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ORAS Monotype is not an official tier. However, it is played in Monotype's biggest tournament every year, and there's been a highly controversial Pokemon in the metagame over the past couple of years. The title gives it away: the Monotype tiering council believe a discussion on Hoopa-U in the ORAS Monotype is due once more. Logistically, four of the seven ORAS Monotype council is still seated, which would have met the requisite to begin a suspect, so we are not intending to set a precedent for allowing future generation tiering councils to unilaterally suspect in past generations.

Prior to SM Monotype, the Monotype tiering philosophy was very much still evolving and being understood. This had a huge effect on the first Hoopa-U suspect where there was significant controversy over the implementation of type bans. In fact votes were cast to spite the decision to globally ban Aegislash and establish that type bans are unacceptable. This also cast a shadow upon the second Hoopa-U suspect in August. The effects of banning Hoopa-U on Dark was a major topic of discussion and swayed votes in spite of being against the Monotype tiering philosophy. The way that Monotype is tiered was directly opposed during these two suspects, making the result of the suspects themselves controversial although still legitimate.

However, voters that satisfy the requirements should be allowed to hold any opinion of their choice, and the community clearly voted to not ban Hoopa-U. As a result, we feel another suspect on Hoopa-U would be improper if we lacked justification. As a result:

1. While the Choice Band and Choice Specs sets were discovered after the first suspect and before the second, there was no immediate metagame shift at the time and no high level tournament that showcased this development. Since the second suspect, ORAS Monotype was featured in Monotype Premier League III. During this tournament, the influence of Hoopa-U was clear. Psychic was the type used the most sitting at a 17.21% usage with 21 Psychic teams used out of 122 teams. This can be compared to MPL 2, in which Psychic teams were used only 12 times out of 124 total teams, not even making 10%. Furthermore, two of those teams in MPL 2 lacked Hoopa-U anyway, not even mentioning the change in which sets are popular and used.

2. However, the just as important statistic is what other teams were used and their success. The next most used teams were Water-type. Every non-stall Water team used Mega Sharpedo or Mega Gyarados, two of the biggest threats to Psychic. Following Water was Flying teams that almost all used Mega Gyarados to beat Psychic, although a small number used Mega Charizard Y. Hoopa-U is more restrictive than ever on teambuilding, as its incredibly power and moveset enables it to 2HKO the entire metagame, which consequently dominates a naturally balanced metagame. As a result, this is a potential sign that Hoopa-U may be centralizing ORAS Monotype around itself and Psychic.

So, due partially to the way in which the suspects were handled and more to the shift in tournament ORAS play that now clearly highlights the power of Hoopa-U, we feel it's appropriate to once again review the legality of Hoopa-U in ORAS Monotype. This thread will serve as the point of discussion for the community and will remain open until January 31st. From January 27th to January 31st, voters will be able to cast their vote on Hoopa-U, with the result being announced at latest with the new month. Because this discussion involves a Pokemon that has been publicly suspected twice, we feel it is essential that the community has a deciding voice and will make up at least 60% of the voters so that the community can choose to ban or not ban Hoopa-U entirely without the council voters. The criteria has already been set and the voters will be tagged when the time comes.

Rules for this thread (READ ME):
- Discussion should be in line with the Monotype tiering philosophy. Posts that disregard the way we tier Monotype will be deleted.
- The topic of this thread will primarily focus on Hoopa-U in the ORAS Monotype metagame.
- Discussion of other ORAS Monotype elements is allowed with the understanding that they relate back to Hoopa-U.
- Do not post one-liners or anything unrelated to ORAS Monotype (including discussion on USUM Monotype).
- Questions regarding the process may be PMed to the council. Questions regarding the rules may be PMed to the forum moderators. Questions regarding Hoopa-U or ORAS Monotype may be posted here.

This vote will not count towards the Tiering Contributor badge, as ORAS Monotype is not an official tier.
Well, not sure if no discussion means the community agrees with our decision to review Hoopa-U's legality, but it is what it is. The following criteria will be used to determine who may vote.

If a user participated in Monotype Premier League III, played at least three (3) games of ORAS Monotype, and had at least a 50% win rate, they are eligible to vote, having proven themselves to be competent at the highest level of ORAS Monotype tournament play. Additionally, semifinalists for the Monotype Generations tour have also proven themselves to be sufficiently familiar with ORAS Monotype, earning the right to vote. Finally, the members of the ORAS and USUM Monotype councils will have a vote for contributions to and familiarity with Monotype tiering.

The voters will be:
Wyn (6-3)
Ridley. (4-3)
Nightwingg95 (3-0)
Hammy (3-3)
Sabella (3-3)
The Excadrill (2-1)
jase duken (2-1)
Sae (2-1)
Empo (2-2)
rozes (2-2)
10 total
Wincon (Winner)
Vodoom (Finalist)
The Excadrill (Semifinalist)
YellowAce (Semifinalist)
7 total
1 True Lycan
7 total

If you meet the criteria but are not on the list, please PM me ASAP with proof and I will add you to the voters.

Voters may PM their vote to Eien with either:

Ban Hoopa-U
Do Not Ban Hoopa-U

60% of voters must vote to Ban Hoopa-U for it to be banned from ORAS Monotype. Voting will end January 31 at 11:59 PM EST or whenever enough votes have been cast. This vote does not count towards the Tiering Contributor badge.
Of 15 submitted votes, all 15 voted to ban Hoopa-U. With this, the lowest possible Ban % is 65.22%, above the 60% required cutoff to ban Hoopa-U. As a result Hoopa-U is now banned from ORAS Monotype.

You may view the votes here.

Should they so desire, the remaining may still cast their vote for the sake of record keeping by PMing Eien.

Tagging The Immortal to implement the ban.
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