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I actually really liked my Venipede, as well as my Cubchoo. The one pokemon that I thought I'd really like but ended up hating was Golurk. I didn't want a flying type, so I used Golurk, and I was so disappointed. Not that fast, not that powerful, and not that bulky, as well as a pain in the ass to train. Also, I absolutely hated Serperior. Don't use it. Had absolutely no movepool. If it wasn't hit neutrally by Grass or Normal, I would lose. I ended up dumping it for a Maractus, which was still leagues better than Serperior.
Been a while since I posted here last, eheh, Colonel M still hasn't updated yet, but that's understandable, he's a busy man. Anyways, on to the discussion...

Finished Black today.

Tepig - Destroyed the Normal gym, which is otherwise one hell of a fight, and pretty good all around. Once you get Hammer Arm, it rapes face, and having Scald and Work Up is never a bad thing. However, it has its faults, particularly Speed and little coverage early on. Mid tier.
Pansage - Surprisingly, I really like Pansage. Work Up and Grass Knot are both available early, and it can evolve as soon as it learns Seed Bomb. Its only problem is its generally low power - without STAB, I often had trouble doing damage. So, not as good as Lilligant from White, but still pretty damn good. High tier.
Drilbur - Even with a hindering nature, Excadrill was one of my most important Pokemon. High tier without a doubt.
Venipede - Just... no. It never really pulled off any KOs and I ended up dumping it by Clay. Low tier.
Scraggy - Somehow, every time I used it it fell short of my expectations. Good, but overrated. Mid tier.
Tynamo - Oh my God, it is AMAZING. It destroyed the Flying gym for the most part. No weaknesses (Levitate, don't say anything about Cofagrigus changing that because you can switch out of Mummy), good bulk and great attacking stats make a good Pokemon. The issues? Speed and availability. 8% at best is ridiculous. Don't go looking for it, but if you happen to find one then CATCH IT. Mid tier for rarity.
Gothita - I picked up a Gothorita after the last Gym for a special attacker. Filled its role well and grew quickly, but it was a bit weak (and mine was Modest). Mid tier.
Tepig: Tepig's one of those mons which really needs a Mid split to do it justice, it's definately not one of the absolute gods (like Archen or Darumaka) but it's a very good choice for a Fire type and as a starter it's usable right away and the Fighting type it gains later on really makes it a lot better. It's main problems that set it out of High though is its poor Fighting STAB options (Arm Thrust is unreliable, Brick Break can't be obtained until Gym 7 and Hammer Arm is powerful but makes you even slower than you already are, making it clash with Flame Charge) and bad Speed. Upper Mid is where it should go.
Pansage: My biggest problem with Pansage is its relative mediocrity throughout the game, when you get it it's only STAB option is the weak Vine Whip, and it isn't until Level 22 when it gets Seed Bomb when it becomes competent (Grass Knot as some have said is fairly terrible early on). As you said though, it has fairly mediocre power outside of STAB and since you're a Grass type, a lot of stuff resists you. It definately isn't a terrible choice, but it also isn't particularly good. Again, the Mid split would make this an easy Lower Mid.
Scraggy: ... How have you been using this? You must have some ridiculous expectations if Scraggy didn't fulfil them, as this thing was easily the MVP of my team for as long as he was there, and that was WITHOUT the Eviolite to back him up. Absolute High and hands down one of the best ingame Pokemon in existance.
Tynamo: Don't think so, it's very rare, has low stats as Tynamo (yeah you might do well in the Flying Gym, but that Gym's ridiculously easy anyway and anything which is neutral to or resists Electric is gonna beat you one on one), evolves late, is slow as heck once it evolves, only learns 4 moves until evolution and requires a lot of backtracking to get suitable TMs after evolution. Low without a doubt.
Gothorita: It's nice to see people actually talk about this thing, it's so neglected. And yeah, your opinion is similar to mine, decent choice for a Psychic type, but is somewhat lacking in power and speed (although if you get Fake Tears via Heart Scale, that's a problem solved), Lower Mid is a perfect fit.

Tirtouga is good and it served me well, but that horrible base speed is an issue. It is constantly taking hits from all the stuff that outspeeds it (read: almost everything) so you have to constantly heal it (which means a trip back to the pokemon centre or having to spend money on items). Faster special attackers are particularly problematic and many are capable of OHKOing Tirtouga (unless you have sturdy).

