Tournament HPL 3 Week 5

Dont think just because i dont know anyone besides ubers player here means my predicts will be wrong.

Iron Fists VS Mistwaves
SS OU: So Noisy VS myjava
SS OU: DerpyBoi VS Sahki
SS LC: DC VS Mikaav
SS Ubers: Eledyr VS TheFallenShooriken - would be very close because both are Holy Gang members
SS Monotype: Thetwinking VS fatBatman
SS 1V1: Call me PK VS Jamez
SS Random Battles: Plunder VS Latias
Nat Dex AG: Opnoob 598 VS pichus

Ruiners VS Weaviles
SS OU: MTB VS Yippie
SS OU: Alkione VS Harshal08
SS Ubers: Rhmsitb VS Fogbound Lake - will be close , even bhai knows fog is good
SS Monotype: RaJ.Shoot VS DugZa
SS 1V1: Liimpy VS PG is PG
SS Random Battles: Premmmm VS Saurav the great
Nat Dex AG: Alpha1013 VS TGA

Chandelures VS Mega Rays
SS OU: airfare VS Abhi
SS OU: TDNT VS pannuracotta
SS LC: Raj 00 VS Zephyri
SS Ubers: Raph VS Hrishioo 7 - old gen expert is going down here vs hero
SS Monotype: Swagata Mitra VS Atiultra
SS 1V1: doc1203 VS Nick
SS Random Battles: Piyush25 VS Zap - i dont know both of them but the one on left is using his real name , must be good
Nat Dex AG: Swas VS Hikaru Maxwell

My demon self poking me to use Eleceus...
Le me:

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