Gen 3 Illumise (NU Revamp)


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In probably the cruelest joke Game Freak has ever played, they decided to give Tail Glow to Volbeat but gave Illumise the one with the higher Special Attack stat. I'm not sure what the strategic thinking process behind this was, but I assume it was to have you Tail Glow with Volbeat and Baton Pass that to Illumise. Anyway, to say Illumise got the short end of the stick would be an understatement. About the only factor that Illumise has going for it is that it's the only Wish passer with resistances to Fighting- and Ground-type attacks in NU (apart from Natu and Exeggcute). Unless that factor is crucial to you, Illumise should probably be a hard pass.

name: Wish Passer
move 1: Wish
move 2: Baton Pass
move 3: Encore
move 4: Substitute / Seismic Toss
item: Leftovers
ability: Oblivious
nature: Timid
evs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 Spe

- Illumise is in a complete support role here as it has little offenses to speak of
- Get in on most of Hitmonchan's moves, use and pass Wish to a teammate
- Encore can help lock something into a useless move and Illumise is one of the best users of it
- Substitute helps give a teammate a safer entry onto the field
- Seismic Toss can make Illumise not such a sitting duck
- TWave allows Illumise to cripple something

- One of Illumise's redeeming qualities is its Speed, which needs to be maxed out here to get the most out of it
- Protect can ensure Wish healing for Illumise and scout attacks, but as Illumise is in a support role its own longevity isn't as important
- Light Screen is an option here to support the team further
- Needs teammates weak to Fighting and Ground that want Wish support, such as offensive Relicanth and Mawile

[Other Options]
- Growth cannot be BPed
- Rain Dance, Sunny Day + Wish
- Moonlight
- Toxic
- Thunderbolt, Ice Punch, Giga Drain

[Checks and Counters]
- Roar Wailord, Flareon, Tropius, Piloswine
- Torkoal
- Sableye
- It's in a support role so just don't stay in and get locked into Encore on something dumb

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