How to clone Pokemon in Emerald version

I uses this all the time. Through hunting, trading, (And some GS) i have a copy of emerald with a copy of every pokemon available, and every Unknown form except for F. I use the clone glitch to trade them up to my dimond version without loosing my collection on emerald. I have easily cloned over 200 time, and over 300 pokemon.

BTW, if anyone wants some cool looking shiny's or some 3rd gen to 1st gen legends, pm me an offer. I have a decent Shiny Jirachi.
I found it so interesting. Well i can never imagine their can be pokemon clones. I have my own pokemon game on my pc. but i m sure, that's not a clone of it.
This pretty much ruined alot of valuableness to alot of legendaries earlier on because you could legit clone then and then Pal park them to the the 4th gen games.
Well if you play it on emulator, there's this tool that's like pokesav(I forgot what it was called) and you can use it to clone the Pokemon easily(by extracting PKM files and e.t.c.).
Salvage Mission.

The clone glitch is wonderful if you're into the whole shiny trade thing, since it's technically legit. ( No action replay, pokeSAV, etc.) Only using the failed programming of nintendo to create armies of pokemon in Hoenn. Of course, now that i spent 3 months soft resetting a black rayquaza, it's only natural i'd clone a couple boxes full. And on the way there a green wingull.
By the way: Does anyone know when there're going to fix the RNG reporter 8.31 link? I would like to abuse my Emerald even more (-^U^-)
I remember doing this. The first time I did it, it worked. After about 20 clones, my game froze. My save was still intact but I didn't get the Pokemon I wanted to be cloned, cloned. :(
The most interesting fact about this cheat, is that you can clone a number of items, equal to your boxed pokemon. With this, i cloned every single TM, Rare Candy, and Master Ball that i had.

I´m breeding some nice pokémon again in my Emerald, and well... giving rarecandies to them when they are Full Ev´d, it´s quicker to have 100 leveled pokémon, to pass over to all your newer games.
I'm not really fond of ruining my game either, but if I've recieves hacked items, is my game ruined anyway? I got a Master Ball and a Jirachi, both hacked, from friends. I used a friend's cart to dupe a pokemon to make sure this worked. And it did. Therefore this is freakin sweet. I wont have to pickup EQ's again EVER.
In other news (which is definitely related, for being an amazing glitch), thanks to the Transform/Rage glich in Generation IV, Slaking can learn Skill Swap (Unless the glitch works differently in his case). This opens so many frontiers of Destruction, it's not even funny....wait no, it is.

Evil laughter aside, it certainly is surprising that the one thing that could make Slaking too godly to exist has no posts here....

However, the possibilities are definitely worth noting here. Pop Truant on any opposing pokemon, and you force an automatic switch. Trap them first, and you're in for shmooth shailing with Focus Punch and Protect. If Swapking doesn't get banned, Ariados and other trap-passers will start seeing a lot of use.

Now all that's left to do is for good ole' Smogon to decide on how to deal with this game-breaker (although i may be speaking too soon).
Swapking needs a tier of his own.
I think I should just say one thing.

This topic should be locked. Yes we all know that it works and does not corrupt your data. If you did it wrong then there is a small chance.

Any posts on this topic from now on should be considered SPAM because there is no productiveness to posting on a topic where all exploits have been hit.

I don't wish to appear rude, mini-mod, or tell mods what to do but really there is nothing else to say.

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