Aqua Jet and Shell Smash help with the speed issues, but they can't stop Tirtouga taking hits. Aqua Jet is too weak to OHKO most stuff so it will take damage anyway, and Shell Smash requires set up turns and it is still outsped by some stuff. Also, it doesn't learn Shell Smash for a while (lv. 38 is the earliest point it can learn it if you choose to delay evolution by 1 level).

It's definitely mid tier and is one of the better pokemon in the tier, but I think putting it in high tier is pushing it a bit.
Tirtouga is a good Water type for ingame, but has a few problems holding it back. For starters it really needs Sturdy for its ability if it wants to pull its weight, as Solid Rock really doesn't do anything to help against its many weaknesses. Also, it has numerous common weaknesses (including a not so nice 4X Grass weakness) that kind of hinder it, and Aqua Jet only goes so far in compensating for its low Speed. Shell Smash is also quite problematic, as Tirtouga (and Carracosta) is so slow that it won't outspeed a lot of things even after the boost and the loss in defences consequently make it easier to pick off if it doesn't have Sturdy, and Curse, although a great move for it (better than Shell Smash imo, especially with Aqua Jet), doesn't come until Level 35. Tirtouga's a decent Water type all things considered, but its lack of good STAB for a decent amount of the game, poor typing, terrible Speed and somewhat lack of coverage keep it out of the higher tiers. Lower Mid IMO.
Tynamo - Oh my God, it is AMAZING. It destroyed the Flying gym for the most part. No weaknesses (Levitate, don't say anything about Cofagrigus changing that because you can switch out of Mummy), good bulk and great attacking stats make a good Pokemon. The issues? Speed and availability. 8% at best is ridiculous. Don't go looking for it, but if you happen to find one then CATCH IT. Mid tier for rarity.
I noticed Tynamo appears very frequently aside to Electric Rocks at cave.


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It's lower than Sigilyph (10%), and I think the 8% is on the bottom floor (the unnecessary one) and the other floors are 2%.
Are you kidding? So many Pokes want to be "Magikarp-esque". Because after some patience and grinding, a Magikarp evolves into God-tier Gyarados. If Tynamo is like Magikarp in that respect, that's why he rocks. I wouldn't know though, I haven't used him, so if I'm wrong somebody please correct me.
Having too grind Magikarp to level 20 before he is useful in the least requires a ton of grinding, therefore Magikarp has generally been regarded Mid-High tier at most.
Guess i'll give my two cents from my two playthroughs, the first six were caught, the second six hatched.

A boring but reliable typing gives this a lot of reliability, and a plethora of coverage moves and more give it a nice amount of variety. It can go mixed, it has priority to actually make use of Torrent, and if you don't like it for some reason it will make an excellent field-slave. Emboar is a bit more fun with its crazy moveset, but Samurott is the most solid starter. High-Tier.

Drillbur is available early, which is nice, but is actually pretty underwhelming until it can evolve. At that point, you have a rape machine, even if it does lack a good Steel move and possess a signature move you'll never want to use over Earthquake. It doesn't have a great movepool but it gets the job done. It's ability isn't great, but it will appreciate Sandstorm as a support move. Mid-High tier

I found Scrafty a bit dull due to a fairly shallow movepool, but otherwise a very solid choice. Its moves ARE good, its abilities are both handy, and it's nicely bulky. It will muscle its way through lots of the games big threats, due to a nice typing. High Tier.

I personally loved Reuniclus, with Magic Guard, Recover and some nice moves keeping it alive and useful, but it does take some investment. In the fast paced in-game its slow speed lets it down, but it has bulk and power to take care of that. Obviously you shouldn't even consider Dustproof. Mid Tier

With compoundeyes, this guy is just awesome. Its dual typing negates its most likely weaknesses and provides great offense. It's offensive movepool does the job too, with strong STABS easily available. Where it excels is other areas, with great support moves for catching pokemon, the ability to get out of the field quickly with volt switch, it can steal items with Thief, trap and paralyse the Genies with Spider Web. This guy can fit on any team. Awesome Tier

Despite being a bit late coming, I really enjoyed using this guy. Great Special attack with a great offensive typing and decent moveset meant he was always a joy to use. A bit frail perhaps, but Flame Body helped alleviate that problem somewhat, as well as being a useful ability generally. Plus Chandelure is just awesome. Mid-Tier


