Instacheck is dead, but keep your Shiny Values!

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A new patch for Pokémon X and Y, Version 1.2, adds encryption to the wireless communications between players in trades and battles. Fortunately, this patch blocks the use of cheating programs that would allow players to scout their opponents' teams.

Unfortunately, the patch also prevents Instacheck from working (for now...) but that doesn't mean that we didn't have a backup plan for allowing people to still find the shiny values of their eggs. So don't throw away your Trainer Shiny Values! You'll still need them.

The new method can be done entirely using knowledge gained in-game. So for those of you who considered Instacheck totally cheating because it revealed knowledge not normally obtainable in-game (and let's be fair, it totally was), you might be more receptive to this new method.

Here's a hint as to how we're going to do it. (Research is still ongoing because of slight differences in spot placement between 5th and 6th gen, but rest assured we'll have it figured out.)

Let's just say that if you didn't get your Trainer Shiny Value before Instacheck went down, the only way to find it now is to capture\breed a shiny Spinda on your game.

And of course, any eggs you obtained before the fall of Instacheck will still hatch shiny for the people you trade them to, if they have a matching shiny value.

EDIT: Since the release of Pokémon Bank in Japan, we've since discovered that a different value is being used to determine Spinda spots that is no longer the PID. This means that we won't be able to use Spinda spots to determine the SV of eggs.

However, we are working on a fast way to find your current RNG state in XY (the current known method requires a search that takes months). When it becomes possible to RNG for shiny Pokémon in XY, you'll still need your SVs.
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