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As of an hour ago, we've implemented coloured HP bars in Pokemon Showdown. This thread is to inform everybody of a relevant game mechanic that has some relevance to competitive play in Gen 5.

Marty researched the Gen 5 HP bar behaviour and discovered that, in Gen 5, the colour of the HP bar actually gives additional information over and above the number of pixels in the HP bar in some cases. Specifically, the colour of the HP bar is determined as follows: it is green if the pokemon's health is > 50%, yellow if the pokemon's health is <= 50% but > 20%, and red if the pokemon's health is <= 20%.

As a consequence of this:
  • an HP bar with exactly 9 pixels can be either yellow (if the pokemon's health is > 20%) or red (if the pokemon's health is <= 20%); and
  • an HP bar with exactly 24 pixels can be either green (if the pokemon's health is > 50%) or yellow (if the pokemon's health is exactly 50%)

In other words, when the opponent pokemon's HP bar has exactly 9 pixels or exactly 24 pixels, the colour of the HP bar conveys some additional information.

These mechanics are correctly implemented on Pokemon Showdown now and are live on the main server. I'm posting this thread because people are unlikely to be aware of these mechanics otherwise, as they are rather obscure. Credit goes to Marty for the research.
Non-American spelling.

Anyway, a nice little change. Just asthetic, but, like in-game, pretty cool.
It's actually not a solely aesthetic change, which is explained by Cathy's post at the top of the thread. :) The HP bar colour is governed by a nifty mechanic which can give you additional information on the enemy Pokémon in certain situations. It does look very cool, though~

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