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Cube sounds threatening as hell in this metagame. Running STAB earth power gives it a way to decimate steels while making it neutral to rocks, while STAB fusion bolt just gives another one of its physical moves raw power. You could probably get away with running a defensive typing and using subroost as well.

EDIT: Do you HAVE to run hidden power to change your type? Or do you just need to change your IVs? Having to run hidden power sounds kind of boring since it's so weak tbh.
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Couple of ideas:
- Ghost/Poison/Dark Gengar
- Dragon/Psychic/Steel Lati@s
- Electirc/Steel/Flying Magnezone

This meta reminds me of three type mons, but with a nice twist on it :D


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You have to run Hidden Power. This is better flavor wise imo.
and stops the meta from being a stallfest. many stallmons are mono-attacking, and cant afford to give up the pressure exerted by scald or its attacking move, making running hidden power pretty restricting.
You have to run Hidden Power. This is better flavor wise imo.
It may be better flavor wise, but honestly I think this makes the metagame far worse. Purely physical Pokemon in no way benefit from this change without running a useless move, stall will be hard pressed to find space for such a move, hidden power is STILL a very, very weak STAB in general, and the vast majority of Pokemon running hidden power use either fire or ice, giving them a SR weakness. In all honesty at this rate the metagame will probably be standard + 1 hidden power Pokemon, which makes it pretty stale.

I mean, of the examples I've seen in this thread, none of them seem like improvements over their standard selves. HP Ice Thundurus takes a whopping 50% from Stealth Rock. The HP fighting version can't touch Dragons despite the SR neutrality, which I think makes it even worse. Things like Aggron and Heatran with HP flying and venusaur with HP rock will have a move they never use at all which I don't think is worth the extra typing, which is something that also applies to Ghost/Poison/Dark Gengar, Dragon/Psychic/Steel Lati@s, and Electric/Steel Flying Magnezone (I guess that one could hit grass types, but it would still rather have HP Ice).

On the claim that it'll make stall too strong, consider that both Fairy and Normal are deprived as typings which means you can't exactly pick and choose Pokemon with those typings to your heart's content.

I think if this metagame wants to succeed either the extra typing will have to be based off IVs (Which benefits physical Pokemon too), or Hidden Power will need a power buff (say to base 90 power) to be even remotely worth using. I like this metagame and it has potential, but at this rate I doubt it would deviate much from standard if at all.

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It may be better flavor wise, but honestly I think this makes the metagame far worse.
You make a fair point. One of the reasons I chose Hidden Power to be used is so that Dark wouldn't be added to everything by default (or that Pokemon wouldn't be forced to add a type), but at the time I didn't think that it can just set its Hidden Power IVs to one of its own types to prevent anything from being added.
Chansey can now become the dreaded Normal / Ghost type in order to wall most Pokemon. Although this leaves it more vulnerable to Knock Off than ever, it still is a huge threat due to not worrying about Fighting type attacks anymore.
Just made a team with the new rule and I'm hella stoked to use it. I'll link replays when it's implemented and someone contacts me in Pandora's English room. I'm usually under the alt NS OU.
One freeze dry... That is all :D
Oh no! It dies to a move that no viable pokemon can effectively use! How is it going to survive!? :(
On a serious note the only types supereffective on it are ice(2x) and grass(2x). it has reduced the weaknesses of two good defensive types as well as gaining a good third stab from aqua tail.
Levitate makes rotom a really fun pokemon here: electric/water/poison, electric/fire/steel are both great type combos.
Some other great/decent type combos:
Poison/flying/steel crobat
Grass/fighting/rock breloom
Fire/steel/grass heatran is quite possibly the best triple type combo for it.
You really need to be careful when you choose a third type because you might end up with a 4x weakness or lose a resistance you wanted.

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