I'm new but...

I play Pokemon for several years...
But I just saw that we can do tournaments here! ^^
So I'd like to know how do we know when there is a tournament, how do we register, how does it go, how long and what do we win?
(I admit that the reward, it's just a plus because it's not important to me knowing that I won't win)

Thanks for the answers !

~ Friendly, Mitsuki_SD / Phryxion

PS : I'm friench so sorry for the mistakes..


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Hey Mitsuki_SD / Phryxion ! There are a LOT of tournaments on Smogon, but they generally can be broken up into two major categories.

Unofficial tournaments are those that don't have a real reward, and are played mainly for fun with a low barrier of entry. These tournaments will often have formats that aren't standard, stuff you won't find on Pokemon Showdown. You'll see signups for these go up in the general Tournament forum (where we are posting now) all the time - so keep your eyes peeled for any that interest you.

Official tournaments are the big ones where the prize is a trophy underneath your name (and, sometimes, some money). You can see a list of them here: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/major-tournament-schedule-2018.3625010/

Official tournaments are the main place for the competitive players of Pokemon, and involve some really intense skill. I recommend jumping right in - the more you play, the better you will get, and who knows, you might one day have a trophy yourself.

If you have any other questions PM me or write on my wall and I'll help out right away.

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