How to do a group Nuzlocke challenge

Two of my friends and I just started a group challenge. I thought I'd share in case any of you would be interested in knowing how to pull this off. The furthest anyone has made it is Cerulean, and this is already the funnest playthrough I've ever done. We will also be recording this experiment, you can watch the first episode here.

(Sorry I didn't put this in the existing Nuzlocke thread, hopefully this is different enough to warrant it)

Ok so basically, there's three of us - Steeler, Holms, and Clel. Two of us are on LeafGreen and Clel is on FireRed. One of us plays on the TV with a Game Boy Player (accessory for Gamecube) and the other two play on handhelds. We take turns rotating as the TV player. We record the audio and just ask each other how we are progressing, make note of new captures, etc.

Since there are three of us, we decided to do something a little different at the beginning of the game. We randomized what starter each of us got, and we all got a different one. Whichever player was assigned the starter yours is weak to is your in-game rival.

Ex: I get Squirtle, you get Bulbasaur, I name my rival after you, since that's what Gary/Blue will have throughout the game.

Further, we are allowing trades for this Nuzlocke run, in stark contrast to the majority of rulesets. The reason is that we all are starting at the same time and have access to the same kinds of Pokemon at similar levels, so it's not like you can just trade for level 70 Mewtwo and blast through the whole game. But since this is a Nuzlocke, there will be Pokemon you really want that you just won't get to catch. If your friend gets one, though, you have a chance to trade if you have something he wants. Everyone wins!

However, we are imposing a limit on trades (to discourage borrowing Pokemon for 1 gym or something). You earn a trade for each gym badge you get. Trading strictly to evolve a Pokemon and then trade back does not count, because that would take up two trade badges for BOTH players, so no one would be willing to help you evolve your dude for so much cost/no benefit to themselves.

Aside from these special rules, we have the "basic" Nuzlocke rules and a few intended to make the game tougher. The complete list:

1 - Can only catch the first pokemon encountered in each area. Gift Pokemon and in-game trade Pokemon are allowed and count as your first encounter. Areas are determined by "location caught" info in Pokemon status screen.

2 - Can sacrifice a RANDOMLY CHOSEN Pokemon you have caught to mulligan an area's encounter. Can mulligan same area multiple times, but must sacrifice each time and cannot mulligan after a Pokemon has been caught for that area.

3 - If a pokemon faints it cannot be used in battle again (may release or simply store in PC forever).

4 - Each player randomly gets a different starter, the player that has the starter yours is weak to is your rival's name.

5 - If you blackout (all party Pokemon faint), you may use PC Pokemon to continue.

6 - You must keep 6 Pokemon in your party at all times, once you are able.

7 - Triple Poke Mart prices (buy triple the amount you intend, then toss 'em).

8 - Battle style = set.

9 - Cannot use items in battle (hold items okay).

10 - Cannot revive fainted Pokemon.

11 - Cannot run from battle (unless your Pokemon has Run Away ability or holds Smoke Ball). Roar and Whirlwind are allowed.

12 - Nickname every Pokemon you catch because you gotta love each one, even the crappy ones.

13 - Trading with the other two players is allowed, you may only trade as many times as you have badges (evolution trading doesn't count).

14 - Your Pokemon cannot be higher leveled than the highest level of the next Gym Leader. If over-leveled, then it cannot be used in the Gym.

I highly recommend you try something like this out with your friends, if possible. Pokemon has never been more fun for me.