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I would like it to be known that I based my submission off of kom, whom I assumed was trying to pressure the higher ups into smaller ranges. I will write an apology even though aska should've chosen 10 answers.


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Celever has informed me that he will be inactive for the next two days due to a real life obligation. As a result, I might delay starting the next task until his return.
I'm actually surprised that people figured out it was a potentially all-win situation and went ahead with it. If it weren't for human fallibility, is it possible that you would have eliminated nobody, Bass?
Name: Acklow          Score: 20    Rank: 1.0     Deviation: 0.0
Name: PokeguyNXB      Score: 19    Rank: 2.0     Deviation: 0.0
Name: FireMage        Score: 18    Rank: 3.0     Deviation: 0.0
Name: Steven Snype    Score: 17    Rank: 4.0     Deviation: 0.0
Name: zorbees         Score: 16    Rank: 5.0     Deviation: 0.0
Name: Woodchuck       Score: 15    Rank: 6.0     Deviation: 0.0
Name: Walrein         Score: 14    Rank: 7.0     Deviation: 0.0
Name: LightWolf       Score: 12    Rank: 8.5     Deviation: -0.5
Name: Da Letter El    Score: 12    Rank: 8.5     Deviation: 0.5
Name: kingofmars      Score: 11    Rank: 10.0    Deviation: 0.0
Name: askaninjask     Score: 9     Rank: 11.5    Deviation: -0.5
Name: Ditto           Score: 9     Rank: 11.5    Deviation: 0.5
Name: Pidge           Score: 5     Rank: 13.0    Deviation: 0.0
Name: billymills      Score: 4     Rank: 14.0    Deviation: 0.0
Name: Ace Emerald     Score: 3     Rank: 15.5    Deviation: -0.5
Name: Eagle4          Score: 3     Rank: 15.5    Deviation: 0.5
Name: Celever         Score: 2     Rank: 17.0    Deviation: 0.0
Name: jumpluff        Score: 0     Rank: 18.0    Deviation: 0.0
Celever got deviation of 0, Eagle4 had no winning answer here. If anything, it should be on celever and ace emerald who forced eagle4 to chose.
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Well on the bright side, even though I idled round 2, I managed to get where I needed round 3. Good thing I sent my answers in as soon as I saw the update... :x
1. What famous asian fruit is well known for his odor?
Dragon, the SC2 streamer.

2. What is YT LPer Clementj642's least favorite game?
MegaMan X

3. How many unique Pokemon are there as of Generation II?

4. What is the boundary between the troposphere and stratosphere called?

5. Who is the original creator of The Boondocks?
Aaron McGruder

6. What series involves settling all sorts of problems over a Childrens Card Game?

7. Name the four knights of Gwyn in Dark Souls.
Ornstein the Dragonslayer, Artorias the Abysswalker, Lord's Blade Ciaran, and Hawkeye Gough

8. What was the name of the main protagonist in Thank you for smoking?
Philip Morris International

9. What is my alias in Everybody Votes Mafia?

10. What question number is this?

11. What Starcraft2 streamer is famous for putting on a bikini show?

12. What area in Metroid Prime 2 contains the Spider Guardian?
Samus' Ship

13. What date was the most recent Friday the 13th?
Tuesday, June 17th, 2014.

14. In fluid dynamics, what is the curl of the velocity vector called?

15. Figure this out yourself.
no fuck you

16. What was official title for bassgame2?
(Other) Everyone Who Signs Up Will Be In This Game

17. What is my favorite cereal?

18. Who is the biggest douche in the universe?

19. What is my least favorite anime of all time?
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

20. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
Swallows can't fly.

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