I cant say you've got enough QC stamps [make your requests here] NEW IMPROVED BIGGER FRAME


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So I’ve been part of portuguese GP for quite a while now and I was talking with Kalalokki and he was cool with making me a stamp for it, so if you could please turn this into a GP stamp, preferably cutting out the right part, I’d really appreciate it ^^


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For the sake of record keeping, I took a shot at the other pending stamps;

The big stamp file was too large to be posted (because the gif was 88 layers) but I passed it to him on Discord. (Just imagine this smaller one but bigger)


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hello I am new nu qc and would like a very powerful stamp:
if file is too bigboy Im ok with it being shrunk and looking a bit weird

hold on lemme find a .gif file of it

ok this link should be fine
I would like new stamps...

Please don't question my preferences because I know they are hella weird too

DMDW#8155 if you need to send me stamps through Discord. Thanks in advance~
oo zu qc i want one

idk if it might need to be compressed and i know it needs to be cropped but it can be cropped easily let me know if it cant work though

edit: ticken ilysm
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