The end result is great but my god there is no point in having a Larvesta this long. Admittedly it's decent attack and access to eviolite meant it was rarely a drag, and moves like Flame Charge, Wild Bolt and U-Turn gave it some presence, but otherwise there are better Fire and Bug types to use, as well as better Quiver Dancers. You even catch a fully grown Volcarona in the end game. Low Tier

If being raped by these guys in-game is any indication, they are even better when you're using one. Magic Guard is a great ability as usual, Fly is always handy, and with Psychic, Air Slash and Ice Beam on hand, it's pretty nice. They're ready early on and there is no better Psychic type. High-Tier

I quite enjoyed using this guy, but his late availability and glaring weakness to anything with a fighting attack was annoying. His STABS and coverage move lack any particular power, too. This guy is fantastic early game, should you get a pawniard, since Justified will turn him into a quick powerhouse with everything trying to growl or leer it. But otherwise, there are better physical attackers. Low-Mid Tier

I was interested in seeing how this guy turned out, and he actually turned out pretty nicely. A good typing, decent speed, nice moves such as Scald and Shadow Ball. A really good choice for a water type to use Surf, and a ghost too. Mid-High Tier

I want to like Eelektross, and I had no problem putting in the time to evolve a Tynamo, but his stats and movepool just don't add up. His attack is great, but Wild Charge is a poor electric attack, Spark is weak, and few physical moves are too good. You basically need to go Special, so you can use better electric moves combined with Acid Spray and stuff like Flamethrower to truly use him well, and it's a bit of a waste. Low-Mid Tier

Actually not too bad, but whilst Regeneration is good, its frailty means it doesn't see much real use. Access to some nice STAB moves, U-Turn and Stone Edge and the like, mean as far as fighting types, it's quite solid with its nice speed and offense. Mid-High Tier
Got some free time, and played through with most things now, so, let's have some insight:

Note, things I have not used will have their names in Italics.


God Teir [Or, if you prefer HG/SS Scyther Teir]:

Archen - Comes stupidly early for such a powerhouse, avaliable before the 4th Gym, and comes at a respectible level. Godly offensive stats and Flying/Rock STAB takes everything except the Klink and Pawniard lines out. As if that's not insane enough raise it three levels, and it gets a Base 110 STAB.

The only downside, is Acrobatics clashes with the Lucky Egg, but you'll be smashing everything apart anyway, so you don't need the extra EXP.

High Teir:
Oshawott - Despite all three Unova starters, in general, sucking, Oshawott is by far the best of them, and, indeed, is the best in-game Water type. Hell, Revenge makes him a better Fighting-Type than Emboar is until Gym 7.

His all-rounded nature allows him to take on anything decently, unlike Emboar, and his movepool puts Serperior to shame.

He also dosen't suffer against any Gym in particular. He can hold his own everywherw, even hitting Elesa neutral [All three starters suffer against Emolga anyway]

Darumakka - Brute force, that's the best way to describe Darumakka. Best Fire-type in the game, decently fast for in-game, and, especially after evolution, has massive amounts of power.

Drillbur - I might have put it in Mid-High, but it's one of the two pokemon that stand a chance against Elesa. Freakin Emolga. It's a little slow-in game for my tastes, which stops it from really sweeping, but, it's sheer power, and untility against Elesa, as well as very early avaliabilty makes it a good choice.

Sawk - Insane for a Pre-2nd Gym catch, there is really no other way to decribe Sawk. Fast, Strong, and has Sturdy, just in case.

Silygliph - Best in-game special attacker, with the possible exception of Lilligant. Shadow Ball, Air Cutter and Psychic decimate everything.

Petilil - WHO NEEDS TYPE COVERAGE?! Petilil is merely OK when you get it, and of course, Burgh follows up. Then you get Giga Drain, the Sun Stone, and Quiver Dance.

Laugh as everything that isn't Deerling or Afrobull gets swept before you. You don't even need to set up to +6 +6 +6 like some other guy said, +1 will do for 99% of the battles, and +0 is also more than feasable if you're just wanting to murder one thing. Base 110 Sp.Atk is still more than useable out of the box!

Mid-High Teir:

Lillipup - Slows down mid-game and late game, but spikes between then makes it solid still.

