Imposter in the Balanced Hackmons Metagame

So, the idea of this article is to be the comprehensive guide about imposter in balanced hackmons. It aims to talk about the mechanics of imposter, the ways it can be successfully used, and the ways to successfully beat it.

Sidenote: This is the right way to do this, right? If not, I can post an outline / rough copy / completely copy / whatever is the correct thing to do
I wrote an outline for something like this a while ago, and I thought of enough content for 9 or 10 paragraphs, and that was just for anti-imposter strategy. I can try to find it / make a new outline if you want


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Siding with Immortal, focusing on a single ability in a meta where any ability can be chosen for any mon feels like it'd make for a shallow article, even though I'm sure you could write enough content size-wise.
Maybe, but I just want to say that the impact of imposter in BH is pretty much unprecedented in most metagames. It is essentially the defining factor of BH.

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