Introducing the CAP Contributor Badge

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Greetings! As the Create-A-Pokemon Project approaches its sixth birthday in November, we'd like to celebrate by rewarding our community members with an upgrade. Almost all mega-sections of the Smogon forums feature a badge that can be awarded for specific contributions within their forum. The Create-A-Pokemon Project has never implemented a specific badge, yet recently adopted Community Contributor over the past year. Today, I'd like to introduce the newest badge to the Smogon forum family:

CAP Contributor Badge

The Glacier Badge represents the Create-A-Pokemon Project well. First, every single Pokemon we create as a community is entirely unique, much like a snowflake. Similarly, our contributors are all unique with the input and guidance they give. Without new, innovative, and creative ideas, our project would not exist. Finally, it pays homage to our very first Create-A-Pokemon, Syclant, which is also Ice-type.

So what exactly is this new badge awarded for? The CAP moderation staff has decided that it will be awarded to those who lead our community with competitively-minded discussion. The Create-A-Pokemon Project has historically done a terrible job of thanking those who contribute their metagame and battling knowledge to the academic studies of CAP. This is no longer the case; we will be awarding this badge to those who have left their thumbprint on the project in both a competitive and positive way.

For more information on the logistics of the badge, I've listed the CAP Contributor Badge Standards below:

Introducing the CAP Contributor

  • CAP Contributor is given out to users that participate in the competitive aspects of the Create-A-Pokemon Project. For non-competitive contributions, a Community Contributor and/or Artist Badge is more appropriate.
  • CAP Contributor is given out to competitive contributors that have led the community. The positions of Topic Leader (TL) and Topic Leadership Team (TLT) are grounds for consideration for the badge, but not necessarily guaranteed. Furthermore, the badge is not exclusive to those titles; those who contribute to leading discussion as a competitive voice of reasons will be considered.
  • CAP Contributor is given out to users that are well respected in the community. They are focused on the community aspects of CAP, and do not attempt to control a project as individuals. They follow the rules and do not thread hog.
  • CAP Contributor is a prestigious badge, meaning that it will not be given out lightly. Competitive contributions for this badge must be significant. Users who wear this badge emulate the best of the CAP community; these users have made a lasting mark on the project as positive, competitive leaders.
  • CAP Contributor is awarded at the discretion of the CAP Contributor Badge Leader(s). Those who wish to be considered for the badge may contact the Badge Leader(s) at any time.
  • CAP Contributor Alumnus is given out to CAP Contributors that have gone inactive and remain in good standing with the community. Furthermore, the badge will be awarded to those who would have earned the badge in past years.

Please note that this badge will not be awarded on a regular basis. Each case will be considered by the Badge Leaders, who are the CAP Lead Administrator and the CAP Head Moderator. Currently, those two positions belong to DougJustDoug and Birkal respectively. Feel free to submit any recommendations for prospective CAP Contributors to these users. Only those who have contributed to this community with their competitive knowledge in a positive manner will be considered for the badge.

The following users have been awarded the CAP Contributor Badge at this time:

So what does this mean for non-competitive CAP contributions? Remember that the Create-A-Pokemon Project is, first and foremost, a competitively-minded project. We aim to build up an understanding for competitive battling, and gaining new competitive information through the creation and implementation of a Pokemon into a metagame. You can read more about this philosophy within the CAP Mission Statement. As a result, we want to reward our leading competitive contributors with something special. Although it is possible to contribute in a fantastic way through non-competitive means, it is vital that we promote those who lead competitive discussions. This badge aims to highlight the competitive nature of the project as its most important and most distinguishing feature. It indicates to other users in CAP that this is a member to be listened to, who has experience with successes and failures of the project.

That being said, we also appreciate the variety and large quantity of flavour contributions that we get here at the Create-A-Pokemon Project. We will continue to show our gratitude by awarding Community Contributor badges (
) to those who contribute through other means. This could be anything, from leading pre-evolution processes to participating on the CAP Policy Review Committee. Furthermore, we've increase the scope of the Artist badge (
) to include those who place within the gallery. Since that artwork is being contributed to our site, it will result in the artist being considered for the badge.

Finally, we're going to be adding one more badge to the CAP badge family: the Pre-Contributor badge (
). This badge is our "gateway" badge, meaning that all three of our other offered badges will have a preliminary reward in the form of a Pre-Contributor. This badge is awarded in the Create-A-Pokemon Project to those who are contributing positively to the community, whether it be through competitive, artistic, or flavor means. It is easy to get and easy to lose, and it's a way to thank those who are just beginning to contribute.

That's about it! Now that the badge has been implemented, you'll notice some of your postbits mirror our new standards. Thank you all for contributing to the CAP Project, and I can't wait to keep working with you for generations to come.

~ Birkal​
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