Throh - Inferior in-game to Sawk, unless you want to Bulk-Up Sweep

Timburr - See Throh

Sandile - Too frail for my tastes, and horrible initial movepool

Tympole - Great tank, but isn't as good as Oshawott

Scraggy - Too slow, but powerful, and also has the ability to set up rather well.

Joltic - CompoundEyes Thunder is great, as is it's speed, but it's a one-trick pony outside of that, and comes too late in the game, after the 5th Gym.

Klink - Destroys everything except Renbu after you get it, but, like Joltic, comes too late. A late final evolution also hurts, although Klang is more than capable with Evolite, and Klink can sweep Skyla easily with Charge Beam and Automonise.


Tepig - Great early on, then slows down massivly from Gyms 3 -> 7. Then, he slows down after that, once more, and dosen't recover.

Maractus - Pretty good alternative Grass-type, especially if you're playing Black.

Pidove - Who cares about it's level up movepool, it makes do until you get to Nimbasa. Then, RETURN. Early Roost as well. Then you get Fly a little bit later. Cheer Up/Roost/Fly/Return is all you need, really. To be frank, it's probobly the 2nd best Normal/Flying regional bird, after Staraptor. Yes, it's BETTER THAN SWELLOW [Mainly due to being able to set up and Roost]

*Everything else in Mid-Teir not mentioned elsewhere remains there*

Low Teir

Basculin - I tried it, I hated it.

Cottonee - Yeah, these teirs are for speedruns. Cottonee =/= speedrun.

Durant - FAR too late

Druggigon - See Durant, also outclassed by Axwe.

Snivy - 2nd worst starter ever. Outclassed by all other Grass-types in the game except Cottonee. It also suffers Chikorita Syndrome, where the world is out to kill Grass-types. Only becomes useful after it gets Coil, and even then, only moderately so. At least it's better than Meganium!

Garbage Teir:

Purrloin - It's so bad it deserves it's own teir, it's THAT much worse than everything else. It's outclassed at being a Dark-type by the other freaking Derps. Even Minezumi! Words cannot describe how horrible Purrloin is in-game. Awful stats, awful movepool, and 100% outclassed from the word go.
I think I can move up this thread since its a current topic.

I am going to start my fourth new whatever this is called, I am thinking to use this team:

Victini(yes, I do have the ticket), Cobalion, Archen, Drilbur and two not decided yet. None of the starters nor monkeys because I have already tested them.

Also, I am finishing my third, so, when I will have it finished, about this week or the next, I will give my opinion about my team perfomance's during the game.

Furthermore I want to highlight the fact Cottonee is useful ingame for supporting purposes. For example for to paralyze quicker dangerous foes or Leeching 'em.


Alas poor Yorick!
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Anyone else use Trubbish? Once he evolved, he was the MVP of my team. I toxic-stalled Ghetsis like nobody's business.
What, why, why would you want to do that? Why?

The ingame tier list is for rushing through everything as fast and efficiently as possible, how can that be considered good?
What, why, why would you want to do that? Why?

The ingame tier list is for rushing through everything as fast and efficiently as possible, how can that be considered good?
Because Gehetis is the final boss, and the hardest fight in the game?

I've used Garbodor myself, however, and it sucked pretty badly. Although it did Toxi-Amnesia Stall Reshiram... with a buttload of Hyper Potions.

And it died to a crit on Reshiram's last turn.
Basculin- Love it for the Soak reductions to opposing STAB, like E4 Sawk and Ghetsis' Hydreigon. Helped about so far as Victory Road. Totall bird flip that the ingame trade wasn't for an Adaptability.

Also find the blue-stripe to be of similar derpiness as the face of Stunfisk.

OshawOOt > Samurott - Can you say Macho Brace Revenge? :D

Sandile - evolving at Level 29, this guy should be LISTED as KROKOROK. Can solo Elesa usually with Eviolite and some Torment spam so Emolgotohell won't troll with Aerial Ace or Double Team. Cheri Berry Krokorok also excels I suppose as Static paralysis is a pain.

Solosis thru Reuniclus - a Sticky Barb Magic Coat set i ran in-game was pretty fun but Eviolite Duosion was my Kool-Aid Man for a run.

Trubbish, the trash poke - only used it once with a Toxic Spikes and Acid Spray based Garbodor. Too weak defensively as most hits I took brought it near red most all the time. Rugged Helmet is one suggested item.

Should there be a tier listing for ingame items?
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