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As I promised in January, ASB finally has a Discord Server (Called CAP ASB to differentiate from other ASB-related servers you might be on and also because original name).

Sadly we don't have a bot just yet (That's up to EndlessAge et al) but I thought it's better to get it up now than keep waiting, so if you need a bot, please use #capasb like always (at least until our Discord bot gets online).

Things are still a bit under construction and should definitely be improved on sooner or later, so do bear this in mind as the server gets more and more constructed.

Do note that you do need to have a registered Discord account to be able to use this chat. This is to (hopefully) stop things like spambots.

There are a few channels on this server at the moment:

#rules: Chat that simply displays the rules, explains the server roles, and gives some resources like the NDA. No normal user should be able to post in this chat.

#asb: This is THE general chat for ASB discussion, ASB questions, etc. This is the chat you will probably use the most.

#raidzone: Talk about zarator's glorious long-running RP here.

#general: Talk about general things here. IRL, Politics, you know.

#gaming: Talk about video games here.

#anime: Talk about anime here.

#asbot: Placeholder channel for when we finally get a bot like ASBot on IRC.

Voice Chat: For those of you who want to communicate by voice or something.


There's probably some other things I need to cover, but that covers the bases at least. Have fun (without a bot for now).
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