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Hi guys,

I just developed and released an App on the App Store for iOS devices that calculates the strength of a chosen Pokémon with a chosen move set. It's new and the calculator is still in beta as it's not simulating the fights 100 % correct yet.

But I'd like to hear some thoughts on your side about the idea and the implementation. My goal is to develop a Team Rating calculation app, where you just input a team with its moves and EV distribution and holding item, and the app uses intelligent algorithms and millions of fight simulations to tell you the strength of your team within minutes or even seconds. It may sometime even figure out what the weaknesses of your team are and gives you tips on how to prevent them. But first, I need to finish the Single Pokémon simulator. The rest shall come as updates.

And as I really want the app to be useful, I need your help on this. Because the app isn't available for free but I really only want feedback from your side, here are 5 Promo Codes which enable the first 5 users here to install the app for free (as Promo codes are limited I can't post much more, sorry for that):


(To use a Promo Code in the App Store just open the App Store app, go to the Highlights tab and scroll down. There you will see the Redeem button.)

And this is a direct link to the App on the App Store:

Please post your feedback on this feedback site created especially for this purpose:

I hope you like the app and I also wanna say thanks in advance to all of you who are going to give constructive feedback on it!

I removed the app from the App Store temporarily to clarify possible legal issues. Once solved, the App will be back in the store.
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