im flagging smogoff


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this is really important because some flags are better than others and people need to know. tell me a flag and i can probably tell you if its good

Good Flags
(Teutonic Order)
"The Monochromes": Hard to go wrong with black and white. Prussia's an honorary member because its yellow is a nice minor accent.

(Georgia, the country)
(South Korea)
"Balanced": Vivid and with personality but not over-blinding or over-designed color schemes and patterns.

(Dutch Prinsenvlag)
"Good Tricolors": Not all tricolors are mega basic! Like even if Afghanistan didn't have the seal it'd be sick.

(Qing Dynasty)
"Dragons": They're Dragons. I don't think the creatures on the Tibet flag are actually dragons, but it's probably still using mythical creatures to overdetail with aplomb, so it gets a pass.

Dubious Flags
Overdone Tricolors: You know who you are. Not even putting pictures up.

"Too Many Stripes": My poor, accursed eyes. Too many stripes.

(Kyrgyz Socialist Republic)
"Overly Condensed Stripes": No thanks I don't need heart palpitations today.

(Kalmar Union)
"Gross Color Scheme": I appreciate the effort but ouch.

(just read it)
(just read it)
(former for Georgia, the state)

"US Subnational Flags": Fish in a barrel. Other countries probably have this problem too, I'm not letting you off, I just don't know of your atrocities yet. A few US ones are cool though, notable props to Rhode Island, Puerto Rico, and New Mexico for not sucking.
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smogoff flag just dropped

purple grey blue = default theme
stripes = threads
not sure what the deal with "posts" and "posting" is but that's in the middle
this is overall quite good but there are so many stripes. my eyes. and blue grey purple feels like a great tricolor set anyway


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ghanas cool but man i dont love mexico. mega played out tricolor with the addition of a seal that's overdesigned, kinda washed out in palette, stranded in whitespace, and kinda hard to make out (especially the snake from a distance). when i think played out tricolors that are made good by the seal, i think of these two with seals that are sharper, better colored, and have a less fuzzy centerpiece

Croatia, look at this gloriously distinctive bright, crystal clear, elegantly simple checkerboard

Serbia, a little faded but brought to life by white that's used well inside of the red and not stranded. Bonus points for the nonstandard seal position as well

While I'm giving love to tricolors, Azerbaijan is fantastic


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Finland's stance on tricolors seems to be "has anyone else used these same colors in a different tricolor? If no, flag = good". And I honestly can't blame 'em.

I assume Mongolia would be S tier:

✔ Never-before-seen color arrangement
✔ Out-of-center seal location
✔ Funny aspect ratio

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