Online Competition Introducing: SMOGON BATTLE STADIUM SINGLES CUP [won by: Lego]


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Welcome to the first ever Official Smogon Sword/Shield Friendly Competition! These competitions have become extremely easy to join in generation 8, and so we decided to make one of our own!

UTC (London): 12/21/2019 22:00 - 12/22/2019 00:59
-5 (New York): 12/21/2019 17:00 - 12/21/2019 20:00
+11 (Melbourne): 22/12/2019 09:00 - 22/12/2019 12:00

Top Placements can choose 1 from the following prize pool (highest rank chooses first)
SPECIAL PLACEMENT: Player who finishes 100th can also get one of the prizes!

:sm/ditto: German Careful 6IV Ditto (courtesy of Lego )
:sm/ditto: Timid 31/0/31/31/31/31 Ditto (courtesy of xeroslash )
:sm/ditto: Modest 6IV Ditto
:dracovish: Shiny Dracovish (courtesy of vzxt )
:rapidash-galar: Shiny Rapidash (courtesy of Christian ) [Moon Ball, Jolly 31/31/31/xx/31/31]
:barraskewda: Shiny Barraskewda (courtesy of Christian ) [Lure Ball, Adamant 31/31/31/xx/27/31]
More TBD (If you have any Prize ideas/want to contribute PM me on Discord: DragonWhale#7346)​

  • Standard Battle Stadium Singles Format
    • All Pokemon will be Level 50
    • No two Pokemon can have the same Pokedex number or held item
    • Special Pokemon (Zacian, Zamazenta, Eternatus, Mew) are banned
    • You can only select 3 Pokemon from your 6 into battle
    • Gigantamax Pokemon are not allowed. Dynamax is Allowed
  • Your Time: 7 Minutes
  • Max number of Battles: 25
  1. What you need
    • A Nintendo Switch with a copy of Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield
    • A Nintendo Switch Online Subscription
  2. Open up your menu and go to "VS"
  3. Go to "Battle Stadium"
  4. Go to "Online Competitions"
  5. Go to "Search Friendly Competitions"
  6. Select "Search from the List" and select "Singles"
  7. Register to the Smogon Battle Stadium Singles Cup

RankRatingSmogon NameTwitter HandlePokemon
11656Lego@legofigure11:togekiss: :mimikyu: :hydreigon: :excadrill: :darmanitan-galar: :rotom-heat:
21652analhesico:dragapult: :ditto: :conkeldurr: :glalie: :cinderace: :clefable:
31644slipperypete22:hippowdon: :gyarados: :mimikyu: :grimmsnarl: :ferrothorn: :rotom-heat:
41638greilmercenary9:dragapult: :gyarados: :mimikyu: :excadrill: :corviknight: :rotom-heat:
51633Kam-I-Am:excadrill: :rotom-wash: :corviknight: :hydreigon: :togekiss: :mimikyu:
61627thehman911:chandelure: :hawlucha: :grimmsnarl: :corviknight: :rotom-mow: :seismitoad:
71609@neko2_315:gyarados: :excadrill: :ferrothorn: :mimikyu: :lanturn: :rotom-heat:
101596MeSoCool:gyarados: :arcanine: :clefable: :ferrothorn: :togekiss: :dragapult:
121594Axel Rouche:gyarados: :rotom-heat: :ferrothorn: :excadrill: :ditto: :glalie:
131590Mehron:grimmsnarl: :excadrill: :rotom-wash: :ferrothorn: :toxapex: :togekiss:
161584Querico koning :cinderace: :dragapult: :mimikyu: :togekiss: :corviknight: :grimmsnarl:
171575Shmoo:hydreigon: :mimikyu: :corviknight: :sylveon: :gastrodon: :excadrill:
191570Calviyn:hydreigon: :excadrill: :mimikyu: :togekiss: :toxapex: :dragapult:
221566savageguy15:dragapult: :obstagoon: :golisopod: :hippowdon: :grimmsnarl: :falinks:
251561deafmute:mimikyu: :rotom-wash: :dragapult: :grimmsnarl: :toxapex: :ferrothorn:
291554ShadowSirfetch’d:gyarados: :grimmsnarl: :dragapult: :seismitoad: :tyranitar: :hatterene:
341547professorragna:gardevoir: :grimmsnarl: :corsola-galar: :pyukumuku: :gyarados: :indeedee:
361544Jak0335:sirfetchd: :cloyster: :grimmsnarl: :aegislash: :haxorus: :sylveon:
381543joey222:tyranitar: :corsola-galar::togekiss: :cloyster: :quagsire: :gyarados:
411541JustinKB24:sylveon: :mimikyu: :lucario: :dragapult: :tyranitar: :dracovish:
461532xeroslash :grimmsnarl: :tyranitar: :hawlucha: :togekiss: :rotom-wash: :mimikyu:
491530Gallazard:dragapult: :rotom-heat: :grimmsnarl: :snorlax: :haxorus: :togekiss:
551524Moenty:toxapex: :ferrothorn: :hippowdon: :hawlucha: :mimikyu: :darmanitan-galar:
561524Normal.Norman:tyranitar: :mimikyu: :ferrothorn: :toxapex: :cloyster: :rotom-heat:
691512hammythepig:ferrothorn: :haxorus: :toxapex: :togekiss: :ninjask: :rhyperior:
761505Buddhax:darmanitan-galar: :arcanine: :dragapult: :gyarados: :grimmsnarl: :toxtricity-low-key:
781504Richardhow:charizard: :dragapult: :duraludon: :corviknight: :excadrill: :mimikyu:
911493adrian_mejia25:gyarados: :haxorus: :corviknight: :milotic: :salazzle: :heliolisk:
921492Patch1e:excadrill: :toxapex: :umbreon: :mimikyu: :gardevoir: :gyarados:
941491KotaZephyr:dracovish: :darmanitan-galar: :grimmsnarl: :corsola-galar: :dragapult: :hydreigon:
1331454ArkMage90:togekiss: :dragapult: :tyranitar: :grimmsnarl: :cinderace: :toxtricity-low-key:
1541429Dekuzard:jolteon: :whimsicott: :darmanitan-galar: :hatterene: :mamoswine: :machamp:
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After we have completed Step 7: Register to the Smogon Battle Stadium Singles Cup online,
Is there anything we need to do on this site? Or just wait for the 21st? :)
This competition has been pretty unfair people keep disconnecting when I am about to win
Doesnt that count as a loss for them?

Im new to tournaments, do we just keep battling until we have battled 25 times?
Ive battled 4 times already, if i just stop for the night now, am i disqualified?


Formally LegoFigure11
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This competition has been pretty unfair people keep disconnecting when I am about to win
This still counts as a win for you, and you will still get points for it (they just might not be applied immediately). The person who DCs will also lose points, so opponent DCing just means free points for you.

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