administrator?
How do I change the link of the server?
Thanks for everything.


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a) you need to forward port 8000, the method for which depends on your OS and router. please google or otherwise search for how to do this, as i can't explain for every possibility.
To become an Administrator, create a file named `config/usergroups.csv` containing

Replace USER with the username that you would like to become an Administrator.
from the instructions here which you should have read when getting the source code.

c) assuming you've forwarded port 8000, visit your server at <IP here> contact user: Zarel on #showdown on to get a custom address for your server.

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Google Chrome is not an OS, unless you mean the Chrome OS (chromebooks) which isn't supported by Showdown code structure (afaik). You'll need to ask a Developer for the exact details but it is primarily supported in Unix, Unix derivatives, and Windows environments.
If you are not sure about what I mean by that, then you should probably do some extensive research before attempting such an operation.

good luck with your future attempts. :)

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