Approved Implement Anonymous Battling for ladder


best of the second options
There's a thing called zen mode in chess, which you can play on and, that doesn't let you see any information about your opponent. You cannot see their rating, or who they are, and you cannot talk to them. I think this could be great on Pokemon Showdown as a ladder experience. It would be cool to just play, as some people tend to get rather chatty. It would also serve as some nice training due to taking away the "human" factor and lets you focus more on the game itself, allowing you to improve on your gameplay without any potential distractions. Especially with the new gen just coming out, focusing more on Pokemon itself would be nice. Not everyone needs to use it, and if someone does not opt to use it they should definitely be notified if their opponent uses this feature, but giving us the option to toggle "zen mode" would be appreciated.

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